Friday, 27 February 2015

if sleep really was the best medicine i wouldn't have multiple sclerosis

Nineteen hours straight yep nineteen. It's just as well I have a catheter coz after nineteen hours my bladder would have been like a football. I am still recovering from my trip to Kings hospital and I know everyone with MS is different but fatigue is constant among most suffers. Anything above and beyond my normal day puts me into melt down a trip to the barber's equals a day in bed. Well three days in Kings has meant that I am sleeping pretty much constant for the last week.
I did manage to get downstairs yesterday but the trade off was the nineteen hours. I did wage up for a couple of drinks,  Heather wakes me makes me drink and then I am straight back to the land of nod. My trip to Kings hospital was for trial for a baclofen pump unfortunately after all the effort I am not suitable but that's a story for another day I now need some sleep after all I have been awake now for a whole six hours. Yawn

Friday, 13 February 2015

back to bed before ten o'clock

And yes that was ten AM. I got up and was breakfasted coffee and the back to bed. MS sucks and that sums today up nicely. It sucked the life out of me. I got back into bed, with Heathers help I can't get in without help. I was fully dressed and said I'll be alright in an hour. Well I had planned a trip to the hairdressers and Heather said she would get me up and haircut and coffee. Best laid plans and all that. Five hours later I go back downstairs. Having spent all night long in bed I topped it up with another five hours. Great. I hate multiple sclerosis.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

MRSA tests

I had to have some swabs done before my trip to Kings hospital next week. It was complicated sorting it out and then the District Nurse did it twice because miss labels and the path lab said I had markers and the GP prescribed antibiotics and I now need more swabs. I am due in at Kings next Tuesday what's the chance they won't let me stay  due to not getting the MRSA results. I have got to phone up at one o'clock to make sure they have a bed available. So it is all up in the air anyhow.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Bacon Sarnie and hot chocolate

I braved the cold for the first time in over a week and went out today. Not far only to the Pegwell nature reserve to nab a bacon sarnie. Lunch gets a bit boring cheese sandwich or cheese on toast interspersed with ham and mustard. So getting a day with no rain and no district nurse or visitors. We took the camera but forgot the binoculars, not bad we normally forget the camera as well. As it turned out the only thing worth taking a photo of was the bacon sandwiches, I though an out it after we had eaten them but imagine loads of bacon and doorstep bread and really REALLY tasty and your somewhere near. We had an hour out.