Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Todays been good

We woke very early today. Heather came in at 5:30 explaining the time on her clock said 6:30 and after I explained where the big hand was and the little hand etc. She gave up made tea and climbed into bed with me moaning about the lack of sleep. We had both been disturbed by a beeping from the fire alarm, it decided 2:15AM. was the best time to remind us it's battery needed changing. So that accounts for Heather' s inability to tell the time. She had to get up early to take Grandson number two through to school. His mum needed to be to work early she works for a sign makers and had been involved in the signs for the new Sainsbury store opening at Westwood Cross shopping centre in Broadstairs. She had an invitation to meet and great and needed to be there early. WELL that all went according to plan. But the next bit was made up on the cuff.
Friends have been staying and they along with Heather and daughter number two, the mum of grandsons one and three  we're meeting up for coffee. I was due to stay at home I hate shopping centres and coffee shops. All change Grandson number one was off school so instead of the coffee shop she was at home and had to deliver him down to us when she had to go to work at 12:00. Are you paying attention? I now had my planned peace shattered. But Grandson number one was poorly he sat in my rise and recline chair ate his packed lunch never said much as I sat in the wheelchair snoozing. He went home when his mum finished work. Our friends called round and we had a fish and chip tea and watched sloppy Christmas movies WHY DO THEY MAKE ME CRY.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A Mothers Work is never done Cat and Kittens on a slide


Sunday, 16 November 2014

Fed up but why? I am depressed.

I am feeling sorry for myself, Fed up and blue. I have been feeling crap for a couple of months. I had a spell in bed but now I am up and pretty much back to how I was before the bout in bed  but not quiet there. I feel pissed off. I don't pick up the camera I don't listen to music I do watch I bit of TV. But it's not enough to cheer me up. We had Kentucky fried chicken last night over looking the harbour at broadstairs, I know it was dark but I did not once look up to see the view. I can't get excited about anything I am feeling sad and blue. I am already on antidepressants so don't fancy calling the GP but I don't want to be like this. Hmmm decisions decisions decisions.
I wrote the above paragraph over a week ago. It has taken me over three weeks but I have finally got round to calling the doctor. I actually saw her yesterday. She came out to see me knowing how difficult it is for me it makes it easier for all concerned and she gets a cup of Heathers tea. Win win all round. I have been feeling depressed about going to Kings hospital to see the specialist about having a Baclofen pump fitted. It's a scary operation fitting the pump under the skin on my chest and a tube to the spine to deliver the drugs direct into my spinal cord. As I said a scary operation. I am worried and this in turn has developed into depression.
They do say a trouble shared is a trouble shaved. Well whoever said it wasn't worrying about having spinal surgery miles from home. I know I am a whimp, I used to be a rufty tuffty builder but nowadays I cry a adverts on television and whilst I use man sized tissues I cry like a baby at the soppy Christmas movies on TV.  My doctor has upped the antidepressants I am on and over night has written a list of questions that I should ask next week. I feel a bit better having got round to admitting that I am depressed but have spent most of today asleep. I don't know if that's the relief of owning up that I am worried or if the increased dose of tablets that has made me sleepy but I am exhausted and in bed typing this on my kindle so excuse any typos please. I put them down to predictive text not my atrocious grammar and grasp of the English language.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Indigestion and heartburn plus reflux

I have had indigestion problems for years, as a boy I remember that my dad always had Renies in his waistcoat pocket so maybe it is hereditary. I know my siblings suffer as well, two of them have hiatus hernia' s. Some bay's I don't have any problems. I take medication when I get up and I am fine all day. Other days same medications and I suffer reflux and really painful heartburn. I mean painful. I have tried all sorts and the redux is awful dinner or even just a glass of squash back up into my mouth. I used to chew Gaviscon tablets, in fact I am about to take some as I type this up. My gut is gurgling away and soon my evening meal will be coming back to say hello. I am laying in bed writing this, sometimes going from sitting to laying down can trigger a reflux action but tonight I have been here nearly two hours and I always have a glass of squash and a mouthful has set my gut into a symphony of strange noises. I just had a mouthful of gavison liquid and it has styled down.
I am fed up with the status quo so tomorrow I aim for a telephone consultation with the doctor. There must be a way to cut this down to size.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

I am disabled and wheelchair bound

All this nonsense about what to call disabled people has made me smile. It must be the silly season and the newspapers have a shortage of real news. I am disabled and I am confined to a wheelchair. End of as far as I am concerned people can call me what they want other than scrounger. Lots of disabled people have been given a hard time by idiots who may be able bodied in all departments other than sense. But I am not referring to those idiots but another bunch of idiots both disabled and able bodied ie. none disabled people. They have been noisily debating what they should call people who unfortunately are not able bodied. Should they refer to disabled people as handicapped? or less abled the list of stupidity goes on and other than filling column inches for journalists I can see no benefits to the debate. I am disabled and as far as I am concerned call me anything you like.