Monday, 24 March 2014

Been feeling rough

Its hard to put a finger on how I feel but I do not feel the full ticket. Yesterday we went to the youngest Grandsons birthday party. I struggled to get back in the car and my son had to come and get me out of the car and then pack me off to bed. My legs just wont work. I used to suffer a lot of UTI and the legs and in fact most of my body would not work. But I don't have a Urine infection at least I don't think I do, so why this sudden change. It has been the last few weeks and at least a day or so in bed because my body refuses to work, my joints will not cooperate they will not bend and hurt. I am going through lots of pain killers!
Maybe it is the weather? Maybe it is the increase in Tizanidine? I  tried going back to the previous dose but was just as bad. I dont have a clue or as my son says "You dont have a Scooby doo" he is right . Still the wife has just got back from the chemist and it is lunch time I am out of here.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Tizanidine stops play

I told you I have doubled the dose, well after taking them this morning I feel rubbish my head is a complete mush. I am laying in bed typing this  I seem OK laying down I think I will fall if I stand. Sleep is the answer.bfn.

Friday, 14 March 2014

sleeping all day again

There's darn tablets mess with my mind. I increased the dosage on my tizanidine and it creeps up and bites. I started taking an extra one on Wednesday and I have virtually been asleep ever since. I woke at six this morning was back asleep by eight had much, IN BED. Few visitors then slept unroll five o'clock. Showered and went downstairs. Ate watched a bit of telly and now back in bed. The tablets have made a difference, my movement has improved but unroll the rest of my body falls into line looks like I am a sleepy head. So other than some strange dreams nothing else to report on the life of a MS sufferer.I may not be awake Long enough to blog over the weekend so see you next week unless I find myself unable to sleep at 11:30pm tomorrow night. Have a good weekend hopefully  I will if I do manage to stop this sleeping bout.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Increased my Tizanidine

My movement and muscle spasms have got worse recently and seeing as I am on a low dose of Tizanidine I called my Doctor this morning and discussed upping the dose.  He has advised taking another tablet which I have just taken. I normally take them at night but he said try one during the day and now I remember now why I take them last thing at night I am beginning to feel sleepy and my mouth is going dry, how can such a small tablet cause you mouth to go so dry? Well with more Tizanidine in my system I will be bouncing around (I don't think so) my legs are not shaking but if  I have a quick nap now I will see what my legs are when I wake up. My wife has just gone in search of the Allen Key to tighten up the armrest on my wheelchair it has worked itself loose and when she checked it earlier it fell off in her hand so it is desperately in need of attention. I had to get out of the chair whilst she mended it so now she is not just a carer but a wheelchair mechanic to boot.
Well with my medications sorted my wheelchair mended I will be a new man but first before I make any transformationsI need some lunch and a short nap, see you in a few hours.

Yep three hours sleep and some food I am feeling better but after In the line of duty on TV it is now just after ten  so back to bed for me, its a hard life but someone's got to do it. Night be back tomorrow.

It is now tomorrow been awake since before 6am and turned the kindle on  at 6:30 played a few games of freefall before succumbing to blogging. I can't get out of bed without help so have to wait here. I had to much sleep or may be to much tizanidine in my system. I take a few days to adjust to medication changes so my money is on the tizanidine. Seven o'clock now going to read for a while. Bye.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Multiple Sclerosis and Me 2

I have to say I have Primary Progressive Multiple  Sclerosis and get no respite my condition is one which is a continuous downhill decline. Yes some days are better than others but even on good days I am no better than the previous medically but maybe mentally. I am not complaining just letting you know my MS doesn't give me a break it is there 24/7 everyday its not bad, but it is my life I am in a slow but very sure journey where stuff gets no better but it is all relative I have a high pain threshold but I do take lots of pain killers. I am cheerful but I take anti depressants my muscles spasm but a I take anti spasmodic medication. MS is a tenacious beast it is relentless but that just means you have to make the most of life. I try and be cheerful but sometimes I am unable to keep up the smiley face. Laughter is very good medicine and my glass is always half full. I have a very very good  wife who keeps me going life without her would be unbearable she is my rock. My kids are all great and look after me and keep me in cake and bacon sarnies. Work is a dim and distant memory I am in a wheelchair full time now but it does mean I can get around. I had to give up driving about ten years ago I was no longer safe behind the wheel.

I will continue this

so what is causing the blood in my urine?

I told you I would update you about the CT scan and the blood in my urine. Well I went to see the urologist yesterday and nothing showed up on either the endoscopy examination' s  or the CT scan. I am not bothered by the blood in my urine but the specialist is very thorough and wants to see me again in 16 weeks. I don't think it can be bladder cancer not after all the tests and camera's so I am not overly concerned, but at the same time it is always in the back of my mind. I was both mentally and physically exhausted when I did get home yesterday and I am writing this on my Kindle in bed. I know my Multiple Sclerosis has made me a physical wreck but all these extra worries wears me down and I need to rest more after the excitement of a trip out.
 I have a supra pubic catheter fitted and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I started out self catheterising  hut eventually had a urethral catheter fitted. No more keeping an eye out for the nearest loo or wet pants and rushing home to shower and change. I kept getting urine infections and they can be very debilitating. I have been known to be unable to bend my legs and had them sticking out in front of me in a wheelchair, also talking nonsense complete jibber jabber. My wife knows when I am going down with a urine infection because I get argumentative and cantankerous. A course of antibiotics can free you of a urine infection but for me with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis I often end up in bed for days before feeling better.
All in all the urinary tract can cause all sorts of problems, if you don't drink enough your bowels are affected but that is another story that I will share on another day. I am off in search of coffee and cake I am sure there is a slice of Victoria Sponge sitting in the cake tin quivering, hiding away from me.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Confined to bedroom

Karndean Knight Tile Classic Limed Oak KP97 Vinyl Flooring
Karndean Knight Tile
Yep I am confined to barracks but not because of my health but decorating. Well maybe not decorating but a new floor. I have been ripping up the carpets downstairs the new electric wheelchair has caused the carpet to come up and we are replacing it with new Vinyl tiles. The floors have been covered in plywood boards and tiles go down Monday. So for this weekend our front room is a furniture depository and the rest of the downstairs a building site but come next week all will be be back to normal.

Friday, 7 March 2014

I dont bounce when I take a fall but no ambulance this time

I ended up on the floor on Sunday not a huge tumble, I have had far worse but once down I could not get back up. Heather was in the shower and all I had wanted to do was reach the TV remote. How stupid was I? I got down there but every time I tried to get up my joints were shouting don't do it and they really hurt. Muscles I used to use all the time were screaming in agony. After 15 minutes of struggling and me getting weaker and weaker we gave up and called our 6 foot 2 inch son. He was just about to order food in Nando's and  had just been told there was no calamari when he took the call and looked the waiter in the eye and said "we are leaving" no doubt the waiter thought the lack of calamari was the reason, his girlfriend certainly did until she got outside. Once home he soon got me back in the wheelchair and from there back upstairs and into bed.
 They obviously hadn't eaten so take out Chinese was the ideal answer, I always make a mess my hands shake and add the fact I was laying in bed didn't help. My quilt cover had all sorts of food stains by the time I emptied my bowl but the food was delicious and Heather is used to me making a mess every time I eat, it is one of the reasons why we don't eat in restaurants anymore. My MS has a lot to answer for, people think we are being funny when they invite us to join them at restaurants but I make enough mess in my own house and don't feel I can inflict my mess on to the world at large. After eating and dosed up with pain killers I slept soundly. Monday I stayed in bed until late afternoon sleeping almost continuously. I find any form of trauma my body shuts down and all I do is sleep so I go with my body after all sleep is the best medicine or so they say. I have  no bruises yet but they never show up until I have forgotten how I could have got them. The one exception to this is last week when having my scan the nurse missed a vein that had a bruise later that day and now a week or so later its blue yellow and even green.
So the continuous round of fun and games goes on Multiple Sclerosis is a fantastic friend it keeps on trying to be in charge BUT I WONT LET IT.

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