Wednesday, 26 February 2014

C T Scanner for blood in urine

Well after giving a blood test to check I was OK to go in the scanner with dye in my blood and a couple of false starts this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed I stumped up at the QEQM for my CT Scan. I had to have a full bladder so loads of water was administered and then into the CT room. Transfer from wheelchair to laying down wasn't to hard as the laying down thing raises and lowers and then they popped a cannula in to insert the dye. Why they call it dye I have no idea cos it was clear liquid but dye they call it. The stuff is iodine based and feels warm as it goes in half at first them I was popped into the scanner  for about a minute then the other half a couple more minutes and all over. Wait about for a few minutes again cannula out and off home all in all an anticlimax. I have heard of people getting themselves in a stew of the scanner I have never suffered from nerves  so no can say but for me it was a simple procedure and lovely nurses 10 out of 10 for QEQM and its staff once again. I love our NHS.

CT Scanner

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

catheter and blood in urine

Best thing about my not so new (had over a year now) suprapubic catheter I don't get as many urine infections, one in 13 months. I used to get one every month with the normal urethral catheter, and they loved my MS. I really suffered mentally ( talking rubbish) bad tempered and physical muscular shut down my body used to go rigid. Urine infections send you loopy many people have no idea  they can be so nasty but urine infections are nasty, but for me hopefully a thing of the past. But I have had a couple of bleeds and waking up to a bag of blood red urine is alarming. Well it's my wife who it alarms I can't get out of bed unaided anymore so she finds it before me, seems it always bleeds overnight.
Well it's just another part of my wonderful multiple sclerosis I thought but I eventually gave in to my wife's demands and mentioned it to my doctor. So now six months later I am no nearer to knowing why I get blood in my wee despite camera's inside me scans all over me. I am now waiting for blood tests and a cat scan. I am not concerned but the brightest brains of the medical system want to know why my wee goes red and I feel duty bound to help them in this quest. Besides how many people get to see the inside of their bladder magnified to enormous. I might be making medical history but I very much doubt it. I will let you know the outcomes.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Feeling poorly

Been in bed all day asleep most of the day other than when Heather bought me tea's and coffee's. It is now 1:00 am and I am sitting up in bed whizzing round the world wide web. I have just finished an article about the word of mouse a phrase I first came across when reading an article on BIRDS ON THE BLOG I love some of their no nonsense stuff. I hope this is just a blip and not a further deterioration of my Multiple Sclerosis, I have been feeling rough for a few days but when I tried to get up earlier I failed and now I am awake I cant sleep. Just as well Heather and I sleep in seperate rooms or I wouldn't be typing this just laying here staring at the ceiling. Well sound like we are getting the wind and rain the weather forcasters have been promising maybe I should be glad I am in bed.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Electric Wheelchair

I am not getting much better at navigating my way from room to room. I have not driven a car in about twenty years and many of you will be thankful for that. The wheelchair is still taking lumps out of everything at ankle height and it is my fault, I am a rubbish driver! Still I have not done any real damage other than my pride has taken a knock. The electric wheelchair is making my life a lot better and when the weather warms up I will venture further afield.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Multiple Sclerosis and me 1

I  have a love hate relationship with my Multiple sclerosis it loves to mess with me and I hate it because it makes my life such a roller coaster. Take today I have always like the Saturday cooking shows on television and over the years I have gotten used to Saturday being a slow start. Today was no exception I laid in untill 12 then had a little nap which became a major sleep until 5:30. Then trying to summon the strength to get out of bed and cross the landing and take a shower was an absolute major effort. I managed it somehow, but what had started as a lazy day was fast becoming a fight for every baby step to cross the landing again to get dressed. Super human strength required to get back across landing and onto the stairlift to descend into the real world. It took two hours from getting out of bed to foot of the stairs. I had obviously overdone the resting because normally I can do it in around the hour mark. Why when I had taken the chance on a lazy day had it taken so long? The only reason can be my MS. I am sure given the chance it will kick back, remind you it's in charge and  don't dare forget it.
This may sound like I am moaning well I am but not about MS I am moaning about me. I know what happens when I change routine and yet I ignored the knowledge I have built-in over the years and just wanted to pamper myself with a lazy day. It's my fault. Had I got up as normal I am sure I would have had a normal day. But I ignored all the knowledge I have of my own condition and wanted to laze about to indulge myself. I knew it would come back and bite me but I went ahead any way. My own act of rebellion against my Lord and master my MS. It rules my very being my existence and as much as I can control it I know if I give an inch it will take the proverbial mile and today it did just that. Roll on tomorrow.