Thursday, 31 July 2014

In bed again Gabapentin fail

Well after such high hopes I have decided to come off the Gabapentin tablets. They made feel worse, I was making it across the landing with my zimmer but for the last week Heather has been pushing me across in the wheelchair. Trouble is that I need to wean myself off them and today my body didn't want to play. I was wide awake at 4:00am. and fast asleep when Heather came in to get me up. She went back to bed for an hour but I took my medications when she came back into me and promptly went back to sleep. She has gone to the beach hut with the grandchildren so I cant get up until she comes back so I am here in bed typing this jut as well she left me the laptop doing these posts on the kindle is very hard mind you I must remember to take my thumb off the kepboard when geting comfortable!
I phoned the MS nurse at the Clinic yesterday and she had a quick word with the Neuro and he said come off them and he will write for trials with a Baclofen pump. Scary but what have I got to loose my quality of life is rubbish now and this new Neuro is keen to explore all avenues of possibility. I scared myself by looking up pictures of Baclofen Pump on google and unfortunately the first image I saw was of open surgery on the spine. But now I have seen picture of young children with the pump fitted and I am feeling fine about it. I will be on the list to go to London for a trial to  see if it will be of any benefit to me. Here's to hoping.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

I played football last night !!!

Well I sat in the wheelchair in goal and they kicked balls at me is the truth of the matter but my grandsons wanted Grand Dad to be part of the game and I was. I must admit the only goals I saved were ones that hit me rather than I stopped and even a few of those that did hit me instead of bouncing back out rolled into the goal. I must qualify for the worstest goal keeper in Thanet. It was good fun and not to many injuries but one of the adults did get a severe bruise to her shin NASTY severes here right for picking on 24 year olds.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Don' s slip sliding away again

This track is particularly relevant to me today. Here is the story to keep you in the loop, it all started last night well that is if you don't want me to start 20 odd years ago when I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I had been watching the TV and enjoying seeing Hive alive anyone who knows me will tell you I love Bees and I love honey as much as Winnie-the-Pooh. Well I wanted a shower so Heather helped me get ready and I was all set and stripped off and got myself all wet and lathered up with Dove Soap, even disabled people need to keep their skin looking good. Well there I was looking like a snow man made of soap suds standing in the shower and my legs decided they ain't playing anymore! Grabbing the handrail and lowering myself onto the seat was my first mistake when you have got soap all over your bum sitting down in the shower just isn't the best of ideas. Sliding off the seat faster than Usain Bolt in the 100 meters and the shower pouring water on me at full pelt I grabbed at anything and managed to stop ending up on the floor by wedging myself diagonally against the bathroom floor cabinet and the seat and the wall and at the same time screaming for Heather to come quick and rescue me. All this time adrenalin fuelled my body and I went as weak as a lamb. I used to be as strong as an ox but the ox has gone to the farmyard and been replaced by this soft fluffy lamb. Heather had the bright idea of putting the zimmer in front of me and somehow we got me back onto the seat after a few slips (remember I still had a soapy bum) When I was eventually safe and sound I did manage the two or three steps to my stool and I sat at the basin and had a shave. Now crossing the landing to my bedroom was never going to happen so wheelchair was the answer. I eventually got to bed and took some painkillers then to sleep. Well that is why this post is called slip sliding away I hope your day was better than mine.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hospital appointment and a picnic

Well I had what I thought was an appointment with the MS nurse at Canterbury hospital booked for eleven thirty this morning. Usual story no parking spaces driving round and round. We eventually got in with fifteen minutes to spare. To cut a long story short it was a mix up and we didn't need to be there. We got a future appointment sorted and got out and back in the car just before one o'clock. Just as well that Heather had packed a picnic. The car was red hot sitting in direct sunshine on what was the hottest day of the year so we decided to head off to the woods.
We are lucky to live close so many National Nature Reserves NNR' s and we settled on a visit to the one at Stodmarsh. Last time I wrote about the one at Blean Woods but Stodmarsh has several lakes and  a couple of hides from which you can spot birds in relative comfort. Well we headed off towards Fordwich the smallest town in England being granted Merchant Guild status nearly a thousand years ago at that time it was a port on the river Stour. We headed through the narrow streets and eventually ended up in the village of Stodmarsh followed the Brown Nature reserve sign to the car park
english nature road sign

Stodmarsh Road sign
Once we had safely decamped, had a chat with one of the locals and loaded the picnic onto my lap we headed into the wilds. Fighting our way through the overhanging reeds and avoiding th stinging nettles we crossed two bridges over streams and came accross our first dilema left down there or right up there?? We eventually turned right after a stone paper scissors decision and sat ourselves on a nice wooden bench engraved in memory of someones dad.
Heather made me a coffee as she had all the makings for tea or coffee and a flask of boiling water in the wicker picnic basket. Also prawn and salmon sarnies made by Tesco's  fair hand.We spent a pleasant hour and a half in the shade before heading back to the car park. Once again I struck up conversation with the locals, just as well because once again the car was red hot and Heather opened all the doors and let it called down while I heard about the youth of today and obviously threw in my two pennyworth. We headed home and anyone wondering why I have finished off the pictures with a shot of honeysuckle in my backyard. Heather takes pictures of the garden flowers for me because I am unable to get down the steps and into the garden.
Me eating and pondering the meaning of life

another sign

a bit of a sign

Honeysuckle in my back garden

Saturday, 5 July 2014

More Fish and Chips and a walk at Sandwich and an escape from the Bears

sign  telling us not to touch the bear traps
the Quay at Sandwich
sloes ideal for adding to gin
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shadows but beware there cracks

felt mats where bears live

Big Boat

view from walk across the river

empty bin

Pretty Flowwer
 I just thought I would tell you about last nights fish supper. It had been a hot no a very hot day and I had been in bed until one o'clock these new Gabapentin tablets have knocked me sideways today is a little better I was able to get up just before ten. Maybe my system is getting used to them but each time I increase the dose I sleep for England for a few days. Our mates Wendy and Phil phoned and said did we fancy fish and chips somewhere. I have never heard such a stupid question, they should have said where are we having fish and chips. Just as well the phoned and booked us early because we had a further two invites one for a barbecue and another for an evening walk.
Well we ended up at Sandwich and parked in the newly refurbished car park. The others got the wheelchair out for me and I was pushed up the new slopes and onto the riverside walk. There is a sign that they run river trips from by the bridge but we were far to late for any of those as it was now past seven o'clock. The girls went to the fish and chip shop and Phil and I picked an empty seat and we set about using up the film in my old TLR camera. I had also taken my point and shoot so when Heather is able to get it for me I will post some photos from the walk we had after we had eaten. By now Heather and Wendy returned with boxes of goodies for us to eat and we were joined by a couple of female Mallard ducks who ate any scraps. After we had finished locating a rubbish bin was a bit of a chore. All the bins near the Quay were full to overflowing but we intended taking a walk along the river and the bins further along were more accommodating in fact the one furthest away was virtually empty I even to a photo of it intending to send it to Dover council suggesting they install a couple more bins where they are needed so the rubbish doesn't end up all over their car park.
Anyone who is in the area I can recomend the walk along the river and it goes over a small bridge and follows the river route but you are a couple of hundred yard from the actuall river. We have done this walk several times before and last night it was a nice cooling end to what had been a hot day. Along the walk someone was doing a nature survey and litte squares of felt had been placed on the grass and we made lots of jokes about what was under them starting with saying they were for slow worms then adders boa constrictors  and anacondaurs and then the conversations  got silly. They  were bear traps eventually and I was  safe in the wheelchair as I was safe but the others had to mind out for the cracks because standing on one obviously ment being consumed by the giant bears hiding under those darned squares of felt.
We all managed to get back to the car safely, no one was eaten by the bears or squashed by snakes but if you wander along the river path at Sandwich beware of the bears.