Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sleep Apnea Update

I went for my first appointment with the sleep clinic and I am doing great. My Sleep Apnea was disturbing me 27 times an hour leaving me exhausted but now with the machine up and working I am down to 4.8 episodes an hour which is regarded as normal. I am a start patient and it has  given me my life back, I am now able to do stuff other than sleep, I even managed a BBQ last night. I am exhausted today but that is normal MS fatigue not a reason to stay in bed for a couple of days like it once would have been.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

First impressions of my Agfa Isoly.

Well what can you get for a quid? not a lot is the answer. When I saw this gem of German engineering I expected it to be like all other German camera's well made and strong, wow how wrong can a man be. The Isoly is more robust than some but it was made to a price and that price was as close to zero as one can get. I have a couple of agfa's ad they are robustly made and designed to be as good as possible, the lump of sixties plastic sitting on my radiator as I type is not in that category. I bought it because it takes 120 film and I have a roll that I want to use up so I am not expecting much  it wont even be full size as it takes 16 frames at 4x4 rather than 12 6x6 format. I must saymy first impressions are this camera is cheap but sometimes simple things please simple minds so as I get over my first impressions (its only been here fifteen minutes) I may yet come to enjoy this wonder of German thrift, but if the plastic ever ready case is anything to go by I am dubious. Still here are a couple of photos taken with my lumix tz8.
it cant even stand up

my new toy

slide off back

talk about cheap

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunshine sea and sand plus vitamin D

When I think back to my youth I was always out in the sunshine and had a great tan most of the year. Not any more, the hot weather zaps me like a taser gun so I have been avoiding the summer heat now that it has finally arrived. I stayed in and watched the tennis and I must congratulate Andy Murray on his marvelous Wimbledon win. The heat just increases my fatigue levels, if I sit in the sun it is like someone is pumping out the little bit of strength I do have  and leaving an empty space. I know I am not the only MS sufferer who the sunshine affects but the human body needs vitamin D and whilst it is available from foods the body produces it from being out in the sun. Herein lies the problem. If you are unable to get enough vitamin D from your food and you cant get out in the mid day sun how can you get your vitamin D?? I had blood tests earlier this year specifically to find out my level  of vitamin D and I was found to be severely lacking. I put it down to having been bed bound for a time. When I checked the web this was almost the head I read Symptoms of bone pain and muscle weakness can mean you have a vitamin D deficiency
I was prescribed a course of tablets to increase my levels. I have a good diet and eat healthy stuff so how did I become deficient? Well I recon I was not getting enough sunlight. The body produces vitamins by being exposed to sun  for about 10 to 15 minutes a day during the summer months. So if like me you find it difficult to get out I would advise you make the effort, not only will it do you good you will feel better. I went out yesterday and spent my time going under a tree to sit in the shade and then popping out into the sunshine. All good exercise and it was great to be outside, I even had an ice cream, so even though the temperature was high I kept cool.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sleep Apnea control helps my Multiple sclerosis

Since going into hospital fr rehab after a particularly bad infection and also being fitted with a CPAP air supply I a feeling a lot better. While I was in hospital the newspapers were full of the news that John Cleese was undergoing tests for sleep apnea. Well I didn't get my photo inn the paper like Cleese but I have got a great bit of kit that keeps me from disturbing my sleep (I was stopping breathing 27 times an hour)so little wonder I was always tired. I am now able to do daily exercise and although I am in the wheelchair all day now I actually feel  almost human again.All of this is down to my MS nurse getting on the case and getting me sorted. The specialist nurses are under rated they do a fantastic job for us multiple sclerosis sufferers and their work keeps a lot of us sufferers out of hospital beds and are worth their weight in gold.Gadget test: John Cleese posted a picture on Twitter of himself getting ready to sleep with a machine attached that tests for sleep apnea