Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Been to see the Doc

I am pleased to say my tests all came back clear and I am OK. Well OKish I am still sleeping for England and need some more tests. I am no nearer to finding out whats wrong but I can say I had a great Sausage Sandwich at Pegwell nature reserve. That made me feel better.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Early to bed

Yep must turn in early as I am off to the doctors tomorrow. I am due to see the doc for the results of my blood tests to find out why I feel so tired all the time. Watch this space.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Feeling crap

As the week goes on the worst I feel, I am tired and living on pain killers.  And I dont know why so I hope the blood test show something up. The tests are bound to show something up because I MUST HAVE SOMETHING WRONG TO MAKE ME FEEL THIS BAD. Roll on next tuesday  then I might get to feel better.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Exhasted by trip to doctors

I did get to see the doctor yesterday and I also managed to have a blood test. I never knew those tubes they use are vacumed to certain pressures to take out specific amounts of blood. The nurse took three tubes of blood and I am due back to see the doctor to discuss the results next tuesday. Well the trip out exhausted me and when I woke this morning I knew that I couldn't face the day so after a cuppa I snuggled back down and was soon asleep for another six hours. I know many will say what a waste of a day but I say why should I struggle through a day feeling rough when a few hours out makes things more bearable. I have to plan ahead to make sure my energy levels match my requirements, it is hard but at least I can be involved in family life if I get my planningg right.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Been out for a hour

Well after more than two weeks I have managed to get out of the house. Having spent most of the day asleep I succumbed to going out for a drive and am now back home exhausted. I need to be able to go out as I want to go and see the doctor next week. I know that any surgestion I have something wrong with me will be put down to my MS. but if I dont ask how can I get anything done? so wish me luck I expect I will need it.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Birthday wishes

Been a busy day, sleep this morning but a non stop stream of visitors this afternoon. I have a good show of birthday cards and pressies to celebrate my 57th year. My grandsons have all been to see grandad but I am still in bed so not to much chasing around. I am now heading back to "the land of nod" night all.


Well you know what the man who has everything has got for his birthday from the last post, a chest infection. I am sitting up in bed (that is an improvement) opening my cards, I cant go far I have become like a baby, if you put them down and walk off they are still there when you come back. I cant wait till I can graduate too being a toddler !

Friday, 12 October 2012

Now it is a Chest Infection

See what you get when you jump to conclusions. I thought Catheter change + not feeling well must equal a urine infection. How wrong was I? I am now the proud possessor of a chest infection, such joys. I went to get out of bed this morning, just on to the bedside chair. I missed and ended up on the floor, our neighbour came to the rescue. We called the doctor out and he came  and diagnosed a chest infection so now more antibiotics. I would like to feel better for my birthday tomorrow but I doubt I will. I have added a link to a Lung Cancer site well worth a read with some tips for keeping the big C at bay


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Infection stops play

I was exulting the virtues of my catheter but they do and cause problems. Since my last post I have been in bed with a urine infection and it is no coincidence the two must be linked. I have been in bed since last Thursday the day after the catheter was changed. I know the human body is a very complex machine but why o why cant I have one that works, the slightest whiff of an infection and my body shuts down. I am typing this as I sit up in bed, my legs refuse to bend which makes bathroom trips fun. I spoke with the doctor yesterday and he changed my tablets so lets hope they work and soon coz its my birthday on saturday.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Catheter change

Yep three months are up so another trip to Canterbury for my catheter to be changed. I am knackered now it all went OK but had to be done twice as it was not draining. I have to go to Canterbury urology department to have it done by camera and guide wire. Over the years my urethra has been damaged and left me with false passages leaving me unable to have the catheter changed in the community and needing a trip once a quarter through to Canterbury. I am seeing my specialist next month and hoping to get a suprapubic catheter fitted. I will let you know how things go but it should make my life a bit easier. I am extremely pleased with my catheter but the suprapubic should make things even better still. My Multiple Sclerosis has made a mess of my body but I try and keep it at bay and with the help of tablets wheelchairs stairlifts etc. I try and lead as full a life as I can so the message from this post is much the same as those posters that seem so popular at the moment "Keep Calm and Carry On" Life is for living and I urge you don't give up, all these things I have mentioned are not nice but they are just tool. Tools to help us lead as normal a life as we can!