Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Scooter versus wheelchair

I used to love running and as a parent I would think nothing of taking my kids on long walks. After a few miles they stop moaning! When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis nearly twenty years ago I was still able to walk. I was told off for running when I was in for diagnosis by a staff nurse at Brook Hospital, she said I need to use my energy wisely and running would wear me out, she said stay fit but don't exhaust yourself. I spose it was about the best advice they could give, you find how you are going to react to exertion by doing stuff, I now know that I need to rest up after a trip out. I needed a couple of days recovering from my recent trip to the beach (I was asleep virtually 36 hours) So I got to thinking about wheelchair v scooter.
It sounds silly but they are completely different. I know one has a motor so no need to mail in.I don't have an electric wheelchair just a hard work one and I also have a scooter which is battery powered.I use them both very different. When I first needed a wheelchair I used to not want to go in it so I found I was missing out on things and I was depriving my friends and family of my legendary wit. I stayed at home and brushed up on my getting fed up skills. After a while I was very good at being fed up and people were escaping my legendary wit so I braved being pushed around. Obviously it aint the same as walking you have to end up where people take you, by that I often ended up in ladies lingerie when I was thinking I would rather be in men's wear. You are at the whim of the wheelchair pusher and you need to say MENS WEAR NEXT PLEASE because if you don't they wont know what you are thinking and you can come back from a shopping trip having done nothing for yourself and the only person you can blame is YOU. If you follow football you will know that communication is key to getting stuff done.
 A scooter is completely different I have had one of nearly ten years and it goes where I want to go so I can end up looking at tools in B & Q rather than curtains  or read the labels on all the exhibits in a museum and catch up with everyone at my pace. I can travel for about ten mile on one charge of the batteries which is a long way for someone to push a wheelchair so it means a full day is possible and less fatigue for all concerned.I hated my wheelchair when I first got it but it keeps you in touch with the real world. A scooter opens up a whole new world and gives you back a whole lot of independence. I have a wife who is five foot nothing in her stocking feet but who punches far above her weight so getting the scooter in the car is down to her andd she breaks it down to to managable components, there are all different scooters available, mine was the biggest we could get into the car so check with a mobility shop to make sure you can manage it with your life style they are very expensive so get it right.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Beach trip

I am having trouble keeping up with my blogs and seeing grandchildren plus life so appoligies for lack of updates. I have been to the beach at Westbrook Bay where we have had a beach hut for nearly thirty years. Due to the MS I have been unable to get down the steps and on to the sands for a couple of years or more but all that changed this week. Thanets main beaches all have one of these sand buggy wheelchairs which I can recommend.So now we have no excuse

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Diet what Diet

I have been too engrossed in the Olympics to do much blogging. I did manage to upset a few people on my Promote Thanet blog by mentioning Manston Airport but the rest of the time has been taken with sport. It may seem strange that someone who can hardly stand unaided should want to watch able bodied people running around. I would say it is totally normal and ask why not. These athletes are at the peak of their game, they have trained to be the best they possibly be and for me are an inspiration. I always try and do my few exercises but over the last ten days I have tried a little harder. I know I am never going to run ten metres let alone 100 metres anymore but all the time I am sitting around I am not burning any calories and all I do is put on weight. I try and watch my weight, I eat less now than I ever have, it would be easy to stuff myself but that would be a disaster as I am a recipe for obesity. Disability could be an excuse for putting on the pounds but I try as hard as I can to keep my weight down. When I was working I used to be on the run all day long and burning the calories, it didnt seem to matter what I ate but now it is a different story. I have never been on a diet in my life but what I do know is as close asI can get to dieting without starting a diet.