Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year's resolutions put on weight

Well now it's official that you can be classified as disabled for being a Billie Bunter I am making it my aim to put on weight. I am already in a wheelchair and unable to walk so I don't think it will take much to tip me over. I am already the heaviest I have ever been but that's due to the inability to walk anymore. I used to run everywhere and for years until I gave up work I always tipped the scales at below ten stone. In near on twenty years I have put on three stone and as I said I have never been heavier. But now I can become double disabled I think I should go for it. Do you get extra benefits for being lardy? Maybe I can qualify for extra to buy more food.
I could get diabetes and become more of a burden on the NHS maybe get the hospital to amputate my legs if the diabetes gets bad enough. I don't need them they don't work anyhow.
How can people who can't say no be classed as disabled. The eurocrats who want to class being fat as a disability are mad. It takes away the urgency our NHS faces with the obesity problem. In one stroke it legitimizes being fat. People will reguard eating junk food as an illness. I am not fat I am addicted to pizza will be the cry of the people who don't want to get the pounds off. Please if you read this have the guts to tell people they need to eat better and look after themselves better. 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Years Eve in Margate, 2015 Election and pessimism

I have been blogging on my Promote Thanet Blog about places to go on New Years Eve. Personally I will be tucked up in bed as usual but with one exception. I shall have a glass of whisky to toast the New Year in and wash away the taste of 2014. My days of going out in the crowds are over, at nearly sixty years old I am pleased to see another year but I know very little will change even though we have the General Election looming large on the horizon. I have just been reading an article about Politics being run by predominantly straight white men. It is almost 100 years since women first got the vote so if in that time we have had very little change you can bet we ain't going to get any change next year other than more testosterone filled men talking about change.

Ballot box
Very little will change next year so enjoy your few hours of fun, I can remember back as a much younger man/boy I went to Trafalgar Square and got into the fountains life looked so exciting then, but now as 2015 nears and I have seen over forty New Years since that soaking I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR
Forgive me if I don't get excited but I have been around for near on sixty years and each year comes and goes but very little changes, My New Year Resolution is to be less pessimistic. HOW AM I DO SO FAR ???

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Watching MOTD in bed

After the last few exhausting days I am in bed watching match of the Day. I am barely able to keep my eyes open  but I must see the end and find out where teams are in the league. I know I could have a look online but I am only blogging cos Chelsea are on. (I dont like Chelsea) Going now because Hull are playing Leicester. Bye

Saturday, 27 December 2014

I dream that I can walk

I sleep an awful lot which is great, it passes the time. I don't have to find something to fill that time, but while I am sleeping I dream. Sometimes in black and white and sometimes it's in colour.I don't know if there is any relevance to dreaming in colour but I thought I should mention it. People have said I dream because of the medication I am on, I don't believe that. My medication have changed over the years but my dreams are constant. I can't remember the time before Multiple Sclerosis but I expect I was a dreamer even then. In my dreams I am never disabled, always able to walk and run or even on a bike. I find it odd that I never dream about the wheelchair or my scooter. And I am always young. About thirty I would guess, not  that I remember being thirty.
Another odd thing is the people in my dreams are often from the present very rarely from the time I would have been thirty. I don't know why I even prompted myself to write this down, it's not something I am concerned about, I just find it odd. Some people say your dreams can tell you about yourself. I don't hold with that. I just think dreams are sleeps way of filling in the time. A bit like me when asleep reading the paper or a book, something to while away the time. I am writing this in bed  just before sleep so if anything changes over night I will let you know but I must say nite NITE now as I am yawning my head of.

Friday, 19 December 2014

choosing a new disability scooter

I am at the beginning of a journey that will end up with me as the proud owner of a new disability scooter. It will be new as in brand new because our old next door neighbour but one has had tremendous trouble with a second hand one he purchased from a disability shop and it cost him more than a brand new one in the end. I am not going to have that hassle. I already have a scooter a Shoprider and it is bashed and battered and I need one with wheels in each corner, my present one has two wheels at the front but they are about six inches apart and I have grown steadily more unsure on it, I expect it's an age thing. Plus it is well used and the once firm ride is saggy as bolts have grown oval in there holes what was once a firm chassis is now like riding on a wallowing ship. I just don't feel comfortable on it anymore.
So after fourteen years I am researching a new scooter. I will be buying online, the last one came via courier, TNT I think delivered it and deposited into our hallway. Huge great cardboard box delivered from Manchester to Margate and I hadn't even paid for it, I doubt that will happen again I sent the cheque after I had received it. Different more trusting world back then. Well came after Christmas I am going to start looking around but I won't be buying until I have been into hospital and had my surgery for the baclofen pump. Wish me like.

Visit from GP

I just had a visit from my GP. She had said after her last visit she would phone and catch up after my visit to Kings and find out about the Baclofen Pump. Well she never phoned and then today just as Heather was getting ready to go see the grandson at his carol service the phone goes  and as soon as the Doc is here. She is lovely and she came and sat with me on what turned out to be he day off. Not that she minded we talked about my bout of depression and the pump the trip to Kings her kids and my kids and we put the world to rights, it was wonderful. She had warned it would only be a twenty minute visit but it lasted over half an hour she had to go as her dog would be crossing its legs at home and she had been longer at the surgery than she had thought and now spent more time with me, I hope the dog was OK.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pain what is pain

A couple of time lately I have been asked where do I hurt and my reply in the lounge and the kitchen plus the bedroom has been met with the derision it deserves. Pain to me is hitting your thumb with a hammer, or once I had my leg in plaster and I fell down the stairs, now that really did hurt. But most days yes I hurt but it ain't nothing to write home about. Pain is relative in my opinion if you know it is not going to be around long it can be regarded as temporary and in that case ignored. It could be the same degree of pain but it ain't going anywhere then you need to do something to remove it from your life, restore the equilibrium even if that equilibrium is just a lesser degree of pain. I like pain killers and if I am in pain, not the default level but the area when I think this hurts I take them but if I took them all the time I doubt they would be as effective.
I hurt all the time in the lounge the bathroom bedroom in fact everywhere I don't think I will use that line of reply anymore the looks it got were cutting and cuts hurt.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

EVERYTHING IS OK the DFS sale is still on

This is how things are, I woke up this morning and my MS had other ideas. I went to get out of bed and my body wasn't having any of it. Heather helped me get across the landing and into the bathroom but I had to get in the wheelchair  to get back. There was no way I could risk going downstairs so it was back to bed for me. And I have  spent the day in bed sleeping. I woke up and Heather made my some food, we turned the TV. on and the world hadn't stopped turning. The first set of adverts came on and the DFS advert is still running advertising the DFS SALE. Heather had been watching some soppy Christmas film on Channel 5 and as usual I ended up crying, so even when my world stopped turning the rest of the planet keeps on going.

An hour out in the dark

Twas very exciting a trip out in the dark and Heather to the camera. We had heard that the boats in the Royal Harbour Ramsgate were decorated with Christmas lights so tonight we decided to head over to Ramsgate get some Kentucky fried chicken and have a drive round the harbour area and see the lights. It was blooming freezing not a cloud in the sky and Heather bravely got out and did the camera work. I stayed warm and we picked up the KFC from the drive through and ate ate home. No meteor showers for us we will be wrapped up warm and snug in bed but we will post some picture of coloured lights.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Baclofen Pump trial at Kings Hospital

I had an early start last Friday, not as early as when I used to work in London twenty five years ago but early by my present day standards. We had a ten o'clock appointment and a friend was going to drive Heather and myself up to Kings for an assesment to see if I am eligable for a Baclofen Pump. The very idea of spinal surgery has had me terrified and even left me suffering from more depression than usual. Good job has been done by my antidepressants and I was feeling less stressed by the time came for this appointment. Everything went well and we arrived at Kings with time to spare. It jas all changed since I was there last, it is a WONDERFUL new building now not like the dump I was in last time I was there. The specialist was running forty minutes late but never once did she try to rush things and I was in with her for over an hour having all the details explained to me. It turns out I am a prime candidate for a Baclofen Pump. Baclofen was the first tablet I took for muscle relaxant and over time I kept upping the dose until it was like popping sweeties. With the pump it delivers the baclofen direct into the spinal cord and the drug goes straight to work without affecting the rest of the body.

Trip to the Dentists

I have not been out for about twelve days and I would not have gone out today had it not been for a visit to the dentists. When it was booked six months ago the idea of December seemed a novel idea, a trip out just a few days before Christmas would be marvellous. In reality it was a pain in the butt. I know today this little corner of England has been bathed in sunshine but stuck in a wheelchair with the wind coming straight off the sea with nothing sheltering me from its chills no amount of bright sunshine was going to warm me as my dentists is located one hounded yards from the harbour at Margate. If you head north from where I was in my wheelchair next stop is Siberia. I was cold going to the dentist, I got even colder after my visit. Still it could have been worse I could have had some teeth out.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Old Age I have become a Grumpy Old Man at last

I am feeling my age today, I have worked everything out into pounds shillings and pence, converted things to pounds and ounces and my Christmas tree is six feet tall. I am too young to be sixty next birthday. What happened to the invincable youth I once was, I am now stuck in this wheelchair dribbling food and farting. I was going to conquer the world now I cant even open a packet of crisps. I couldn't get the lid off the toothpaste this morning,. I am definatly feeling sorry for myself. I am to fed up to be depressed, depression is way way back there somewhere. I have become a proper fully paid up menber of the Grumpy Old Mens Club. Its a bit like the Boys Club's senior section. Instead of playing table tenis and snooker in the GOMC we moan about everything including table tennis and snooker.
I feel much better for having written this blog post. Great its started to rain!!
Grumpy Old Muppets

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Todays been good

We woke very early today. Heather came in at 5:30 explaining the time on her clock said 6:30 and after I explained where the big hand was and the little hand etc. She gave up made tea and climbed into bed with me moaning about the lack of sleep. We had both been disturbed by a beeping from the fire alarm, it decided 2:15AM. was the best time to remind us it's battery needed changing. So that accounts for Heather' s inability to tell the time. She had to get up early to take Grandson number two through to school. His mum needed to be to work early she works for a sign makers and had been involved in the signs for the new Sainsbury store opening at Westwood Cross shopping centre in Broadstairs. She had an invitation to meet and great and needed to be there early. WELL that all went according to plan. But the next bit was made up on the cuff.
Friends have been staying and they along with Heather and daughter number two, the mum of grandsons one and three  we're meeting up for coffee. I was due to stay at home I hate shopping centres and coffee shops. All change Grandson number one was off school so instead of the coffee shop she was at home and had to deliver him down to us when she had to go to work at 12:00. Are you paying attention? I now had my planned peace shattered. But Grandson number one was poorly he sat in my rise and recline chair ate his packed lunch never said much as I sat in the wheelchair snoozing. He went home when his mum finished work. Our friends called round and we had a fish and chip tea and watched sloppy Christmas movies WHY DO THEY MAKE ME CRY.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Fed up but why? I am depressed.

I am feeling sorry for myself, Fed up and blue. I have been feeling crap for a couple of months. I had a spell in bed but now I am up and pretty much back to how I was before the bout in bed  but not quiet there. I feel pissed off. I don't pick up the camera I don't listen to music I do watch I bit of TV. But it's not enough to cheer me up. We had Kentucky fried chicken last night over looking the harbour at broadstairs, I know it was dark but I did not once look up to see the view. I can't get excited about anything I am feeling sad and blue. I am already on antidepressants so don't fancy calling the GP but I don't want to be like this. Hmmm decisions decisions decisions.
I wrote the above paragraph over a week ago. It has taken me over three weeks but I have finally got round to calling the doctor. I actually saw her yesterday. She came out to see me knowing how difficult it is for me it makes it easier for all concerned and she gets a cup of Heathers tea. Win win all round. I have been feeling depressed about going to Kings hospital to see the specialist about having a Baclofen pump fitted. It's a scary operation fitting the pump under the skin on my chest and a tube to the spine to deliver the drugs direct into my spinal cord. As I said a scary operation. I am worried and this in turn has developed into depression.
They do say a trouble shared is a trouble shaved. Well whoever said it wasn't worrying about having spinal surgery miles from home. I know I am a whimp, I used to be a rufty tuffty builder but nowadays I cry a adverts on television and whilst I use man sized tissues I cry like a baby at the soppy Christmas movies on TV.  My doctor has upped the antidepressants I am on and over night has written a list of questions that I should ask next week. I feel a bit better having got round to admitting that I am depressed but have spent most of today asleep. I don't know if that's the relief of owning up that I am worried or if the increased dose of tablets that has made me sleepy but I am exhausted and in bed typing this on my kindle so excuse any typos please. I put them down to predictive text not my atrocious grammar and grasp of the English language.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Indigestion and heartburn plus reflux

I have had indigestion problems for years, as a boy I remember that my dad always had Renies in his waistcoat pocket so maybe it is hereditary. I know my siblings suffer as well, two of them have hiatus hernia' s. Some bay's I don't have any problems. I take medication when I get up and I am fine all day. Other days same medications and I suffer reflux and really painful heartburn. I mean painful. I have tried all sorts and the redux is awful dinner or even just a glass of squash back up into my mouth. I used to chew Gaviscon tablets, in fact I am about to take some as I type this up. My gut is gurgling away and soon my evening meal will be coming back to say hello. I am laying in bed writing this, sometimes going from sitting to laying down can trigger a reflux action but tonight I have been here nearly two hours and I always have a glass of squash and a mouthful has set my gut into a symphony of strange noises. I just had a mouthful of gavison liquid and it has styled down.
I am fed up with the status quo so tomorrow I aim for a telephone consultation with the doctor. There must be a way to cut this down to size.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

I am disabled and wheelchair bound

All this nonsense about what to call disabled people has made me smile. It must be the silly season and the newspapers have a shortage of real news. I am disabled and I am confined to a wheelchair. End of as far as I am concerned people can call me what they want other than scrounger. Lots of disabled people have been given a hard time by idiots who may be able bodied in all departments other than sense. But I am not referring to those idiots but another bunch of idiots both disabled and able bodied ie. none disabled people. They have been noisily debating what they should call people who unfortunately are not able bodied. Should they refer to disabled people as handicapped? or less abled the list of stupidity goes on and other than filling column inches for journalists I can see no benefits to the debate. I am disabled and as far as I am concerned call me anything you like.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Odd sort of day

Woke up as usual when Heather started moving around in her room. She made tea, we have a kettle in my room and each night bring a tray complete with teapot cups etc up to the bedroom ready for our morning cuppa. When I was working I always made Heather tea in bed every morning. As my MS made me unsteady carrying things I used to make tea on the floor in our bedroom. Now I can't get out of bed unaided Heather has taken over the task. Back to today, I didn't want to wake up so decided to sleep in and sleep I did not waking unroll after 12:30 in time to watch Man City v West Ham on BT Sport in bed. I thought it would be safer staying in bed because Heather was meeting some mates for coffee.
I don't know how I can sleep for nine hours yet wake up feeling absolutely knackered. My MS causes me to be fatigued but I couldn't keep my eyes open. Usually this happens if I have been out shopping or done something the day before. Not this time, I ever had a nap yesterday afternoon! Over the years we have made my life as stress free and easy as possible, ie the tray for morning tea and loads of other adaptations to make managing my MS as easy for ourselves as easy as possible. Anyone in a similar situation would do the same, if I over exert myself I know there will be a price to pay. That's fine if we know I have friends coming I sleep before they arrive, if we go out for the Day I sleep in the following day. Then you get a day which for reasons known only to itself it comes along and bites me on the bum. I say it is the MS 're establishing its control over my body. Whatever the reason for me sleeping all day I hope it was just the one day, as nice as it may sound I don't like spending that long in bed. I know I can't do much but if I am up and out of bed I feel human.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunshine affective disorder

SAD or seasonal affective disorder or am I depressed? I don't like the hot weather I don't like the cold weather, it sounds like a weather related version of the three bears! I know that I have not been the full ticket for a few weeks but today I feel like crap. My bowels are a mess and have been for weeks not really bad but bad enough to make me not want to go far, I feel safe at home. I have got some pins and needles back. Pins and needles were a big part in my diagnosis twenty years ago and the return has me slightly worried, then there is the Baclofen pump tests in a few weeks time. I feel like my head wants to explode. I am laying in bed and my guts are gurgling, my whole body is falling apart. I had my ankles crossed in bed this morning and couldn't untangle them, that really confused me I even had a real sense of panic when it happened!
I put these dilemma down to SAD. Well I am pee'd off maybe border line manic depressive or most likely what is going one is I am feeling sorry for myself. Self pity ain't normally my thing but maybe if I wallow around feeling sorry for myself for a while I can make myself really depressed then I can talk about the old days and how much better they were with a sense of real authority. NIGHT FOLKS I am just off to practice crying myself to sleep. CYA all tomorrow.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Nutribullet tastes good looks awful

My son has just turned up, its his day off and he has come to visit his mum and dad. Ahhh, plus we recorded Peaky Blinders last night he loves that. He has bought a mug of his nutribullet drink with him for Heather and I to try. Kiwi fruit strawberry spring green and black grapes all blended together looks awfully like baby food. It tastes great but as they say you eat with your eyes and the same must hold true for healthy protein drinks..
It's  one way of getting your five a day. I know I am an old fudie duddie and new things should be embraced but I am sticking to eating my food not drinking it.

Monday, 13 October 2014

I am stuffed

It is my birthday. I arrived here on planet earth fifty nine years ago today. A my brother reminded me I was delivered the same day as the tractor. My dad was a farmer just a small farm just outside Faversham from which my dad run some cattle floats kept some sheep and a bit of arable land. Nothing big but it was home for me and the rest of the family. Today nearly fifty years after my parents death I was surrounded by my own family. My wonderful wife Heather our daughters and our son my son in law and our sons partner plus our three grandsons.
It is traditional to have takeaway and the local Chinese done us proud and we even had some fortune cookies thrown in which the kids delighted in. No one went hungry and we even demolished the fruit coders Heather had purchased. After everyone  had gone and Heather tidied the last bits away I phoned my sister. Unlike my brother she remembers me being there when she got home from school, all he remembers is the Field Marshall tractor but he did say I have lasted longer than the tractor that sold for twenty pounds in 1966 to the scrap man. Maybe I will be next to be scrapped, I doubt I would be worth twenty quid.
I have had a great day. Good night fellow bloggers.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Why is exercise so hard to do?

When I finally manage to get my sorry butt out of bed, washed and dressed plus in a fit state to face the rigors of the Day I always reckon I am going to be better today than I was yesterday. I am kidding myself but I always think I will have at least a wander round the living room or down the hall with my zimmer. Do a few squats or dig out the weights and sit in the wheelchair and lift the medium weighted ones fifty times over my head. Who am I kidding? Not you, I know you would love for me to throw away my zimmer and run bare foot down the road and thrice round the park.
I could have done that once twenty five years or so ago. But now I have trouble lifting my slippered foot for more than a dozen steps a cross the landing. I don't pick up the weights because I will be a physical wreck if I try and achieve more than a very few lifts. In my head I could do all these tasks but in reality I can do little more than imagine. My brain is the one muscle that keeps on working, nowhere near as good as it once did but it's much better than the rest of my body. But there is always tomorrow maybe I will feel better tomorrow. I am the eternal optimist . But for now I need my beauty sleep in preparation for tomorrow. Night folks.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Watching gymnastics on telly

I never was any good at gymnastics at school and apart from running once I finished education I gave up on sport. As a dad I have played all manner of energetic games with my kids but watching these young girls flipping and cavorting around makes me envious. I have enough trouble crossing the room in a wheelchair let alone bouncing off a springbard or balancing on a beam. Excersise is essential but I have to limit myself or I get even more fatigued than normal. I do try and do some moves before I get out of bed in the morning, stretches and leg lifts etc. We also have a large excersise ball which Heather puts my ancles on and I do bridges and then she the ball towards my bum moving my legs up towards my chest. We did ten of each of the bridges and ball rolls and this morning I could hardly stand but yesterday I was fine.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Flu jab and blood test.

Early morning phone calls, well this one wasn't that early but Heather was rushing round. We had both gone to bed knowing the car was booked into the garage for its MOT. Yep when the alarm went off we both forgot all about MOT and cars and then when the nurse called with her early morning phone call to ask did I want my flu jab when she called to do my blood test Heather remembered the car the MOT and she went into panic mode. Now to add to the panic I had to be up washed and dressed in case the nurse before she managed to get back. Full blown panic mode did get me downstairs and sitting in the wheelchair waiting for the nurse.
The above confused paragraph combats in no way the panic here yesterday but it all panned well in the end, I had my flu jab plus the blood test, the car got its MOT plus a service and Heather walked home before the nurse arrived to suck blood and infect me with flu. All worked out well in the end.
I did have a while when I refused the flu jab but have embraced it whole heartedly for the last five years or so, can you imagine me with full blown flu. An image I would find unattractive in someone else let alone myself. We are back to normal today and I had a lesuirely start to the day, Homes under the Hammer in bed. It took me back one of the properties was Faversham Youth Club, I almost lost an eye in that building playing darts and I can remember watching the Beatles on Top of the Pops there. Happy memories. Heather has just gone shopping and I am finishing this post off. The GP has just called my inflamation levels in my blood are down so hopefully I will continue to improve. Marvelous service took my blood yesterday and results 24 hours later, once again first class service from the National Health Service. NHS your good.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The fantastic NHS comes up trumps again

You hear so much negativity about our NHS I have written in the past about moaning patients. I know people don't want to be their and its no holiday camp but take your medicine and shut up the queue for your bed is endless. Still I am here to relay today's good news. It started with the Secretary for our MS Nurse calling and saying she had spoken to the nurse and that once clinics were finished she (the nurse) would call us back. This had all started because my own GP had called on here day off on her way to a family do miles away. She had checked in with her office about some of my results from a blood test. Hands free phones are fantastic. The GO called us at home asking us to call the MS Nurse as she wanted clarification on some figures, all above my head and I was asleep and know little of the real juggling these people have done for me today. This infection has not let up for about two weeks the last seven and a bit days I have been bed ridden so not up on all the finer details. But the gist as I understand it is: GP phones here, here phones MS Nurse,MS Nurse phones consultant,MS Nurse and consultant phone my surgery, MS Nurse phones here,we phone surgery and eventually at 7:20 this evening after a twelve hour day a young lady GP rings my door bell. She spends over thirty minutes examining me temperature, blood pressures etc she as last resort dip tests my wee. Bingo I have a urine infection. The NHS is a fantastic institution one to be saved from privatisation one to be cherished and treasured. It is a big slow dinosaur but in my near on sixty years on earth it has done me proud and today it has treated me to five star service. Bravo and thank you.

Friday, 26 September 2014

The Dr.Seuss MS POEM by Morgan(mgcpd)

I love MS it's just so neat 
the way it swept me off my feet 
I love the pain, I love the numb 
and sticking needles in my bum. 

I love the way my world's a blur 
the way I shake , the words I slur. 
I love my chair and walker , too 
I love MS ....I do.. I do... 

I love my lazy sleepy days 
I shake with joy within my haze 
I'm just as happy as can be 
It makes me pee and pee and pee 

I love my legs that will not walk 
my twisted tongue that will not talk 
I love the way my poop does bind 
I do believe I've lost my mind. 

(this was sent to me by my sister and was written by Morgan) 

That's me and thousands of others

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Airflow Mattress

I am still in bed and Heather and our daughter have put the airflow mattress on because after being in bed for five days and not a lot of change on the horizon we decided I don't want bed sores to add to my dilemma. Trouble is the mattress is very good but sounds like it is going to take off every twenty minutes. I also find it very cold and had an extra cover in the night Heather was very pleased at two am. to get out of her nice warm bed to make me feel warm. We had tea and chocolate chip cookies as well, sort of a midnight feast. Great until I awoke at five in need of gaviscon, normally it lives beside my bed on my night tray but guess who had to get up a second time to retrieve it from the table where it was sitting mocking me.
All in all an eventful night with not a lot of sleep for either of us. I cant get up and am even crossing the landing in the wheelchair rather than my usual meander with the zimmer frame. Heather has just gone in search of sugar puffs for me and then hopefully I can get some sleep.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Still no better Constipation now

I have found over the years with my bowels its a situation of feast or famine, not that you would wand to feast on your bowel movement. It just constipation on pooing your self and not a lot in between. I have been on a pretty even keel of late but anyone with Multiple Sclerosis will tell you don't let yourself be lulled into a false sense of well being. MS will soon bite you on the bum the moment you start getting over confident.
I have written in the past about my Constipation and trips to A&E and I once had septicaemia because of it. Recently I have discovered Micro Enema and those couple with regular Movicol sachets which coincidentally is now available in Chocolate flavour. That seems to be taking pooing to extremes chocolate flavour/coloured laxative. It reminds me of the joke at school about rainbow coloured tampons for sunny periods. Once again I digress. Constipation is one of the NHS big problems and millions of people suffer because it is a taboo subject but one that everyone has to deal with. A mate of mine has always said to me "if you don't eat you don't poo, if you don't poo you die" you have to forgive him he is Iranian but he speaks the truth, I was dangerously ill with septicaemia.
Well I have been feeling unwell for a few weeks and to a certain extent I have taken my eye off the situation. For a long time now the Movicol and Enema regime have worked for me every day but a blip if I had to much fried food chip shop chips do me like a kipper and a spanner is thrown into the works for a couple of days. Heather recons it is psychosomatic but tell that to my bowels. I am on Antibiotics for a urine infection and as we all know antibiotics can play havoc with the old tummy. I have had times of not getting to the toilet in time and now or rather earlier I couldn't go. Two enemas and lots of straining there was a five hour gap between enemas but it took that long to produce an eruption. I am now sitting in bed recovering I was so weak Heather had to push me across the landing in the wheelchair. MS has kept me in bed for the last few days, maybe it is the antibiotics working fighting their war wars against my invading antibodies or just that I am a lazy bleeder and feel like laying in bed brewing bed sores. I don't know nor the way I feel do I much care. The reason for this post is to say if you are one of those who suffer bowel problems constipation or diarrhea there is help out there speak to a doctor or pharmacist dont suffer in silence like I did

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Are antibiotics the answer?

The last couple of weeks I have been a little off colour, not my normal self. I know my body and I think I manage my Multiple Sclerosis quite well. It is NEVER going away and I know it's little nuances now, after all  I have had over twenty years of practice. Well I have been a bit low my body has let me into its secrets in the last two weeks I have had four toilet accidents. I never got to the toilet in time. For me this is a really big deal. Trying to clean myself up and legs that don't want to work have to support a body that can't balance. When trying to get out of my trousers and soiled pants is a real mission I mean REALLY BIG MISSION. Showering after is fun. I need to shower but by now I am exhausted BIG TIME exhausted. My legs only just hold me when I wake up on a normal day. I can't walk I shuffle a few yards at best when feeling good and now I feel awful.  I need to stand to clean myself up and my legs are crying out NO WAY. I am feeling very vulnerable, this feeds the weakness making it all even worse. There is no way I can describe how completely useless I was feeling and even when I had showered I needed to dry myself. Even with Heathers help throughout I am exhausted beyond belief and now I an clean and dry I have to go from bathroom to bed.
Heather suggests the wheelchair. No I can do it I am a man 58 years old I am capable of walking the ten feet to bed .  I have to use a zimmer all the time but now I am holding on so tightly it hurts. Halfway across Heather worried she is going to have to scrape me up off the floor cracks a nervous joke. It makes us do two things. One laugh we are both in need of something to take the tension out of the situation and two the futility of all of this. She is exhausted as well. We have been married near on forty years and now she's looking after me like I am a baby. Our children when they needed a nappy change probably weighed say two stone  I go near on fifteen and if I go down I an a dead weight. My body just shuts down in shock and I can't get up off the floor anymore. Luckily I make it the last few steps  and am safely in bed. She has to put me in bed and get my out of bed for that matter. But now I am safe but my body is freezing. I expect it is the shock but I am cold freezing cold. We have blankets to go over the quilt but this needs heavy duty stuff an old candlewick bed spread. Weighs a ton but it tells my body not to worry it is a reassuring weight. I can't move under it but it is enough to remind my broken nervous system it will soon warm me up.
My sleep apnea mask goes on and with the help of some much needed pain relief I must go to sleep.
I do or hould I ay I did?
Its Sunday now and I am still in bed, feeling a bit better but not good Saturday came and went and I am now waiting for Heather to help me get up. She has gone to church my mate Patrick is the vicar and he has the Bishop of Dover her today for his installation as a Canon, Heather just phoned and said she was helping out with the food and would be back soon. I have nothing else to say so am signing out. Oh the antibiotics they must be working I feel better than I did.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Picnic indoors

After yesterdays escapades I have spent the morning in bed feeling sorry for myself and waiting for the doctor to phone back. Bethesda surgery in Palm Bay do a telephone consultation service where the doctor calls you back. For someone like  me it is a fantastic service and has saved me a lot of anguish getting to and from the surgery. I can remember trying to get a doctors appointment in the 1960's so this service is wonderful. I can remember Pam protecting doctor Edney in Faversham like a  Rottweiler and that  was just for an appointment I am sure she wouldn't approve of te doctor doing something so common as calling a patient back.
Back to today Heather has just gone to get my prescription and before she left we had a picnic indoors. Chicken and salad sandwiches and crisps. Me sat in my wheelchair and her sat at the table. The sunshine is pouring in through the window and a Collared Dove is gently cooing in the garden. If I had been feeling better we had aimed on going to the Nature  Reserve at   Canterbury. Bridge Woods I think it is called but  my MS had other ideas, still cant waste the oppertunity for  a  picnic even  if it  is in my own dinning  room. Our  son has just called in to see us and has taken his mum to collect the prescription.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Bad day with Multiple Sclerosis

I am past the stage with my Multiple Sclerosis of good days and bad days. All days are bad and some days are even worse. Today was an even worse day! We had friends coming to visit so the Day kicked off a little brisker than usual and I suffer from Primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis which means it is a steady decline I don't get relapses or times when the MS is aggressive and times where it is OK, mine never lets up but it can get even worse for a short while and today was one of those days.
Great here we are guests just arrive women outside and men inside, we had just got through the pleasantries and were discussing our health when I got an overwhelming urge for the toilet. I am in my wheelchair and by the time I have got to the toilet (too late) and got cleaned up I was exhausted and went back to bed. I went straight to sleep so missed our friends it's been a year since I saw them last and it looks like I won't see them again until next year as they spend our winter months in Spain. I have had a few off these incidents in the last little while and I don't often go and visit people because I never know what the Day will bring. My body is a wreck but it could be worse, at times it is difficult to believe that but days like this just remind me even the bad days are good. Now having slept all day I am wide awake.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Walking in a wheelchair

Why is it I refer to being pushed in my wheelchair. As going for a walk? Is it my stubborn refusal to accept my disability? You would have thought my decline over the last twenty years would have given the good grace to accept the fact I can no longer walk but no I still refer to it as a walk. I think it must be my gradual slipping back to childhood. Heather cuts my food up for me, I have special knife and forth not with buggs bunny on them but weighted handles and extra large grips. She dresses me and takes me to the toilet I don't have a nappy but she empties my catheter bag. So maybe my walk in the wheelchair is the same as taking a baby for a walk in a pram?
In my previous post I said I need a new disability scooter, we went for a walk with the old one today. See there I go again, my feet did not take a single step yet I say I went for a walk. It was ok but I did feel very self conscious of falling off. I know I could never get myself up if I was to fall and it scares me, I mean really petrified. If I fall indoors I need wholesale assistance to go from horizontal to vertical and the big outdoors is full of unimaginable dangers like curbs and gravel or unsound surfaces. All just waiting for the unwary disabled traveller. It a tough world out there and one I suddenly feel scared in.

New disability scooter needed

I am in a wheelchair all the time now and whilst Heather never complains it is hard on her pushing me around all the time. I know that I have an electric wheelchair indoors  but when we go out it is all on her. I no longer feel safe on my scooter, I have had a couple of falls from it and it has dented my confidence. I know that if I do fall I can no longer get myself up off the floor with out some heavy-duty assistance. With all this in mind we have been looking at proper four wheel scooters. The other reason is ramps. We need to buy some new ramps to get the electric wheelchair into the car but if we replace my old scooter with a four wheel one I am saving over one hundred pounds on ramps alone. That may sound slightly odd reasoning but it has to be considered  in the overall package. Heather has found a scooter online and I know how smooth delivery of my last one was so purchasing a disability scooter from a reputable online retailer shouldn't present a problem. I did it fourteen years ago with no hitches one would hope things would have only got better. My last scooter was almost a thousand pounds cheaper on the internet than the local specialist supplier and it was exactly the same item! No prizes for guessing why I bought my disability scooter online. Time to sleep on it, night folks.

Friday, 12 September 2014

disabled walk in shower

It's nearly one thirty am and I am awake and just checking in on my blog I noticed Google trying to tempt me with adverts from firms selling disabled showers and bathrooms. We had our bathroom converted into a wet room some four years ago. I love it. No more getting stuck in the bath and having to call our son home to help get me out of the bath a carry me to bed. I fave grab rails all round the bathroom. I still call it the bathroom even though it is now a wet room. I have a little stool to sit on as well as the wall mounted shower seat. I have rails round the toilet to aide me getting on and off. Non slip flooring which has got little bobbles that if you do fall can rip at your knee' s if you try and crawl out after a fall. After years of struggling with bath seats and bath lifts the wet room has been fantastic and if you are seeing advertising for disability bathrooms please don't leave it to late have it done when it will save you energy and use that saved energy on stuff you enjoy. 

cant sleep wont sleep

Having been asleep virtually twenty four hours I am now not able to go to sleep. My MS makes me into its slave. Earlier I was freezing cold and needing extra blankets  and now I am laying here with no chance of sleeping and not wanting to keep Heather awake no TV or Radio. I have read, played solitaire, Facebooked and twittered now I am bored, oh I forgot ME Society's forum as well. Please please give me a break. I can't do what I want to do nor it seems do what I don't want to do. I want to get better, I think this is some sort of underlying infection, I had my catheter changed in the week and that sometimes makes me feel odd for a few days but never like this. Still what else would I be doing? I don't exactly set the world alite do I. When I do manage to go downstairs I intend taking the wheelchair round the block to celebrate.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Laying in bed waiting for tomorrow

What will tomorrow bring? Will it be the okay? a day of I can cope let's just get on and take what the Day brings. Or will it be oh no this ain't going to work, I can't cope let's avoid fighting what I can't beat I give in you can have today let's try again latter? Well only tomorrow will I know the answers only tomorrow will I know if I can actually get out of bed and negotiate the physical acts of dressing of crossing the landing. Once I cross the landing there will be the silly dance I have to accomplish to turn round and get seated on the stairlift. The dance at the bottom of the stairs getting from sitting to sitting in the wheelchair, the humiliation of not getting my feet onto the foot plate things and having to ask Heather to lift my foot onto its resting place. I won't know this until tomorrow. What I do know is I couldn't do it today and I am certain that tomorrow isn't today, just because I lost the fight today doesn't mean automatic failure tomorrow.
No what it means is after a good night's sleep I will reassess the situation that tomorrow's feelings will belong too tomorrow and just because today was a rite off tomorrow stands on it's own and being on its own I am unable to pre judge. Tomorrow deserves to be judged in fresh daylight, not by what has gone before but by what lays ahead. I will know tomorrow

Bad day

What happened to cause it I have no idea. I got up was in the bathroom shaving and I came over all queer. I decided discretion was the better part of valour and went back to bed. Heather woke me at lunchtime saying the district nurse was coming to change my catheter, I know she did but don't remember much about it. I have been asleep nearly all day and Heather is making me something to eat but the way I am struggling to write this I will sleep some more very soon.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Wonderful day

Margate has been set fair today, the Sun has shone long and hard all day. It would have been a nice day for a trip out somewhere but according to the calendar it was the Day that my catheter was due to be changed. I say due but we all know due and actually turning up and doing it are two completely different things. Even the word promt on my kindle could see where this was heading, either it understands telepathy or the workings of the NHS. I can't be the NHS it tried to put Bus, am I that predictable even my kindle can think what I am writing? Anyhow we did go for a ride at four this afternoon and aim on heading on over to Canterbury nature reserve tomorrow if the nurse doesn't arrive first. If she gets here first I doubt we shall go, even that simple procedure will put me in bed for a couple of hours. AHHH caught the kindle out, it thought months or weeks not hours.
That's me ready for sleep just wait for the painkillers to kick in and land of nod for me. Worry about tomorrow when it gets here. Night folks.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Endoscopy day to see seven ships

I am home now after a full day. I had not slept well so when Heather made my morning cuppa I had turned over and ignored it but eventually I did wake up and got showered had some breakfast and thenn we set off to Canterbury Hospital for a 3:30 appointment for another Endoscopy. Of course they were running late so ariving 30 minutes early only exasperated the situation. All was well and eventually we got out and headed homewards, traffic was set to standstill so a 20 minute journey took over an hour. Almost five hours and I was and still am knackered. Heather is a saint she takes all these appointments of mine in her stride and puts up with me when I am tired by all  the extra exertion. The one good thing about the trip was a chance to count the ships and my theory was proved wrong as I could only count seven ships but the reason was visability being poor the day was hot and clear but a sea mist  reduced vision.
an endoscope

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday Sunday

My brother often tells me he is liking his retirement. He says "do you know no sooner is it Monday it's Friday and then I get the weekend off". The reason I am saying things is because my weeks are like that, one day is much the same as any other. We only buy a newspaper on a Saturday and that's for the TV guide so I often have to check the calendar to see what day it is and as for the date I never know it. I do know tomorrow is the first of September. How come I know this momentous fact my Doctor has left and starts his new position and I will mourn his leaving. He has been there for me through thick and thin up hill and down Dale in good times and bad. He has become a friend and I will miss him. Enough of the sentimental stuff I now have his wife as my GP and she is much nicer than him anyhow. It's funny how you get complacent and change is unsettling isn't it. If nothing changed we would all still suffer from Rickets and travel around in horse and carts. My dad was born 100 years ago and when he was a boy on the farm they used horses now he wouldn't  recognise the world it's fast cars and mobile phones. He would have known the date though it would have been his birthday this week on the 5th he would have been 103 had he not died at the age of 54. All the advancement in medical care and they can't cure my multiple sclerosis or the common cold for that matter.
I am just putting these few lines down coz I can there is no real reason for me telling you this stuff other than to highlight that things change and say yes it will be different but most not all change is good. Embrace change even energy-efficient light bulbs because we can't live the same for ever we change.if things never changed those energy-efficient light bulbs would be candles and we would be in mud huts. Evolution progress and tomorrow it will be Monday the first of September.Embrace the first day of autumn.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Fish n chips and cold knees

Been a funny sort of day. Up early for me I was downstairs showered shaved and eating breakfast before ten o'clock. We needed to collect some medication from the chemists and then went through to Broadstairs to visit The Butcher of Brogdale I fancied lamb chops for dinner. On the road into Broadstairs we met heavy traffic going nowhere. It can be a bit (slight under statement) of a bottleneck. We cut off and went round by Bleak House where Charles Dickens used to stay and the weather really did get bleak. The heaven's opened and the wind got up the only amusing thing was seeing some cyclists we had passed a while earlier huddled under a clifftop shelter. Fancy going out in shorts in August it's just asking for rain.
Well we got the chops and some vegetables and headed for home. The rain must have got into the electronics because temporarily the indicators stopped working and Heather got wet checking they were working again. We eventually got home and it had hardly rained there the line of washing Heather had mithered on about was virtually dry and was given a quick spin in the tumble dryer. Lunch and then we had grandchildren for a while. The eldest always grabs the rise and recline chair his brother test all sorts of bribes to get him out but has yet to succeed.
Our daughter returned in time to relocate reclining chair son to football training and moan at her older sister who was joining us with her son for fish and chips. I know I told you we were having lamb chops but that got changed to accommodate the way the Day went. Various visitors and things put paid to them being cooked. So fish and chips at Herne Bay. I must admit it wasn't the best they have served but the portion was huge so never mind the quality feel the width. We got back in time to watch Scrappers on telly followed by the extra slice of bake off.
I have just got into bed and my knee' s are freezing I mean really cold. I am warming up now because Heather has found me a blanket, anybody would think it's winter here tonight. Brrr. I am going to sleep night night.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Multiple sclerosis law of motion

Isaac Newtons laws might have been referring to MS.
  1. Third law: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body. Or in the case of MS if you have one good day and you manage to go out and  eat a fried breakfast sitting in the Sun, overlooking the sea with great company and them sit in your wheelchair and are pushed along the prom for a mile. If you think you can do this without an opposite reaction you must be mad. REMEMBER you have Primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis and PPMS will get you back for enjoying yourself. You might not have done a lot of exercise but your going to spend at least a day recovering.
  2.  You see (ignore the number two somehow my kindle thinks it's a list) had I stayed at home and not gone for my full English sitting in the Sun I doubt I would have spent ALL OF TODAY laying in bed sleeping. I can't say that I would been full of beans but MS makes you pay in opposite to your good day. People say ohh you get one good day and one bad day and I nod my head like a wise old sage in agreement. I actually think it is far more disproportionate than one good one bad.
  3. Ignore the number this is just another paragraph. If I excerpt myself in anyway my MS wants more than its fair share in pay back. I would have eaten yesterday it was just a car ride and a nice push along the seafront that was extra. But I paid one day in bed and I was proper sleeping. Heather woke me with drinks and returned to find them stone cold untouched. I had gone straight back to sleep. I got up at five o'clock. I am back in bed now hopefully I will sleep all night but often I am awake unable to sleep. So as for one good one bad, yeah I wish it was that simple.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tankerton Slopes Whitstable for Fried Breakfast

A fry up can be acceptable at any time of day. We got up slowly as usual today and when I spoke to daughter number two I had told her we aimed to take the camera and pootle of to Dover, well we never got to Dover in fact we went in the opposite direction. We met up with Wendy and Phil and went to one of our favourite cafe's at Tankerton Slopes I have written on here many times about the Bacon and egg sandwiches the doorstep slices of bread and the portions. Well this time I ended up having a small breakfast:- two eggs two bacon one very tasty sausage fresh fried tomato and two rounds of toast plus tea or coffee. I had charged the camera but when we got there it was still at home so no piccies. You can see the Isle of Sheppey and also the Essex coast and Southend.
The weather was bright and sunny so we sat outside Heather had to cut my bacon up and help with the eggs after I started wearing more than I was eating the toast went down well and I managed to get most of the dippy toast in without to much yolk on my tee shirt. We walked along to Whitstable Castle and saw it was mobbed with a KCC road safety thing so turned round and walked back, negotiating the wheelchair in crowds is hard so we decided discretion is or was the better part of valour. Click here for one of our trips to the Seaview Cafe

Big Breakfast This is the large breakfast and I am having it next time 

Helpful Advice

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Why I want to move to Wales I have Multiple Slerosis

Wales has recently become the first country in the UK to approve a cannabis-based drug for sufferers.
I have had Multiple Sclerosis for over twenty years, it has gradually robbed me of my body. I am now in a wheelchair and couldn't exist if it wasn't for my fantastic wife. Cannabis has long been heralded as one thing that can benefit Multiple Sclerosis sufferers and now that the drugs companies have bought a product out that will possibly alleviate some of my symptoms the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence NICE as they are known wont make it available to MS sufferers in the UK. Wales has made it available but the 100,000 sufferers in England are being denied it. Am I disappointed damn right I am. I want to shout from the tallest tower I want to chain myself to railings outside Parliament, I wont but I want to. I am to weak to take on campaigning but it makes me made GRRRR. thats me being mad now I will have to sit back and wait for those who are able bodied and in well paid jobs hand out the crumbs to me a mere sufferer.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Wet and windy it must be Bank Holiday

I cant believe its the end of August already! For me it has been a fantastic summer, the weather affects my MS the heat zaps me and I retreat to bed and when its too cold I dont leave the house. This year I have managed a few days out and have been able to do a few things. Not a lot but when you depend on others for virtually everything even a drive in the car and an ice cream or a bacon sandwich sitting watching the world go by is a treat. I am home alone for a couple of hours Heather has popped out so I am going to try and find something on the television looks like that the BBC has a film so I am signing off HAVE A GOOD DAY

pain treatments

I posted a link to a BBC article about Savitex last week, evidently it will be available to MS sufferers in Wales but not for suffered here in the United Kingdom.  That for me sucks. I have had Primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis for so long I don't actually remember being pain free, I take as little pain relief as possible as I suffer side effects and to have a treatment available but not qualify for it because of my location is ridiculous. I fully understand the cost restraints etc. But when I see the way the NHS spends its money I am not inclined to care. The organisation has treated me very well over the years and I am always the first to defend it but maybe I have said that wrong. I am always the first to defend its staff, and maybe that's where I have been wrong Confusing the staff from the bureaucracy. I can once remembered dragging myself out of my hospital bed and walking my chest drain round into the next bay and tearing off a woman who was slateing the nurses for every thing at the top of her voice. She discovered she wasn't the only one with a loud voice and I got a round of applause for explaining the facts of life to her and making her apologise to the nurses.
Maybe I thought the nurses and doctors on the front line were the NHS but they are the bit we all see so maybe my confusion is OK. The bit of the NHS I am confusing it with is the faceless bit the bit that costs a fortune and makes the decisions. The bit that shuffles the famous papers, strange how once we thought with computers we could have a paperless bureaucracy. Sorry I digress, the management who decide and implement and are not accountable. Who's decision can cost fortunes but who can change that very expensive decision and the doctors and nurses who had originally said it's unworkable have to pick up the pieces and work with less money are the ones who are ignored.
So maybe I want Savitex and less costly management more front line staff. Welcome to my utopian NHS.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Carbon Fibre runner

Just watching the Blade Babe Marlou Van Rhijn give an interview about running with blades. Disabilities take all different forms and she is missing bother her feet. Would I swop my disability for another form?  Well we dont get any choice in what is wrong with us do we. I wake up every day wondering will I be cured today even after in excess of twenty years with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis I still am waiting for the cure. Why the fact that someone who is disabled in the way she is should be considered aided by blades is beyond me surely people should ask is she disabled by the fact she is missing two feet. They dont comment on the wheelchair in the wheelchair races or wheelchair basket ball. Maybe it is me and I am missing something still she won her race. I am going to eat my evening meal and think about types of disabilities.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Just got up

New and Old side by side
Here it is four oclock in the afternoon and I am just up. I would have still been asleep had Heather not needed to talk to me before she went out. I had an exhausting day yesterday, yes I know I only sit in the car or wheelchair but I am exhausted all the same. I went for a ride through the Kent countryside and onto the Isle of Sheppey where we went over old stomping grounds from my youth. We went over both the new bridge and the old one. The new bridge is a huge thing dwarfing the old bridge. We went to Sheerness and Leysdown and Minster plus all points in between. I was going down memory lane. I have had a rich and varied life and its great to revist some of my past to reawaken those brain cells that had lain dormaint for over forty years.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

To Shop or not to shop that is the question

the Canal

we should have chosen to eat here MUCH less expensive

Ships off Margate

less zoom more ships off Margate there was 20 in total on Horizon
Yesterday had the normal lazy start and because it looked like rain we decided to go shopping for something for dinner. Having not nailed down where to go local or Canterbury Tesco or Sainsbury we found ourselves in the car at the end of Zion Place sort of overlooking the sea apart from in the middle of your vision is a huge Victorian terrace of houses side on to you so you get a split view of the sea, Wind turbines one side and WW2 sea forts Radio Caroline and all that the other side. Well if you read by blogs you will know about my Ships theory and guess what there were lots of ships but being in deep conversation about where to go shopping I had missed them. Heather cut down to the Winter Gardens car Park and we began the count, My Theory is you can always count ten ships off of Margate. They have to park up there to get a Pilot to drive them into Tilbury and you can always see the pilot boats whizzing up to these huge vessels and delivering the Pilot who then guides them through the treacherous Goodwin Sands. The final count was twenty Ships and one of them had been enormous.
I do look up on the internet to see where these Ships have come from and where they are headed. I use a website called  
Its a great source of fun and it has pictures of the ships from various sitings all over the world, a bit like Eddie Stobart for Ships.
Eventually when I had my fill of floatie Boaties as my Heather calls them the sun had come out an flecks of blue sky was showing. Hmmmm difficult decision to make now, to shop or not to shop that is the question says me ruining those famous lines of the Imortal Bard. Given the chance I would never shop men are only ever happy in Tool Shops looking at huge dewalt planer thicknesser's or socket sets. Tins of carrot and parsley soup dont have the same ring to them in a throw away line at the Public bar in the Kings Head Pub. Imagine the conversation over two pints of Mild with your best mate, "I got a real good deal at Siansbury today on two tins of CPS" Not the same ring as I was in toolmart looking at the Dewalt DW733 do you know that greedy son of a bitch will deal with eight metres yes EIGHT METERS a minute sweet bit of kit if I was still working thats what I would have the 733 takes some beating" I can imagine it now I would be a hero amongst mere mortals.
With the sun out this was now time to decide shops or Bacon Sarnies. We call round to see our friends who are out, Heather calls them and gets told "stay put don't move we are coming you cant go with without us"
 Heather Jumps in the back Phil takes over the driving and the girls are chatting away in the back and we head out on the open road. We eventually end up in Hythe arriving after a very scenic ride through the Elham Valley do have a look at the website its a stunning piece of Kent countryside. At Hythe we try and park in the town the High Street was no go and we didn't want to park in the supermarket car park and sneak out without shopping so headed away to Seabrook half a mile just outside of Hythe and Parked up at the car park at the begining of the Royal Military Canal. We had a short walk along the sea front and stopped for Bacon and Egg rolls from the little beach front hut and ate them overlooking the English Channel. I used to fish off this stretch of shore as a youngster and I remember many stories of 20 pound plus Cod being landed here in the 1970's unfortunately I never caught one of them. When we were first married we had looked at a shop a few hundred yards from were we had parked so on the walk we went over a bridge crossing the canal and looked at the back of that said shop and the bungalow that was now standing in the space some old outbuildings had occupied. Eventually we wound our way back to the car and watched some children messing about with canoes.
Next we headed through Sandgate and onto Folkestone another haunt from my youth we managed to negotiate our way through the one way system and ended up following a Bride and Groom in a Horse and carriage so the pace was slow. Heading on to Dover past the Castle we cut off after missing the turning we were meaning to take but ended up in a traffic jam in a small village as a lorry carrying a big digger clossed the road. Then we were on to look for an ice cream by Walmer Castle we soon discovered the no ice cream van but that didnt stop us onwards to Deal Beach Parlour
Rum and Raisins in cones all round. Next on to Sandwich were we had a cuppa from our favourite chippie then home via Westwood Cross shopping centre. The girls wanted some bits so Phil and I went into Phones direct. I never did get served and headed over to the o2 shop and spoke to Sophie she wrote all the details down for me so I could report back to Heather after all the phone will be hers I never use my mobile.
Dropped the others off at their house and Heather took the coast road home and just as we pulled up outside home Heather's phone goes. Its Wendy had she left her phone in our car. Back to there house but the first route was blocked by a closed road. So we went past Margate Football club, mut have been a big match there was cars everywhere. Delivered the phone  and came home in time to watch IN THE CLUB. Great Show. Margate FC won 3:1 against East Thurrock United come on you Blues

Sunday, 17 August 2014

I am broke part two

Hoodners Horses wander the streets

Apologies for any typos I am laying in bed again today. MS is  hilarious its one big bundle of fun. I live in Margate  on the Kent coast and once a year a neighbouring town Broadstairs holds a folk festival titled as Broadstairs  Folk Week it really is one of the hi-lites of the local calendar. Well Friday was the last day for this year and we went with some of the family and had a good mooch around the stalls and watched several different performers. I was pushed around in my wheelchair so not a strenuous pass time. But the following day I couldn't even get off the bed, Heather pulled me round and sat me up as usual but I had no strength and I hurt  all over and my joints were really painful. Yesterday was spent sleeping and taking painkillers watching a bit of football and more sleeping.
Today has not been a lot different I have been asleep all morning but I have just eaten plus a trip to the bathroom in the wheelchair so I must be on the mend I couldn't have done that yesterday. Talking to other PPMSer's there is nothing unusual in feeling awful after something out of the ordinairy. As I  said  I wasn't doing anything strenuous just sitting in  the wheelchair  but even different  thoughts wear you out  and I have had MS long enough to know I need to pace myself. I rest before we have visitors so I can keep  up with the conversation. If we go to  the supermarket I come home and  read  the paper and often have a  nap. We don't go  far nowadays the most  we do is go for a ride in the car an even then I often fall  asleep in the car.
much dancing and fun plus loads of music

Saturday, 16 August 2014

I am broken today

I tried to get up this morning but failed.Heather put me back to bed, I didn't actually get out of bed as I said I tried I failed.I watched a bit of football on BT sport but I am still in bed twelve hours later. I have got Match of the Day on and will soon be sleeping again. I assume I over did it yesterday but I do think I have an infection of some sort. My joints all hurt and I have been running a temperature. The footie has just about finished so sleep is on the cards.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Slow day for me

I woke late and stayed in bed. Heather was up and doing housework so kept me supplied with tea and coffee but I think she was secretly pleased I stayed in bed. Another no speaking phone call at 11:09 made me jump out of my skin in the few minutes from turning the television off at 11:00 I must have nodded of because I really did jump out of my skin. Heather finished her housework and got me up I had lunch and it started to rain. No that's not true it just started to tip down rain had nothing to do with it this was a deluge. Needless to say I didn't want to go with Heather to the shops I stayed at home and re-read Saturday's paper. We only buy one paper a week mainly to the television guide and it lasts all week. I am a little like that Simon and Garfunkel record I get all the news I need on the weather report!
Not actually true I am an avid watcher of the news it's just newspaper I dislike. I don't mind reading them it's buying them I dislike. News on television is much more instant but I can't stand the 24 news channels it's just on a continuous look repeated every fifteen minutes yawn! Don't get me wrong I like news but it belongs in its allotted slots lunchtime, early evening and ten o'clock. As a lat I used to listen to Jack Dimanio every morning on the home service radio I think it was before it became radio four. His voice was very BBC no breakfast television in those days. I can remember radio one starting with Tony Blackburn anyone remember Arnold his dog? He is on Twitter not Arnold Tony is, I tweet him some of my bad jokes and ask after Arnold when I remember. He usually tweets back does Tony.
Just got to bed having watched The Honourable Woman on yellow can't make head nor tale of it but next week's the last one and I am sure it will all be as clear as mud.
That's me done the painkillers have just kicked in so I am signing off. Nite work.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My Grandson and I

Number two daughters number two son had a hearing test in Canterbury today. Given he could have had the test done a few hundred yards away from where I am laying in bed writing this post when she said she must have been mad opting for it to be done in Canterbury I found myself in complete agreement. Never been the sharpest tack in the box that one yes the one with a degree!
Well Number one grandsons comes in shouting "hi grandad where are you" his hearing is awful it must tumb in the family. I was in bed still Heather leaves me there first thing and gets all the bits done before getting me up and showered. Well in he comes having tracked me down by a process of elimination if I wasn't in the bathroom or Heather' s bedroom I must be in my own bedroom. The spare room is full of junk and he never went in there but he did check the other two rooms. He came and sat with his grandad and explained the complexities of his new Pokemon cards drank my orange squash and asked me about football. Pretty much our normal conversation. I had to get showered so he went downstairs to play and then joined me when I was all done and dressed for breakfast. I had cereal he had toast and then we got down to discussing football. I looked up some stuff on the laptop for him and he plugged his earphones in to the iPod and I lost him after that all I got out of him was muffled laughter until he surfaced for food.
Bacon sandwiches for lunch and he took grandma into the garden to play footie. His brother phoned asking what did we want for lunch and his mum was disappointed that we had already eaten, it was one o'clock mind you. Well they eventually get back to us and much frivolity over their lunch.. All good things come to an end and as usual tears before bedtime they never want to go home but screaming and shouting they were dragged out and for once nothing was forgotten.. That was my day and jolly good it was too.

Home alone again

Daughter number two had daughter number ones son today and they all wanted to go to Wingham Wildlife park. It's like a Zoo and would be hard work with three boys in tow so Heather went along to keep control. I don't know why it is but she feels guilty for leaving me home alone. I personally love it. I get to watch what I want and most definitely I don't watch Escape to the Country. I was left with glasses of squash crisps biscuits a cool bag full of goodies plus a fruit bowl full of apple's some over ripe bannana' s and a whole container full of dried apricots, I love dried apricots. Off she went and I had two phone calls to check I was OK before they had even arrived at their destination. She does feel that guilty.
Well I was on my second visit to the food and the phone rings, it's that nice foreign girl the one who keeps calling about my Windows Computers. She is very nice for a con artist and I even turn the tellie down and get her to repeat her spiel all over again. When she had finished I asked her about this computer she says my Windows Computers I says the only Windows I have are for looking out of. She gets confused at this point and called me a nasty name and slams the phone down on me. She can't understand about uPvc Windows or maybe she is allergic to the roses I was describing to her the ones that I don't actually have but I was describing then in great detail to her. Anyhow I was now sitting here with no one to talk to and a need to go to the toilet. I have a catheter fitted and the bag was full to bursting point, so off I toddled crashed the electric wheelchair into my zimmer frame and up to the bathroom on my stairlift. I am just washing my hands and the phone rings again. I haven't been this popular since I got measles as a kid. Well I know full well I can't answer the phone we do have one upstairs but I can't rush with the zimmer, in fact I can't rush without it. I finish in the bathroom and halfway down on my stairlift the darn thing goes again.
Eventually I am back in my wheelchair and checking the phone. I don't recognise the number, it's a mobile number so quick as a flash I reckon it must have been Heather checking on my well being. I ring her and explain but no it's not her but as our son is on holiday it's probably him. I ring him and yes it was him and he is on his way with out his girlfriend he had rushed out of the house thinking that I must have fallen over or worse and did I fancy watching a DVD he will go back and get his girlfriend and they would be back in about half an hour. Yes it was funny him thinking I might have fallen over and no he had eaten he didn't want to share my picnic.
Disabled Don selfie

Disabled Don Blog Author
Funny old day and the DVD was a bit odd but Heather got home halfway through it enjoyed it I couldn't understand it. Still the Zoo had been fun and I got some cake. I wonder what's in store for me tomorrow?