Friday, 27 December 2013

Wheelchair whizz

me out for a walk by ascu75
me on my scooter carrying my Grandsons scooter

fits your palm for more comfort
I have gone from the hard work wheelchair to easy street. The new electric wheelie makes for an easier life not only for me but also Heather my long suffering wife. As I sit in the wheelchair typing this she is on the settee sleeping trying to get over a cold. Our eldest daughter has got flu so she has  got this cold from her, bad daughter. I am writing this post to tell people who are housebound get out there if you can. I know and I myself have cut myself off from my family and friends because I couldn't be bothered or a I didn't think anyone wany wanted me around. After all I am just a burden and of no use to anyone WRONG your family want you the friends may not want you but if the dont want you around even more reason to get out there and phiss them off. And you will feel better for it. I know all about feeling vulnerable and lonely but you can feel that indoors so get out and see the world meet new people and make new friends. I am sure you will feel better using whatever tools you can to get around I myself ave gone from staggering around to using first one walking stick to two. Then onto crutches if you go for crutches a word of warning go for the ergonomic hand grips they are are more comfortable than the standard round grips   I know believe me.
better comfort and support makes you smile

I then went onto various walkers or eventually a zimmer. Then the hard work wheelchair I was able to use a self propelled one with the hand rings on the back wheels. That is better than being pushed where you do not want to be by someone else. Beware of being pushed down hill by your son who thinks it is fun to let go So now I am in an electric wheelchair indoors. I also have a mobility scooter for walks when out with the kids

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Watching Bargain Hunt

I am sitting here watching TV Bargain Hunt has just started, I turned over from the Autumn Statement  when Edd Ball started his reply. I must say it was more of the same so here is to hoping Bargain Hunt brings a smile to my face. I have just had my hair cut, Abbi come to the house and cuts it for me and now I am feeling a whole lot lighter. Be back later it is TV time and lunch.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Waiting for Doctor to phone

Sitting here waiting for the doctor to phone me. I just want some advice over my tablets should I take more or can he prescribe stronger ones, nothing serious but I want to run it by him. I am much the same sorry I haven't posted but my Promote Thanet blog takes priority and I forget to post on here, odd really when you think my MS affects my life so much but there again I dont regard myself as disabled just not well. I still think I will get better! Some hope of that but stranger things have happened. Did I tell you all I have a new wheelchair an electric one I dont take so many lumps out of the door frames as I did but have now started running Heather over.............. bad move without her I am lost but twice now I have run over her foot. Painful for both her and me, she get toe ache I get earache. I am sitting in the wheelchair now with the laptop on my knees and looking out of the window watching the birds devour all the food we put out for them. They are an endless source of entertainment for me, I have loved bird watching since I was a kid I think the first book I got as a child was the observers book of birds     
This morning I have seen a Wren Blue, Great ad Coal Tits and watched several comical Parakeets doing acrobatics to get to the feeders Here is a video of some I did last week with my little camera

Monday, 11 November 2013

Awake all night

Word of caution do not mess with your tablets, I changed one of my tablets from night to morning BIG MISTAKE been awake nearly all night when I was able to sleep I had awfully dreams so now sitting up with my kindle waiting for my wife to wake up so I can get up.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sleep Apnea Update

I went for my first appointment with the sleep clinic and I am doing great. My Sleep Apnea was disturbing me 27 times an hour leaving me exhausted but now with the machine up and working I am down to 4.8 episodes an hour which is regarded as normal. I am a start patient and it has  given me my life back, I am now able to do stuff other than sleep, I even managed a BBQ last night. I am exhausted today but that is normal MS fatigue not a reason to stay in bed for a couple of days like it once would have been.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

First impressions of my Agfa Isoly.

Well what can you get for a quid? not a lot is the answer. When I saw this gem of German engineering I expected it to be like all other German camera's well made and strong, wow how wrong can a man be. The Isoly is more robust than some but it was made to a price and that price was as close to zero as one can get. I have a couple of agfa's ad they are robustly made and designed to be as good as possible, the lump of sixties plastic sitting on my radiator as I type is not in that category. I bought it because it takes 120 film and I have a roll that I want to use up so I am not expecting much  it wont even be full size as it takes 16 frames at 4x4 rather than 12 6x6 format. I must saymy first impressions are this camera is cheap but sometimes simple things please simple minds so as I get over my first impressions (its only been here fifteen minutes) I may yet come to enjoy this wonder of German thrift, but if the plastic ever ready case is anything to go by I am dubious. Still here are a couple of photos taken with my lumix tz8.
it cant even stand up

my new toy

slide off back

talk about cheap

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunshine sea and sand plus vitamin D

When I think back to my youth I was always out in the sunshine and had a great tan most of the year. Not any more, the hot weather zaps me like a taser gun so I have been avoiding the summer heat now that it has finally arrived. I stayed in and watched the tennis and I must congratulate Andy Murray on his marvelous Wimbledon win. The heat just increases my fatigue levels, if I sit in the sun it is like someone is pumping out the little bit of strength I do have  and leaving an empty space. I know I am not the only MS sufferer who the sunshine affects but the human body needs vitamin D and whilst it is available from foods the body produces it from being out in the sun. Herein lies the problem. If you are unable to get enough vitamin D from your food and you cant get out in the mid day sun how can you get your vitamin D?? I had blood tests earlier this year specifically to find out my level  of vitamin D and I was found to be severely lacking. I put it down to having been bed bound for a time. When I checked the web this was almost the head I read Symptoms of bone pain and muscle weakness can mean you have a vitamin D deficiency
I was prescribed a course of tablets to increase my levels. I have a good diet and eat healthy stuff so how did I become deficient? Well I recon I was not getting enough sunlight. The body produces vitamins by being exposed to sun  for about 10 to 15 minutes a day during the summer months. So if like me you find it difficult to get out I would advise you make the effort, not only will it do you good you will feel better. I went out yesterday and spent my time going under a tree to sit in the shade and then popping out into the sunshine. All good exercise and it was great to be outside, I even had an ice cream, so even though the temperature was high I kept cool.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sleep Apnea control helps my Multiple sclerosis

Since going into hospital fr rehab after a particularly bad infection and also being fitted with a CPAP air supply I a feeling a lot better. While I was in hospital the newspapers were full of the news that John Cleese was undergoing tests for sleep apnea. Well I didn't get my photo inn the paper like Cleese but I have got a great bit of kit that keeps me from disturbing my sleep (I was stopping breathing 27 times an hour)so little wonder I was always tired. I am now able to do daily exercise and although I am in the wheelchair all day now I actually feel  almost human again.All of this is down to my MS nurse getting on the case and getting me sorted. The specialist nurses are under rated they do a fantastic job for us multiple sclerosis sufferers and their work keeps a lot of us sufferers out of hospital beds and are worth their weight in gold.Gadget test: John Cleese posted a picture on Twitter of himself getting ready to sleep with a machine attached that tests for sleep apnea

Friday, 28 June 2013

Stress and Multiple Sclerosis

Now I know there are different levels of stress, an infantryman on patrol in Afghanistan will suffer a different stress to me, but to me my stress affects my MS big time. Take this morning the postman arrived with a letter saying a direct debit I had set up had gone wrong. So a stressful call to the bank, then my neighbour knocks the door and then a phone call to BT plus the mobile going three or four times in the middle of all this. So all the time my stress levels are rising and it results in my body saying enough is enough and when I went past the level it wanted to operate at my legs went into spasm and then wouldn't bend. Time to stop and take stock hence I am now sitting here in the wheelchair with a cup of tea watching Wimbledon.. If I dont learn to stop and slow down the world wont care if I end up in bed unable to move so it is down to me to say NO. I hope you can handle stress better than I do and recognise when to say enough is enough andd sit down and take a rest, I am slowly learning, I still think I am 21 (I wish)

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Been out in the sunshine

Yep I know that the summer has been missing but today the sun shone and I made the most of it. We headed out and grabbed a bacon sarnie and coffee at the nature reserve at Pegwell Bay and then headed on to Sandwich where we had a walk well I was pushed in the wheelchair but you know what I mean dont you? It was nice to be out after so long in doors but I am knackered now and will sleep sound tonight. I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather.Forward notice of a Country fair and VW Festival 26th 27th 28th July at Chilli Farm Dover
notice for VW Festival and Country Fair at Chilli Farm

River at Sandwich

pretty leaves on weed

Monday, 24 June 2013

I am back in circulation

Sorry I have not posted much recently but I have been in Hospital but I am back now. I am on some new tablets for my MS they are to help with my movement. My legs get so stiff and at times I am unable to bend my knees so these new tablets are muscle relaxants. I must say that my legs are almost behaving themselves. My Multiple Sclerosis is the primary progressive variety and I never get any respite episodes, so anything to make life easier is gratefully accepted.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My tips for fighting depression

Yep even I get depressed. I am normally the type of guy who's glass is always half full. But every so often even I feel things are getting  a bit much. Now I can only speak for myself but over the years I have developed some coping mechanisms to overcome the black dog of depression. I am lucky I am able to get on with life as I take some little tablets prescribed by my doctor. So I would recommend that you first of all you seek the help of your own doctor. Tell him or her how you are feeling , and be truthful don't try and trivialize things, if you are feeling you cant cope and are distant from things tell the doctor they cant help unless you tell them exactly how you feel.
Don't get stressed! I can almost hear you screaming at the computer "DONT GET STRESSED ITS OK FOR HIM HE DONT KNOW WHAT I COPE WITH" Nope I dont and I dont care, I have enough of my own problems to take care of to worry about YOUR PROBLEMS. My number one tip is dont take on the worlds problems. If you cant change it dont worry about it. I dont like lots of things going on in the world, Syria  Afghanistan etc. etc. Politics at home local councils and that is without getting down to your own friends and family. You can be concerned but dont loose any sleep you need all of your energy to keep going.. And smile! They say that Laughter is the best medicine and it is true, a smile speaks a thousand words. I have more than my fair share of problems to cope with and I must admit I have been down the black slough of despond and sat in a darkened room with thoughts I would not like to admit too. That is a spiral that is self fulfilling you think bad thoughts and hey bad things happen, the smallest problem blows itself up into a huge demon when you  are in a dark place. So  think happy things. I have a place I go when I feel depressed I say go but I dont leave the room I go there in my head, my place is somewhere I used to spend time as a child. It is a small wooded clearing over looking a meadow with primroses and flowers and cool shade and strong sunshine. My place takes me back to my childhood home and happiness. It is a place where I can dispel any dark thoughts. So smile laugh and be happy and if you like me take any prescription drugs for depression keep taking them, no amount of happy thoughts can do the work of tablets prescribed by your GP. I WILL ALWAYS RECOMMEND SEEING YOUR DOCTOR FOR DEPRESSION. Yep my thoughts on depression are in no way backed up by clinical studies they are my own views. Smile and be happy. 

Monday, 15 April 2013

I spoke too soon

Hmmmm that will teach me. One step forward and two steps back. I managed to stay up on Saturday and got to bed ok, but Sunday went missing I never managed to even get outta bed at all. YepI over did it. The moral to this story is know your limitations, you would think after twenty years of MS would have enabled me to know how to judge my capabilities but NAH. I am still the same as ever, I dont know when to give in and yesterday was payback time, hey ho ya cant win em all.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Up out of bed and dressed

For the first time in over two weeks I am downstairs! The feeling of being dressed and sitting here is fan blooming tastic. The only downside has been BT internet not working and a call to India to speak to an adviser. But it is all back and working and I have even made a reservation at Argos. So it seems that the new antibiotics are working, two weeks of being hardly able to stand has left me weaker that usual so back to the exercise regime with renewed vigor. I spoke with the MS nurse on Friday and she was about to take some leave and will be back in contact next week but I am fixed, my GP did a good job. Back downstairs but the TV has the same rubbish on it, someone cooking fish heads at the moment. At least Nigel Slater has finished, I like his recipes but his voice drives me mad. Right that is enough from me for now my war with my MS  may  not be over but at least it seems I have won the latest battle, fingers crossed. Hope the stairlift gets me back up stairs.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Invaded by excited boys

My peace has been shattered! Three excited boys have raided us with stories about their trip to feed the lambs. They have all been to Dover for one last treat before going back to school next week. The piccies are all on phones at the moment so maybe I will get some and post them but I am sure you know what a lamb looks like.

Monday, 8 April 2013

I have not been well

Ten days in bed may sound like a dream to some but having endured  a prolonged spell confined to bed I am about to go stir crazy. I am feeling a lot better but think I will stay put today just to be on the safe side.  It all started with a urine infection, now I am a past master of coping with them and even have a supply of tablets ready for use when one strikes. And strike this one did with my MS I am used to spasticity but when I get an infection it takes on a whole new meaning, I go rigid unable to bend my legs and unable to walk. I have in the past been put in a wheelchair with my legs sticking straight out it looked comical but was far from funny. So I am in my 12th day in bed and I am feeling much better so hopefully I might get up for a while later and even venture downstairs this evening but for now it is more sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Sunday, 27 January 2013

still feel dizzy

Third day in bed and still feel a little swimmy, I cant believe that I have managed to sleep virtually all that time.Maybe it is the shock or maybe that my MS kicks in I don't know but I will have to try and get up and get over it, I will let you know how I get on.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Fooling around

Spelling never was my subjekt so maybe the title of this post should read falling around, or even falling down. After joking yesterday about the seriousness of a fall this morning I suffered a bad one! No broken bones but I had blacked out and was still feeling unable to stand I called the doctor. He wanted to take some tests so came out to see me. Nothing obvious possibly I suffered low blood pressure when I first stood this morning, whatever it was I am bruised in places I didnt remember having. I wonder what speed I hit the chest of drawers at? I can definitely say the chest of drawers won and judging by my bruises it wasn't even a close run fight. The chest of drawers is still standing but I  have spent the day in bed.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cold weather stops play

Sorry I haven't posted for ages but no news has been good news. Apart from a couple of falls, anyone with Multiple Sclerosis will know they are a fact of life and if you only get bruises no one care, if you break a bone I bet it would be different they would have a plaster cast to leave rude comments on. Still lets get back to why I haven't been around. I have not done anything worthwhile! I know this will disappoint you but all the Christmas and New Year festivities went off without hitch, so nowt to report there. And now we are in the midst of winter I 'aint going anywhere. This weekend is the RSPB big garden bird watch so if you are like me a lover of our feather friends you may want to take part, click here for details