Tuesday, 28 April 2015

For all Disabled People I salute you

I saw this on a post about depression but each of us struggle in our different ways. I posted this just to let YOU know you are not alone.

This feels more like it

I woke this morning feeling much better than I have for the last few days. I am feeling bright and chirpy. I think I may have had some sort of infection going through me! Today is bright and sunny but I have ventured outside in the wheelchair and soon came back in to the comfort and warmth of the house. As I sit here the sun is streaming in I could be fooled into thinking it were high summer rather than the end of April. I am sitting here watching the birds and their antics on the washing line and the fights that ensue over who gets to the feeders first. I have my camera on the window ledge but the birds fly off every time I go to take a picture. Hope you are all having a good day, I know I am.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Yah I have been awake all day

After the last couple of days feeling rubbish I have been awake all day. So rather than celebrate I am now worrying about why I was feeling so tired. My bowels are back to normal but my legs are not working as good, and I use the word good very loosely I now shuffle slower and have even more trouble getting on the stairlift. Even lifting my foot to get on the wheelchair is extremely difficult. My MS has slowly wrecked my body but. It has not wrecked my mind. I am not as quick as I once was but I put that down to my age and not multiple sclerosis.  I have tried to stay positive and yes at times it has been hard I try to remain upbeat. Yes I take antidepressants and seeing as I am the one living with ms twenty four hours a day seven days a week I don't think anyone would resent me a little help keeping sane.
The computer keeps me in touch with the outside world I don't get out much this time of the year, sitting in the wheelchair I feel cold even with coats and blankets round my legs. I get out in the warmer weather but seeing the forecast I can't see me going out for the next few day's. My camera helps me, as hobbies go it is great, I tend not to mess about with my photos. Some people enjoy the post production with Photoshop or similar programs by I have been quoted as saying life is to short to learn Photoshop. It is really powerful tool and I  just can't say I enjoy that side of photography. So I try and be creative with my shots and take unusual composition' s not easy whilst stuck in my wheelchair. Even arranging a bunch of flowers can be a real challenge.
Still that's my day, I hope your day has been a good one.

I missed the whole day

Yep today has been missing in action. In fact I never moved today. Heather got me breakfast in bed and went to church and that is where I stayed, in bed. I was asleep allday. I finally got up and showered at five this afternoon. Watched a bit of telly, Poldark of course then footie on match of the Day now I am catching up on snooker, Trump is ten five in front with Fu at the table. How can I have been in bed for two days and been fast asleep? Multiple Sclerosis is a funny old disease I have not been feeling great but not anything to say  I was ill, no temperature or any signs of a urine infection so what has put me under par? If I don't know I doubt if you do but there must be a reason. I am awake now having slept for seventeen hours but I am starting to yawn so I am signing off, let's hope tomorrow is a better day.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Had a good week but under par today

I had a bad night with indigestion and reflux. And woke Heather at six for some medication. She made a cup of tea which I didn't drink but I did manage to drop back off to sleep. We were rudely awoken by the telephone just before ten. I know it's not early but after the night I had it seemed the middle of the night. It was our friends who had visited a few weeks back, it was nice to catch up but it would have been better if I had been sleeping still. Moments after I had settled back down Heathers mobile rings and she was summoned for grandson duty. Our youngest Grandson needed to be with grandma and grand dad for an hour to save him from getting soaked watching his big brother play a football match.
When I finally tried to get out of bed nothing wanted to work and Heather assisted me into the bathroom and I had to have help getting on the stairlift! When I eventually managed to make it downstairs I wasn't feeling to well and sat myself in the front room and let the Day carry on round me. I am now in bed having managed to get back upstairs, I watched MOTD and now am finally feeling sleepy. So I am saying good night to both you and to a particularly rubbish day. The one high life was a fresh crab sandwich. Night all.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

no reflux today

How does that work? Our son brings in a pulled pork roasting joint for lunch spicy and jolly tasty. I eats my fair share between a Pitta bread  and no heartburn no indigestion and no reflux. I had cheese and ham sandwiches for tea and lots of coffee plus horlicks and here I am in bed watching Jules Holland and feel fine. I can't understand my body, I just don't know anymore. Yesterday I could bring back a glass of water my gullet wanted to eject anything and everything. Today just twenty four hours later it's all change.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Sleep is the best cure

If only that was true I would be running marathons, I have been asleep all day. I didn't get up until five o'clock. No not AM it was five o'clock PM. We have had a couple of trips out over the last few days but all I have done extra is to get in the car. So why was I so tired today. I actually slept just waking for a mouthful of squash and then zonk straight back off to sleep. I hope I can stay awake tomorrow I may actually get to see some snooker. Roll on tomorrow.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Hiatus hernia acid reflux

It's twelve thirty and I had fish and chips over six hours ago. My chest hurts and my dinner (  fish and chips  ) feels like it wants to make a reappearance. I have had peptac and as I write this I have had another mouthful, I now swig it from the bottle!!
Tonight's episode is the latest in years of suffering. I can actually experience redux on a cup of tea, glass of squash and most likely I could during up distilled water I know I have tap water. What causes this sudden rejection of food from my gut? It doesn't always happen after every meal or drink but often enough to make my life awkward? As I understand it the valve in my gullet that is designed to stop the food coming back up is damaged, it allows food I eat to go down and mix with the digestive acids that are in my gut and if as in tonight's mixture the mix aggravate' s the gut  I end up with heartburn and reflux. It is trying to eject the food rather than digest the food. I suffer pains in the chest an awful taste in my throat and feel crap. I have had a few burps accompanied by the acid/food mixture coming up into my mouth. All together an unpleasant experience but one I have learned to live with. I am dog tired but dare not lay down and try to sleep because the lump in my gullet may come up and say hello.
Evidently people over fifty like me are more prone to suffering from a hiatus hernia and evidently there is not a lot that can be done about it. Tablets to reduce the acid and anti acid treatment such as Gavescon and peptic either in liquid form or tablets. It seems as if it is fire fighting rather than cure is the order of the Day. I won't give in to it I know some foods are more liable to make me suffer, I could give them foods up but I don't always suffer so it seems pointless trying to second guess. I just carry on regardless and treat it when needed and other times when I get no heartburn or other reaction I tend not to notice at least unroll the next day. If I was a car the mechanics would describe the problem as an intermittent fault. I am feeling less bloated now so hopefully I can get some sleep. Night folks.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Early to bed late to rise

I know all my life I have gone by the early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise saying. Last night I proved it to be totally wrong. I was in bed very very early for me. Eight thirty be precise. Now that is early! I read etc and went off to sleep and woke this morning at seven thirty feeling crap. I eventually got up at twelve forty five and have been feeling wobbly all day. Tonight still awake at eleven thirty admittedly I am writing this in bed but you Mark my words I bet I do better tomorrow even though I have not go to bed so early.

Friday, 10 April 2015

hit a man when he is down

I woke up around four AM. Head full of snot and unable to breathe even with my sleep apnea mask on. So finally at 4:31 I am posting about the early morning antic of an insomniac on Facebook. Since then I have coughed sneezed and wheezed and whilst I don't feel like I have a cold I keep sniffing and blowing my nose. I have had two days feeling awful with constipation I hope this is just a thing that will clear with coffee.

Its now 13;44 as I type and while I keep sneezing with great gusto I feel much better but very tired me thinks a sleep is in order but I need a late lunch first I AM STARVING. That I hope is a sign I am ok, dont they say feed a cold starve a fever

Thursday, 9 April 2015

been in bed all day

Well I spent some time in the bathroom, quiet a lot of time actually. I had hoped to get up and head off to Folkestone but my bowels put paid to any plans we had. Why is it my gut rules my life? The amount of times plans have needed to be changed because of my tummy and its decision to teach me that it rules my life. Diarrhoea they say is the fastest thing on earth and pooing oneself is probably the most embarrassing. My MS has wrecked my body and moving fast to get to a toilet in time is near impossible. Hence if I am having problems I stay at home. Today has been a stay at home day. I spent so much time sitting on the loo straining I went back to bed exhausted.
Today is our eldest daughter's birthday and all the kids grandsons came here for coffee and cake. I was in bed when I overheard a conversation my youngest Grandson was having and a question that made us all smile went "why can't we have a proper Grandad? One with legs that work?"  He loves me and often says to his mum can we get grandad some new legs.
Well that was my day, I hope you had a better day than me.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

A funny old day

I Am in bed watching match of the Day . We had an early start today grandson number two came to visit while his mum had her hair done. He arrived and we had slept in. Heather looked after him and I stayed in bed and I slept. I was still asleep when Liverpool v Arsenal started but I did get up and watched most of it with our son. After it finished our son went to his mates and Heather went shopping. I went back to sleep! We went out and grabbed a MacDonald s burger and I have strawberry milkshake. It's a ritual I have it has to be a quarter pounder and chips and if I don't get the milkshake to I feel robbed. Heather does at times sneak in a special if it looks good but the quarter pounder is my default. We don't go that often I think the last time was before Christmas so it's not as regular as it sounds. We got back just in time to be to late for the start of the Voice.  I wanted Emmanuel to win or Lucy. I like the Hip Hopera with Will and Lucy.
I was to tired to have a shower, how can I feel tired after sleeping all night and most of the Day? I am struggling to keep my eyes open. So if this don't make any sense you know why. Montalbano the subtitle programme on channel four was good but by the time MOTD started I was knackered and at the end I wanted to write something. Now I have so good night.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Best Multiple Sclerosis advice ever. MS

This was the best advice I was given twenty years ago.
A mate said "you can have MS or MS can have you, and I would advise the former"Those words have stuck with me all those years.
KEEP SMILING it confuses people.

Hair gone yesterday exhausted today

I wanted to call this post hair today gone tomorrow but I had my haircut yesterday. Today I have been exhausted! How can such a simple thing as going out in the car driving about one mile getting in the wheelchair being pushed across the road and staying in the wheelchair while my hair was cut and then coming home wear me out. Admittedly we got fuel and took the scenic route home. But I slept yesterday when we got back, I mean I couldn't keep my eyes open and today I came back to bed rather than sleep in the wheelchair. My legs were really thumping before I got into bed and Heather said I was asleep virtually instantly. I am not complaining but this MS malarkey keeps you on your toes. My hair looks good, my dad was bald at fifty with a comb over, I have a receeding hair line and a number two which is short about a quarter of an inch all over. I could have it cut at home, Heather has a mobile hairdresser call but I want they adventure of going out. Sleep become me I am feeling tired again it's just after twelve and pouring heavens hard outside. Night all.