Thursday, 17 April 2014

Indigestion and Heartburn

I have always suffered with indigestion both my brothers and my sister do as well. I remember my dad always sucked Rennies so he suffered as well. I find pastry the worst offender and at 1:00 am. last night I had to shout the wife to administer some Gaviscon. I cant get up unaided so normally we put a selection of pills and potions that I may need during the night on the bedside cabinet but last night we were later to bed and it got missed. I have Lansoprazole on prescription which keeps me on an even keel regarding Refux but just sometimes I get caught out and need to chew a gaviscon. I use the tablets and we never go out without a tube of the tablets secreted in Heathers handbag. Indigestion can and will stike at anytime so my advice is don't suffer go and see your GP their is stuff out there to help make your life better and Quality of life is what we all want to achieve. So this may not be the Multiple Sclerosis making me uncomfortable but my MS was to blame for me being unable to get out of bed last night so guess where I am laying the blame.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

one day out payed for it today

Been in bed all day, but looking on the bright side we did go out yesterday. Classic Multiple Sclerosis good days and bad days. Let's just hope that tomorrow is a good day I don't want to many like today. I have been asleep nearly all day and am unable to transfer to the wheelchair, it took over 30minutes to get me onto it my wife is knackered as am I. Signing off now I must try and get some sleep.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Talked to Doctor today

I have been trying to tweak my medication recently and have failed (story of my life) so I bit the bullet and phoned my GP. I get on well with my doctor so when he called me back and we had our obligatory chat about football we got down to business and where I have been suffering the side effects of the tampering with my medications is hopefully a thing of the past. He has prescribed a different tablet for the biggest problem. and a couple more tweaks and some jollop. Technical terms evade me so jollop sound good. My wife is just returning from the surgery with the prescription for the jollop and some goodies from Tesco for our daugthers birthday tomorrow.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Sahara Dust Pollution can it cause earache? Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Sahara Dust Pollution has been blamed for all manner of ills this last week. When I woke up this morning my earache had gone but the general area including my cheek was numb to the touch. When I mentioned this to my wife she immediatley said that will be the Sahara dust! Well I am sceptical and wondered what you guys think? I know people with asma and breathing problems have been advised to stay indoors but to the best of my knowledge the whole population has two earsand nobody has been advising anyone with ears to stay indoors. I am sure I would have heard that one. My brother in law has Emphysema which comes under the umberella of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and I know he will have been staying indoors because when the air quality is good he has trouble walking to the end of his road without stopping to catch his breath. My two brothers are worried about COPD because the used to work with Asbestos, they were both Industrial roofers and Asbestos sheets were widly used when they started out. It later changed to metal profiled sheeting but Asbestos is a killer and touch wood they both seem to bwe OK.
    I just checked on the Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPDNHS website and one of the first things it says is dont go outside when air quality is at risk of irritating the condition. It also goes on to list other things that can upset your lungs, things like dusty conditions car and lorry exhaust fumes and one that I had never considered air freshener sprays or plug-ins I know myself sometimes I find the smell from them a bit over powering, and things like cleaning chemicals and sprays. I know recently my wife changed the toilet cleaner / bleach and it caused me to open windows and moan about its effects on the house. Another one I hadn't considered was hairspray I know how that stuff stinks bit when you think about it you spry that stuff and breathe it in and it is really just airborne glue. No wonder they warn you not to go near it.
I suffer from Sleep Apnea which causes my throat to close up when I am breathing whilst asleep. It was happening 32  times an hour and it caused me to break my sleep and I wasnt getting the quality sleep I needed and was always feeling tired. I know have a mask which I pop on before going to sleep. it is connected to a pump which blows air up my nose and keeps the airways open. Brilliant bit of kit. I no longer wake up tired and very rarely sleep in the afternoons anymore. Go to NHS Choices homepage

Friday, 4 April 2014

Earache stops me in my tracks

I sat at the back window today watching the birds feed from the feeders and a pair of Blue Tits go in and out of one of the nest boxes on the front of the garage, my wife Heather was playing on the floor with one of our grandchildren. All in all a fine day. Then it struck, out of the blue, no warning no signs. BAM nothing and then a pain behind my left ear. Not in my ear but in the spot behind my ear that at first I put it down to my neck. The pain was severe I am no whoose and have a very high pain threshold but even I said it hurts.I massaged my neck, sometime ago I had read an article somewhere about ME being caused or not helped by restrictions on the vein to the brain that runs up there.
Me being in such pain I got a couple of Codipar tablets and after a while the pain had gone but I was all shaky. The best place for me was to be in bed. So grandson was left to fend for himself for a few minutes while my wife helped me get into bed. I put my C.A.P. mask on because I needed good quality sleep and I don't remember going to sleep but I must have gone straight off because I didn't hear our daughter collect her son or visitors arrive and leave. The next thing I remember is my wife popping her head round the door some four hours later offering tea. I drunk my tea and read a couple of chapters of my book before daring to surface. After more Codipar and dinner I sat in my wheelchair watching a bit of TV when the pain migrated, it became full blown earache. I had been worrying I might have narrowing of the arteries to my brain or a blood clot moving up to give me a stroke. Can you imagine the sheer relief I got from knowing I wasn't going to suffer brain damage or my MS was going to cut the blood supply to my tiny brain.
I am now back in bed rates and cotton wool in the offending orifice and feeling relieved I am in pain from a simple ear infection. Good night.

Prescription time again online

I do my prescriptions online our doctor has an online service for booking appointments (I never use this) and I can order repeat midications. These are them sent to the chemist and a few days after logging on we go and collect our order. I find this much easier as the alternative of filling in the repeat  forms and going to  the doctors with it and then going back a few days late and then queueing in the chemist and waiting for the script to be done is a real chore. All we have to do is turn on the pooter (thats the name I give to our computer) sign in click a few boxes and sign out. The chemist would even deliver the order to the house if I checked that box. I find this to be the easiest way for me to do repeat midication and would recomend it to everyone. The reason I do not do online appointments is because I only ever do telephone consultations with my doctor, most of my problems can be sorted over the phone and if he wants to see me I get to have some imput as to when I am going to have to get to the surgery, being wheelchair bound my doctor is flexible, well more flexible than the receptionists. I love our NHS and my MS love it to, it keeps finding new ways to test the system.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

feel awake today

Maybe the Tizanidine is bedding in? Today is the first day that I actually feel awake. The tizanidine makes my mouth so dry and then my head needs sleep but today it's all change. No dry mouth and only a slight sleepiness. I do suffer from reflux and take lots of tablets for it and now need some gavescon to keep the cup of tea I drank earlier down, my body is falling apart! For someone who was invincible in a younger life I an now a broken wreck, a shell of my former life. I can't even get to the next room to answer the phone. So I am feeling sorry for myself this morning? Yep I am Multiple Sclerosis really sucks and today it has got to me. The radio is on and I cannot cross the room to turn it off and because I can't I now really find its endless happiness really annoying. Hmmmm.