Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year's resolutions put on weight

Well now it's official that you can be classified as disabled for being a Billie Bunter I am making it my aim to put on weight. I am already in a wheelchair and unable to walk so I don't think it will take much to tip me over. I am already the heaviest I have ever been but that's due to the inability to walk anymore. I used to run everywhere and for years until I gave up work I always tipped the scales at below ten stone. In near on twenty years I have put on three stone and as I said I have never been heavier. But now I can become double disabled I think I should go for it. Do you get extra benefits for being lardy? Maybe I can qualify for extra to buy more food.
I could get diabetes and become more of a burden on the NHS maybe get the hospital to amputate my legs if the diabetes gets bad enough. I don't need them they don't work anyhow.
How can people who can't say no be classed as disabled. The eurocrats who want to class being fat as a disability are mad. It takes away the urgency our NHS faces with the obesity problem. In one stroke it legitimizes being fat. People will reguard eating junk food as an illness. I am not fat I am addicted to pizza will be the cry of the people who don't want to get the pounds off. Please if you read this have the guts to tell people they need to eat better and look after themselves better. 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New Years Eve in Margate, 2015 Election and pessimism

I have been blogging on my Promote Thanet Blog about places to go on New Years Eve. Personally I will be tucked up in bed as usual but with one exception. I shall have a glass of whisky to toast the New Year in and wash away the taste of 2014. My days of going out in the crowds are over, at nearly sixty years old I am pleased to see another year but I know very little will change even though we have the General Election looming large on the horizon. I have just been reading an article about Politics being run by predominantly straight white men. It is almost 100 years since women first got the vote so if in that time we have had very little change you can bet we ain't going to get any change next year other than more testosterone filled men talking about change.

Ballot box
Very little will change next year so enjoy your few hours of fun, I can remember back as a much younger man/boy I went to Trafalgar Square and got into the fountains life looked so exciting then, but now as 2015 nears and I have seen over forty New Years since that soaking I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR
Forgive me if I don't get excited but I have been around for near on sixty years and each year comes and goes but very little changes, My New Year Resolution is to be less pessimistic. HOW AM I DO SO FAR ???

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Watching MOTD in bed

After the last few exhausting days I am in bed watching match of the Day. I am barely able to keep my eyes open  but I must see the end and find out where teams are in the league. I know I could have a look online but I am only blogging cos Chelsea are on. (I dont like Chelsea) Going now because Hull are playing Leicester. Bye

Saturday, 27 December 2014

I dream that I can walk

I sleep an awful lot which is great, it passes the time. I don't have to find something to fill that time, but while I am sleeping I dream. Sometimes in black and white and sometimes it's in colour.I don't know if there is any relevance to dreaming in colour but I thought I should mention it. People have said I dream because of the medication I am on, I don't believe that. My medication have changed over the years but my dreams are constant. I can't remember the time before Multiple Sclerosis but I expect I was a dreamer even then. In my dreams I am never disabled, always able to walk and run or even on a bike. I find it odd that I never dream about the wheelchair or my scooter. And I am always young. About thirty I would guess, not  that I remember being thirty.
Another odd thing is the people in my dreams are often from the present very rarely from the time I would have been thirty. I don't know why I even prompted myself to write this down, it's not something I am concerned about, I just find it odd. Some people say your dreams can tell you about yourself. I don't hold with that. I just think dreams are sleeps way of filling in the time. A bit like me when asleep reading the paper or a book, something to while away the time. I am writing this in bed  just before sleep so if anything changes over night I will let you know but I must say nite NITE now as I am yawning my head of.

Friday, 19 December 2014

choosing a new disability scooter

I am at the beginning of a journey that will end up with me as the proud owner of a new disability scooter. It will be new as in brand new because our old next door neighbour but one has had tremendous trouble with a second hand one he purchased from a disability shop and it cost him more than a brand new one in the end. I am not going to have that hassle. I already have a scooter a Shoprider and it is bashed and battered and I need one with wheels in each corner, my present one has two wheels at the front but they are about six inches apart and I have grown steadily more unsure on it, I expect it's an age thing. Plus it is well used and the once firm ride is saggy as bolts have grown oval in there holes what was once a firm chassis is now like riding on a wallowing ship. I just don't feel comfortable on it anymore.
So after fourteen years I am researching a new scooter. I will be buying online, the last one came via courier, TNT I think delivered it and deposited into our hallway. Huge great cardboard box delivered from Manchester to Margate and I hadn't even paid for it, I doubt that will happen again I sent the cheque after I had received it. Different more trusting world back then. Well came after Christmas I am going to start looking around but I won't be buying until I have been into hospital and had my surgery for the baclofen pump. Wish me like.

Visit from GP

I just had a visit from my GP. She had said after her last visit she would phone and catch up after my visit to Kings and find out about the Baclofen Pump. Well she never phoned and then today just as Heather was getting ready to go see the grandson at his carol service the phone goes  and as soon as the Doc is here. She is lovely and she came and sat with me on what turned out to be he day off. Not that she minded we talked about my bout of depression and the pump the trip to Kings her kids and my kids and we put the world to rights, it was wonderful. She had warned it would only be a twenty minute visit but it lasted over half an hour she had to go as her dog would be crossing its legs at home and she had been longer at the surgery than she had thought and now spent more time with me, I hope the dog was OK.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pain what is pain

A couple of time lately I have been asked where do I hurt and my reply in the lounge and the kitchen plus the bedroom has been met with the derision it deserves. Pain to me is hitting your thumb with a hammer, or once I had my leg in plaster and I fell down the stairs, now that really did hurt. But most days yes I hurt but it ain't nothing to write home about. Pain is relative in my opinion if you know it is not going to be around long it can be regarded as temporary and in that case ignored. It could be the same degree of pain but it ain't going anywhere then you need to do something to remove it from your life, restore the equilibrium even if that equilibrium is just a lesser degree of pain. I like pain killers and if I am in pain, not the default level but the area when I think this hurts I take them but if I took them all the time I doubt they would be as effective.
I hurt all the time in the lounge the bathroom bedroom in fact everywhere I don't think I will use that line of reply anymore the looks it got were cutting and cuts hurt.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

EVERYTHING IS OK the DFS sale is still on

This is how things are, I woke up this morning and my MS had other ideas. I went to get out of bed and my body wasn't having any of it. Heather helped me get across the landing and into the bathroom but I had to get in the wheelchair  to get back. There was no way I could risk going downstairs so it was back to bed for me. And I have  spent the day in bed sleeping. I woke up and Heather made my some food, we turned the TV. on and the world hadn't stopped turning. The first set of adverts came on and the DFS advert is still running advertising the DFS SALE. Heather had been watching some soppy Christmas film on Channel 5 and as usual I ended up crying, so even when my world stopped turning the rest of the planet keeps on going.

An hour out in the dark

Twas very exciting a trip out in the dark and Heather to the camera. We had heard that the boats in the Royal Harbour Ramsgate were decorated with Christmas lights so tonight we decided to head over to Ramsgate get some Kentucky fried chicken and have a drive round the harbour area and see the lights. It was blooming freezing not a cloud in the sky and Heather bravely got out and did the camera work. I stayed warm and we picked up the KFC from the drive through and ate ate home. No meteor showers for us we will be wrapped up warm and snug in bed but we will post some picture of coloured lights.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Baclofen Pump trial at Kings Hospital

I had an early start last Friday, not as early as when I used to work in London twenty five years ago but early by my present day standards. We had a ten o'clock appointment and a friend was going to drive Heather and myself up to Kings for an assesment to see if I am eligable for a Baclofen Pump. The very idea of spinal surgery has had me terrified and even left me suffering from more depression than usual. Good job has been done by my antidepressants and I was feeling less stressed by the time came for this appointment. Everything went well and we arrived at Kings with time to spare. It jas all changed since I was there last, it is a WONDERFUL new building now not like the dump I was in last time I was there. The specialist was running forty minutes late but never once did she try to rush things and I was in with her for over an hour having all the details explained to me. It turns out I am a prime candidate for a Baclofen Pump. Baclofen was the first tablet I took for muscle relaxant and over time I kept upping the dose until it was like popping sweeties. With the pump it delivers the baclofen direct into the spinal cord and the drug goes straight to work without affecting the rest of the body.

Trip to the Dentists

I have not been out for about twelve days and I would not have gone out today had it not been for a visit to the dentists. When it was booked six months ago the idea of December seemed a novel idea, a trip out just a few days before Christmas would be marvellous. In reality it was a pain in the butt. I know today this little corner of England has been bathed in sunshine but stuck in a wheelchair with the wind coming straight off the sea with nothing sheltering me from its chills no amount of bright sunshine was going to warm me as my dentists is located one hounded yards from the harbour at Margate. If you head north from where I was in my wheelchair next stop is Siberia. I was cold going to the dentist, I got even colder after my visit. Still it could have been worse I could have had some teeth out.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Old Age I have become a Grumpy Old Man at last

I am feeling my age today, I have worked everything out into pounds shillings and pence, converted things to pounds and ounces and my Christmas tree is six feet tall. I am too young to be sixty next birthday. What happened to the invincable youth I once was, I am now stuck in this wheelchair dribbling food and farting. I was going to conquer the world now I cant even open a packet of crisps. I couldn't get the lid off the toothpaste this morning,. I am definatly feeling sorry for myself. I am to fed up to be depressed, depression is way way back there somewhere. I have become a proper fully paid up menber of the Grumpy Old Mens Club. Its a bit like the Boys Club's senior section. Instead of playing table tenis and snooker in the GOMC we moan about everything including table tennis and snooker.
I feel much better for having written this blog post. Great its started to rain!!
Grumpy Old Muppets