Sunday, 30 September 2012

More Bacon and Brie

You will all be thinking I live on bacon and brie rolls, we were there again today. Yep Pegwell was the destination of choice by our son. He had the weekend off  and when asked what he would like for breakfast he was like his father and we ended up at the dog walkers rest eating my favourite snack. The dog walkers were there in force and I spent our time there laughing at the antics of dogs and owners, I laughed especially loud at a pair of black Scottie dogs who were inseparable and the look of sheer terror if either could not see the other, they really amused me as they played on the green. Well we had our food annd coffee and the best bit for me was I didnt have to get out of the car and be pushed around in my wheelchair.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bacon andd Brie photo

Hmmm have you ever done it? We came out in search of a bacon sarnie and a coffee and the world went down hill from the moment Heather closed the front door. She immediately  had that heart sinking feeling, she had left a key in the door inside and far from reach. No matter how you try you cant grab a key with a bent coat hanger through that little aperture designed for the postman to deliver the bills. We called a locksmith see my other blog Promote Thanet for the story. We eventually got en route for a bacon roll about an hour later. I was starving when we got to Pegwell nature reserve but when Heather got in with the rolls I was determined to have pictures  to make you all envious of my lunch I took several pictures before we tucked in. I spend a lot of time messing with my camera and playing with the results on my laptop so can you imagine my disappointment when I realised the I had left the card out of the camera and all my piccies were indeed memories, but ones that only I had.So yesterday was not that successfull but I did enjoy that Bacon and Brie roll.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Disability ramps trial

Had a very nice coffee this morning with friends in Whitstable well Seasalter. We went there to pick up some ramps to use whilst putting the scooter into the car. Andy a mate of more years than I care o remember has no further use for them so we took them to try, shame I didnt  have them last week  to get into my daughters. I will let you know how we get on with them.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Always listen to your wife

Last Sunday my wife was going to visit our daughter and I said ok I'll come wih you. Get in your wheelchair and I will push you she says, NAHH I will come on my scooter, She relplies you wont make the steps it will be easier in the wheelchair. No says me, you wont get in the door she says, I will says me. Well I went on my scooter see the results below. I am still nursing the bruises