Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Mental health services in crisis Magic Money Tree needed

I listened to radio four this evening as I waited for Heather to get fish n chips from Holly lane chippy. It was a program about the recent deaths of patients under care of the BUS mental health services. There were interviews with parents care givers and all manner of associated people. All had the same message. The service is broken, under funded and in chaos. I don't use the word chaos lightly, I mean it in it's full meaning of the word. Several different people from opposite ends of the country and I am saying North South East and West plus central England came to the same conclusion, the services had been promised more money more staff more beds, in short more of everything and nothing had materialized. Not ever over astounding periods of time.
One nurse had left recently because she was overwhelmed with her own inadequacies and her manager tried to say since her leaving many changes had taken place. In weeks that is most unlikely, she left because the system was broken but the manager in his best manager speak tried to gloss it over. Parent of youngsters with their whole lives ahead of them spoke of avoidable deaths. Bad communication failings to assess and the NHS releasing patients because they had no beds, and these patients went on to take their own lives. And this wasn't isolated instances it was widespread!
Both Cameron and May have give lip service to Mental health but if these deaths and abuses in care are to end the Government needs to stump up some serious funding. Money that is ring fenced for the mental health services, not cash that can be plundered to make up for underfunded services elsewhere in hospital. This has happened time and time again. Government s are masters at slite of hand when cash is concerned, they can announce new funding many times making any number sound greater than it actually is.
I heard a very good analogy yesterday, the person was offered a raise and a promotion for arguments sake a 1.50 when the next discussion came 1'50 became 100 and then the actual job was to pay 50 three slites of hand and the person who had been offered the promotion said no and said "smiles and kind words won't pay my shopping bills"
The Government work in the same way, they announce new money three times but only allocate one third of what people think is being offered.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

March in London People's Assembly Against Austerity

Yep a groundswell of protest after the re-election of Theresa May and her band of no hopers.  The country had a perfect chance to vote goodbye to the Tories and the nasty vindictiveness of austerity. But not enough people wanted to vote for change so we got change in the form of a weak Government propped up by the DUP. And another billion and a half on the national debt, so much for an NHS magic money tree not available to give our over worked and under paid nurses a pay rise. Still so long as we have a coalition of chaos the Tories can keep milking the system and the richest can keep getting richer. The rest of us can tighten our belts another notch and head on down to the food bank.
Brexit is still a farce, Theresa May has drawn red lines in a pretty pattern and the negotiations cannot cross those lines. The trouble is that Europe knows she is a dead duck PM and will not negotiate with her and she knows that they know. Which is going to make things difficult if not impossible until we go back to the poll's go another election. Even if the Conservatives elect another leader he or she will be in the same boat the EU are holding all of the aces until we get a proper government.
So the Tories need both a new leader and to win a thundering majority. I can only see one out of the two happening, if the choose the wrong leader they may not get a chance at getting back into shape before 2030, Gove and Johnson are no the unelectable and I don't see anyone else actually wanting the job, at the moment it is a poison chalice. I know someone has to take it but they stand no chance of actually becoming Prime Minister.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Hot weather wipes me out

I am so lethargic in this hot weather, I am sitting here with a fan on and all the windows open. Today is the first day I have managed to create a breeze through the house since this mini heatwave has been with us. Sleeping with the windows open and the fan on last night was strange and I woke a couple of times thinking the sound of the fan was my sleep apnea machine working overdrive! Multiple Sclerosis is a strange beast some days I actually feel good but mostly I am just lethargic and sleepy. The heat seems to get under my skin as I type this I have the feeling of hives under the skin on my legs and fingers. Still could be worse I could live somewhere like Qatar where it is 47degrees as opposed to 27 here. 😅💦
Thats me done for now I am finding it hard to type because my fingers feel like sausages and these few words have taken nearly half an hour to type and I am now exhausted and need some ZZZ's

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Constipation is serious business

I phoned a mate this week and he told me he was suffering with constipation. He had never had this problem before and explained he had at first thought he had a twisted gut because the pain and discomfort was so bad. He managed to get an emergency appointment with his doctor who diagnosed constipation and the extreme pain due to an existing hernia being aggravated by the mass of the constipation. As I was talking to him I personally was into my third day of trying to pass a motion. I have suffered with slow bowel movements all my life.
People are funny when it come to bodily functions! Every single one of us on earth has to pass poo most days yet no one discusses this most natural of things. I personally have a toilet regime which involves logical (a stool loosener) and anal irrigation. My MS has wrecked what muscle I did have and the water help me empty my bowel but sometimes even that proves to be unable to make me go, as I said three days of trying is exhausting. As I write this my body is still not recovered two days after going.
The reason for writing this post is simple, don't suffer in silence, there is lots of help available. Speak to a chemist go and see your doctor, if he can't get you sorted he can put you in touch with a continence nurse. I have been with my nurse for over ten years and she had been fantastic, making my life bearable.
The other thing I want to say is I recently spoke to someone suffering diarrhoea. Don't not take medication to stop it Imodium is a marvellous drug that stops diarrhoea in its tracks.
Poo is not the most colourful of subjects but as I said everyone has to go and if you are having problems help is at hand, don't ignore it ask for help!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

New pain relief

I suffer a lot of neuropathic pain, I understand that it is quite common in multiple sclerosis. I have tried all sorts of different medication to alleviate the pain but nothing seemed to work. Amitriptyline caused side effects of the bowel and when you only move at snails pace you can imagine the side effects without me being to tragic. Gabapentine gave me hallucinations, I saw aubergines floating in the hallway and they had a red halo around them, I was able to get around with a Zimmer then and evidently I stood at the bottom of the stairs watching them before getting on the stairlift waving to them. Needless to say Gabapentine is off the list of medication I can tolerate.
I have now been on a close relative of Amitriptyline for almost a month and touch wood it offers some relief during the day and in the evenings I take a couple of Zapain to take the edge off before bed. I am lucky that once asleep I don't wake even if we get an earthquake!