Sunday, 26 October 2014

Odd sort of day

Woke up as usual when Heather started moving around in her room. She made tea, we have a kettle in my room and each night bring a tray complete with teapot cups etc up to the bedroom ready for our morning cuppa. When I was working I always made Heather tea in bed every morning. As my MS made me unsteady carrying things I used to make tea on the floor in our bedroom. Now I can't get out of bed unaided Heather has taken over the task. Back to today, I didn't want to wake up so decided to sleep in and sleep I did not waking unroll after 12:30 in time to watch Man City v West Ham on BT Sport in bed. I thought it would be safer staying in bed because Heather was meeting some mates for coffee.
I don't know how I can sleep for nine hours yet wake up feeling absolutely knackered. My MS causes me to be fatigued but I couldn't keep my eyes open. Usually this happens if I have been out shopping or done something the day before. Not this time, I ever had a nap yesterday afternoon! Over the years we have made my life as stress free and easy as possible, ie the tray for morning tea and loads of other adaptations to make managing my MS as easy for ourselves as easy as possible. Anyone in a similar situation would do the same, if I over exert myself I know there will be a price to pay. That's fine if we know I have friends coming I sleep before they arrive, if we go out for the Day I sleep in the following day. Then you get a day which for reasons known only to itself it comes along and bites me on the bum. I say it is the MS 're establishing its control over my body. Whatever the reason for me sleeping all day I hope it was just the one day, as nice as it may sound I don't like spending that long in bed. I know I can't do much but if I am up and out of bed I feel human.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunshine affective disorder

SAD or seasonal affective disorder or am I depressed? I don't like the hot weather I don't like the cold weather, it sounds like a weather related version of the three bears! I know that I have not been the full ticket for a few weeks but today I feel like crap. My bowels are a mess and have been for weeks not really bad but bad enough to make me not want to go far, I feel safe at home. I have got some pins and needles back. Pins and needles were a big part in my diagnosis twenty years ago and the return has me slightly worried, then there is the Baclofen pump tests in a few weeks time. I feel like my head wants to explode. I am laying in bed and my guts are gurgling, my whole body is falling apart. I had my ankles crossed in bed this morning and couldn't untangle them, that really confused me I even had a real sense of panic when it happened!
I put these dilemma down to SAD. Well I am pee'd off maybe border line manic depressive or most likely what is going one is I am feeling sorry for myself. Self pity ain't normally my thing but maybe if I wallow around feeling sorry for myself for a while I can make myself really depressed then I can talk about the old days and how much better they were with a sense of real authority. NIGHT FOLKS I am just off to practice crying myself to sleep. CYA all tomorrow.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Nutribullet tastes good looks awful

My son has just turned up, its his day off and he has come to visit his mum and dad. Ahhh, plus we recorded Peaky Blinders last night he loves that. He has bought a mug of his nutribullet drink with him for Heather and I to try. Kiwi fruit strawberry spring green and black grapes all blended together looks awfully like baby food. It tastes great but as they say you eat with your eyes and the same must hold true for healthy protein drinks..
It's  one way of getting your five a day. I know I am an old fudie duddie and new things should be embraced but I am sticking to eating my food not drinking it.

Monday, 13 October 2014

I am stuffed

It is my birthday. I arrived here on planet earth fifty nine years ago today. A my brother reminded me I was delivered the same day as the tractor. My dad was a farmer just a small farm just outside Faversham from which my dad run some cattle floats kept some sheep and a bit of arable land. Nothing big but it was home for me and the rest of the family. Today nearly fifty years after my parents death I was surrounded by my own family. My wonderful wife Heather our daughters and our son my son in law and our sons partner plus our three grandsons.
It is traditional to have takeaway and the local Chinese done us proud and we even had some fortune cookies thrown in which the kids delighted in. No one went hungry and we even demolished the fruit coders Heather had purchased. After everyone  had gone and Heather tidied the last bits away I phoned my sister. Unlike my brother she remembers me being there when she got home from school, all he remembers is the Field Marshall tractor but he did say I have lasted longer than the tractor that sold for twenty pounds in 1966 to the scrap man. Maybe I will be next to be scrapped, I doubt I would be worth twenty quid.
I have had a great day. Good night fellow bloggers.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Why is exercise so hard to do?

When I finally manage to get my sorry butt out of bed, washed and dressed plus in a fit state to face the rigors of the Day I always reckon I am going to be better today than I was yesterday. I am kidding myself but I always think I will have at least a wander round the living room or down the hall with my zimmer. Do a few squats or dig out the weights and sit in the wheelchair and lift the medium weighted ones fifty times over my head. Who am I kidding? Not you, I know you would love for me to throw away my zimmer and run bare foot down the road and thrice round the park.
I could have done that once twenty five years or so ago. But now I have trouble lifting my slippered foot for more than a dozen steps a cross the landing. I don't pick up the weights because I will be a physical wreck if I try and achieve more than a very few lifts. In my head I could do all these tasks but in reality I can do little more than imagine. My brain is the one muscle that keeps on working, nowhere near as good as it once did but it's much better than the rest of my body. But there is always tomorrow maybe I will feel better tomorrow. I am the eternal optimist . But for now I need my beauty sleep in preparation for tomorrow. Night folks.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Watching gymnastics on telly

I never was any good at gymnastics at school and apart from running once I finished education I gave up on sport. As a dad I have played all manner of energetic games with my kids but watching these young girls flipping and cavorting around makes me envious. I have enough trouble crossing the room in a wheelchair let alone bouncing off a springbard or balancing on a beam. Excersise is essential but I have to limit myself or I get even more fatigued than normal. I do try and do some moves before I get out of bed in the morning, stretches and leg lifts etc. We also have a large excersise ball which Heather puts my ancles on and I do bridges and then she the ball towards my bum moving my legs up towards my chest. We did ten of each of the bridges and ball rolls and this morning I could hardly stand but yesterday I was fine.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Flu jab and blood test.

Early morning phone calls, well this one wasn't that early but Heather was rushing round. We had both gone to bed knowing the car was booked into the garage for its MOT. Yep when the alarm went off we both forgot all about MOT and cars and then when the nurse called with her early morning phone call to ask did I want my flu jab when she called to do my blood test Heather remembered the car the MOT and she went into panic mode. Now to add to the panic I had to be up washed and dressed in case the nurse before she managed to get back. Full blown panic mode did get me downstairs and sitting in the wheelchair waiting for the nurse.
The above confused paragraph combats in no way the panic here yesterday but it all panned well in the end, I had my flu jab plus the blood test, the car got its MOT plus a service and Heather walked home before the nurse arrived to suck blood and infect me with flu. All worked out well in the end.
I did have a while when I refused the flu jab but have embraced it whole heartedly for the last five years or so, can you imagine me with full blown flu. An image I would find unattractive in someone else let alone myself. We are back to normal today and I had a lesuirely start to the day, Homes under the Hammer in bed. It took me back one of the properties was Faversham Youth Club, I almost lost an eye in that building playing darts and I can remember watching the Beatles on Top of the Pops there. Happy memories. Heather has just gone shopping and I am finishing this post off. The GP has just called my inflamation levels in my blood are down so hopefully I will continue to improve. Marvelous service took my blood yesterday and results 24 hours later, once again first class service from the National Health Service. NHS your good.