Sunday, 28 June 2015

Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Those of you who read my blogs will know I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed over twenty years ago and as the name suggests it is and has been progressively getting worse over the twenty odd years since I was diagnosed. Today I have been in bed all day and only got up about three o'clock this afternoon.  I have got a blocked ear, it is something I have suffered from before but today with olive oil and cotton wool stuffed into my ear it has made my MS rebel and my arms and legs will not work as normal. My normal is not running and jumping, it is not even walking. I can manage about twenty baby steps whist grasping my zimmer frame. It takes me several minutes to cross the landing and it exhausts me. My normal mode of transportation is my electronic wheelchair.
This blocked ear has thrown me a googlie my balance has gone and my legs won't even do baby steps, my MS has said I am busy coping with the ear problem I am not playing with the bending and sitting to get on the stairlift and as for walking forget it.

Ear Wax blockage

I am really struggling today last night after my shower I couldn't hear anything out of my left ear!!!
I haven't had an ear infection or any sign my ear was blocked so this was out of the blue. I always set the shower jet to fast and spay my ears every time I have a shower but even with doing that I occasionally have to go to the GP and have the wax removed. I have got Olive Oil in that ear now and cotton wool, it feels very odd. I feel as if I am under water and of course my hearing is out of synch and I am listening in a very odd stereo. Me thinks a phone call to the doctors surgery is in order tomorrow morning. I will not be using earex or similar over the counter preparations as at £3.50 for 15 milliliter it works out to about £100 a gallon I always find stuff sold in small bottles expensive.   Wish me luck.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Blood tests reveal infection

Slightly surprisingly the test results from my stinky wee came back negative, from the stink of my leg bag and when we drained the catheter it smelt as if a rat had crawled in and died! Smelly maybe but no infection. Plan B was quickly organised, my GP not to be beaten and I am sure an element of Kick a man while he is down she sent out the nurse to take my blood. Not all of it but a sizable quantity of it, she wanted checks for everything which amounted to six jars of blood. Glad they weren't jam jars. Well to cut a long story down to more or less short. Friday morning my GP turns up on Friday with a new lot of antibiotics and the news I have an infection ( I knew that but nobody's ever been interested in my opinion ) an inflammatory type evidently. Well that's my take on what she said I can't remember much I was to busy feeling ill. She sat there talking to me holding my hand and telling me blah blah blah strong antibiotics blah blah markers blah blah stratospheric blah!!!!
Wake up did she say numbers and stratospheric about me and my infections. Yes rewind, she is a family friend as well as my GP and explains that a normal raised count would be 12 and mine had come in at 128 over ten times over bad. No wonder I had not been able to bend my knees to get on the stairlift and that Heather had need to call Darrell our neighbour to help to get me to bed last Wednesday night. I now fell justified in feeling so ill. Now on Monday I am four days into the new antibiotics I think I am over the worst. I sat in the chair in my bedroom and ate my lunch today, that's progress real progress. The MS nurse phoned but I couldn't talk my brain went to mush when she talked to me so I transferred her to my social Secretary a job Heather does so well.
So that's been my last few days as they say in a nutshell. Hope you are doing better than me because if not yo are having a bleeding awful time of it.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Antibiotics are working

If you have been following this blog you will know that I am taking antibiotics, Nitrofurintoin to be precise. I only have two days of the course left to take and I am feeling much better. Hopefully the infection is gone and it will be another eighteen months before I need any more antibiotics. I must get onto either my GP or the MS Nurse to see if I can be considered for the cannabis spray Savitex because my leg muscles are getting so tight any movement is a real battle. That is my mission for tomorrow, my mission for tonight is sleep so night night.

Rewind a couple of days later I am worse than ever and results say that I don't have a UTI so no urine infection.

Been asleep virtually all day

I know that I have got an infection but the antibiotics have  started to kick in and today I have slept almost all day. Each time I woke I said to myself get up you lazy git and I promptly turned over and went back to sleep! I did manage to watch the Canadian Grand prix and the comedy show plus have a shower. I am now exhausted so maybe I will sleep now so good night.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Antibiotics for UTI

My default antibiotic for Urinary Tract Infections is nitrofurantoin, when I phone the surgery on Thursday my GP prescribed them to be taken after I had done a sample direct from the catheter bag. In the past I had done a sample into a jug and then into a sample pot, it gives a false reading so slapped wrists for Don. If the antibiotic is not suitable it will be changed next week once the results come back from the Pathology lab. I have tried all sorts of different antibiotics over the years and even had then intravenously when one UTI turned into septicemia I was hospitalised with that infection. Urine infection can turn serious very quickly so if you detect smelly wee or pains contact your GP sooner rather than later. The other problem with taking antibiotics is bowel problems. Not for faint hearted but people like myself with poor mobility need to pay attention to stomach pains as
I have often had accidents when taking antibiotics.

Image result for uti catheter 

Friday, 5 June 2015

UTI Stops me moving, my MS dislike's infection's

I have done very well on the bladder infections since having my supra pubic catheter fitted. Previously when I had the ureatheral catheter I got an infection  about once a month and even suffered scepticemia at one bad bout. But I had the supra pubic installed over eighteen months ago and this is only the second infection in that time. Unfortunately it is a nasty one. I can had my move and had to go in the wheelchair to get across the landing to the bathroom. Even writing this post is difficult so I will sign off .
I am back and what a difference a day makes, I am up and downstairs I had breakfast in bed and lunch downstairs. I am far from OK but I am sitting downstairs watching Springwatch Live Spineless Si is tending the eggs  and the Blue Tits still haven't fledged. Our eldest daughter has been here for lunch and she just carted Heather off for a walk in the sunshine before going to look at a different car. She wants her mums opinion!!