Wednesday, 29 July 2015

can't sleep

My last post was about me being awake with indigestion, well this is more of the same. I woke up nearly an hour ago in search of Peptac yep drinking straight from the bottle again. I need my sleep as I have a physiotherapist coming at ten and I expect it to involve me getting exhausted! Maybe I cam manage but I am already worn out. 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Heartburn and indigestion bites again

Last night I woke at two thirty, tonight at two o'clock, if it carries on like this I will wake up before I go to sleep. How come it hurts so much? I am no whoosie but last night I actually had tears in my eyes from the pain. Tonight the pain just woke me up. Shortly after putting the light on Heather wakes up, she sleeps in another room  !! It's like she has radar !! Well now it's three o'clock and I have checked my emails, I don't have any which is some sort of first maybe it's a bank holiday for spammers. I looked on Facebook which never sleeps and now I am blogging. I find writing this junk therapeutic so if I bore you I don't plan on stopping any time soon find another source of reading matter.
We now I have alienated my two remaining readers and I am just writing this a a therapy let me begin. I am am taking Retadine 40mg twice a day which gives some relief previously I have taken lanzoprozole and panprotazole both excellent medicine's but now I am also guzzling peptac like it is going out of fashion, I no longer use a spoon I am a hard-core user I swig it straight from the bottle and like a drunk I keep bottles in different locations around the house. Earlier before the local chemist shut up shop for the Day I sent Heather out for Rennies thinking I would try something a bit different. She came back having spent four pound on some chewable tablets. Four quid for twenty tablets.  Dosage up four tablets at any one time maximum sixteen in twenty-four hours. As I said it's getting hard core I will need to resort to prostitution to pay for my habit soon!
 I have just been looking up natural remedies and tomorrow I am sending Heather out in search of Apple Vinegar and a box of baking soda. That is two separate remedies so I will be trailing them in the coming days. Sorry for the short pause in typing I was swigging yet more Peptac. Looks like an early night tonight it was almost six before I was able to get back to sleep but tonight it's not yet three thirty. It must be because it never made me cry tonight.
I am turning in, night folks.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Supra pubic catheter changed today

I got a phone call about two thirty and the cheerful voice asked "are you in" stupidest questions are my specialist subject. "No" replies me. "How come you are answering your phone then" the cheerful  but now weary voice asks? Hmmm good point me thinks and whilst I am temporarily caught off guard the voice says "it's the nurse I will be round to change your catheter in about half an hour" "are you bringing cream cakes I ask" only to be let down, evidently it's my job to provide tea and cakes!!
Sure enough she turns up and sure enough no cream cakes, but she was as cheerful as her voice.
Evidently she had been before a couple of years back when she was training, I don't remember sod all so I'll have to take her word. Now she is trained and can even take blood as well as change catheters but evidently her speciality for this week is changing leg dressings and although it is only Tuesday changing my catheter makes a welcome change. I do tell her she needs to get out more but evidently district nurse's don't get the time because by the time they have spent all of their days changing catheters and dressing ulcerated legs they can't go out because of exhaustion.
Sure enough the job is now done and she has to go. Happy and cheerful my she heads off  and I have a short lay down. I don't know why but I find it stressful and it makes me sleepy. Well that's been my day, hopefully your day has been less eventful.