Wednesday, 26 August 2015

In bed again

I have another infection, it's crept up over the last couple of weeks. Nothing dramatic but ending up with me finally giving in and calling my doctor yesterday. He has prescribed a course of antibiotics. I am now exhausted as they fight whatever it is that is making me feel so crap. I was due for physiotherapy today but that has been put on hold, just as well because I have been asleep virtually all day.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sleep stops viewing

I waited all week to see the grand prix and just as its about to start I receive an invoice  to pay a visit to the little boys room. I had to be paid immediately hence mis the start of the race. Decide I am upstairs watch the race laying on the bed, one it's closer than going back downstairs and two I am exhausted. I lay on the bed and promptly go to sleep. All blooming week I have looked forward to that and I missed it all except about ten laps. Plus I never recorded it. Oh I love my life!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Promote Thanet: Forbidden

Promote Thanet: Forbidden: Eyesfront Productions a Margate based independent film production company have made the promo for Forbidden a story of love that is Forbid...

Sunday, 9 August 2015

I knew it couldn't last

Been awake since two thirty with heartburn. Having had a few days of sleeping OK tonight it is black with a vengeance. I have finished  one bottle of peptac off and started a new one. Heather got up and made me tea which has made it worse but it did break the boredom. I tried cider vinegar the other day but l hurt even more and had to use peptac to sooth my furrowed brow. Heather has just sat me  up on the edge of the bed and I burped loads but now I am laying down again the pain has returned. Not long unroll morning, oh joy of joys the seagulls have taken up or more precisely one woke up and sqwarked unroll all its mates joined in. This is an extremely uncomfortable Don signing off.

Monday, 3 August 2015

The joy of acid refux

Don't you just love it? Waking up with the taste of long forgotten food in your mouth, you know what it is the moment you wake. Tonight it is a lamb kebab cooked on the BBQ almost twelve hours ago. The taste is accompanied by a burning  in the back of your throat, a burning that runs back down to my gullet and hurts like hell. I haven't had reflux for a few weeks but today's BBQ was held in a park miles from home and the tablets I take were at home. Yep it's my own fault that an hour after drifting off to sleep I am rudely awoken by my food making a run for the exit. I started these new tablets about the time my acid reflux stopped occurring. I even thought those tablets don't make any difference and here we are on the first day I have not taken them with my lunch coming back to say hi. Not only say hi but to wake me from my slumber in the cruelist of ways tease me awake with the memory of eating and enjoying my food. As I became more awake I realised the taste was subtly different! This taste had the disgusting acid back taste, not a background hint but a full on assault. I wanted to this up but being bed bound I swallowed it back. Yuk. Now I am laying here with the taste of peptac in my mouth and my ears are listening to the concert my gut is putting on as peptac does battle with the acid and the food. Heather woke and made me a hot tea and that is churning in the mix along with the cheese and biscuits I had for suffer oops that was a typo should read supper.
Been awake almost two hours maybe the fact my eyes are in need of match sticks to stay open will allow me sleep again? I am so tired I must try. Night folks, wish me luck.