Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Been to see consultant about pain

I try and carry on regardless I have had multiple sclerosis for getting on twenty-five years and I try and fight it, don't let the bastard get you down type of thing. But lately I have been in a lot of pain. To me the only time you complain about pain is if you hit your thumb with a hammer when bashing in four inch nails, the you end up with a lump out of your hand and some blood to show for your pain. I don't show pain not even when I fell off a ladder and had bone sticking out of my shin, "just a skin wound I can carry on". But of late I have been knocking back painkillers like smarties. I hurt, I hurt all over nagging constantly away at me. Not a real pain no blood or Gore to show for the constant never ending throb. I I stop to consider where it hurts it's all over. Some places hurt more than others at different times. It is relentless it don't go away but although it hurts and I am taking tablets to take the edge off it will it go away? no.
I spoke to the MS consultant when I last went for my botox injections and she referred me to see this pain man. Well along the way the lines got crossed. I ended up with two different appointments for two different places. One was for group therapy, pain is an individual thing and I know the expression "a problem shared is a problem halved" but when it comes to the throbbing pain under my skin I don't think talking about it will help. Can you imagine it, sitting round in a room like the local branch of Alcoholic anonymous and say "hi my name is Don and hurt"!!! Not for me, sharing might be caring but I want to get rid of the pain I know talking about it won't make it hurt less.
So on Tuesday I ended up at outpatients in Canterbury hospital seeing a very nice man who gas given me some anti epilepsy drugs to try and shut down the nerves that are hurting. All the other stuff I have tried has had horrendous side effects and he said don't start on them until after Christmas because he didn't want me having problems that spoil Christmas. Nice. So that's me all up to date. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Monday, 5 December 2016

the empowerment plan

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Snooker has finished what can I do now?

I hope you have all been busy watching the snooker over the last two weeks? I have loved it, every afternoon fast asleep er no sitting in my wheelchair avidly watching snooker. I must admit to a few lapses in concentration and catching a few zs. I even lost two frames of this afternoons final. But I had taken painkillers and they make me sleepy! Mark Selby made a fantastic champion and now it has finished what can I do? I am going to try and improve my painting skills, that won't be difficult because my skill is zero so getting paint to paper  Will be an improvement. Also I have charged the camera battery so all I  need is some enthusiasm for either painting or photography.
My son suggested I take pictures of my paintings which will cover all bases! I haven't been out for a couple of weeks so with this week set dry and Heather over her flu we might try and visit somewhere quiet and have a bacon sandwich or maybe some fish and chip's. See the world is our oyster!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Multiple sclerosis: Newly discovered signal mechanism causes T cells to turn pathogenic

Multiple sclerosis: Newly discovered signal mechanism causes T cells to turn pathogenic: Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attacks the patient's own cells. In this case, modified T cells destroy the myelin sheath surrounding nerve cells. Myelin protects the neural pathways and is thus essential to the ability of nerve cells to transmit information. A recent study has demonstrated that a substance known as interleukin 6 (IL-6) plays an important role in instructing T cells to cause damage to myelin sheaths in the central nervous system.

New Multiple Sclerosis treatment wins £1m funding

New Multiple Sclerosis treatment wins £1m funding

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Carers make such a difference

Heather is my wife and my carer, she does everything for me. I cannot get out of bed or dressed without her and today she had a day in bed. I was in bed until twelve when with super human strength she got me dressed and sent me downstairs. She made me a coffee and a bowl of porridge and took herself back to bed. I sat and watched snooker and our son in law came in tonight with a curry and made drinks washed up etc. Then other daughter popped in with milk and bread. Heather has just got me into bed and is back in her own bed now. I wrote about this not for sympathy but to hi lite the work that family carers do day in day out for love, yes she gets carers allowance which if worked out hourly would be pennies. She does it for love as do millions of others. Just think what a mess the care system would be in if families didn't shoulder the work load. I for one would be in a mess. God bless all the carers.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

MS and me

I was diagnosed over twenty years ago, thinking about it the time has flown by. Just because I had Multiple Sclerosis  the world didn't change but I had to adapt to the changes in me. Early on it was balance so I had to give up working as a roof tiler. A very good mate had to carry me off of a roof in Cliftonville after I lost all movement in my legs. I remember him sitting me on the pavement and saying to me maybe now you will get something done about it, funny how those around you know there is something wrong but wont mention it. After I went and was eventually diagnosed with PPMS (primary progresive multiple sclerosis) several of my friends said they  knew I had something wrong and one even thought I was permanently drunk because my walking and balance was so bad. I have had to give in to my body as the changes became apparent. I can remember having to pull into a lay-by  just a few miles from home and sleep when I was hit by fatigue, that was the first time I discovered the joy of real fatigue I couldn't have gone on driving and had to admit my days behind the wheel were over.
First I was able to continue with using one walking stick and then two. I progressed to crutches then onto a zimmer frame I also had a mobility scooter as well so I could keep up with grandchildren and was able to go for walks with the family. Then I had to give up the zimmer and use a wheelchair in doors. I now have an electric wheelchair to get me around a through floor lift and a hospital bed amongst other things. Sometimes I think it is these adaptions that define me rather than the physical being. But these things have come into our lives to make living easier, they are just aides to help me live a full and enjoyable life, to participate in day to day stuff. They enable Heather to struggle less I think my MS has more effect on her than me because she is always worrying about me were as I don't worry it won't change anything. I have missed out all of the infections and bodily function problems and there have been many, to numerous to write about. The reason I wrote this post was a guy on the MS forum was worried abut how his diagnosis was going to pan out and I thought how had  panned out for me and in all honesty I dont know because I have lived through all of the above changes and I am still here just a bit older and none the wiser. MS is a journey that is different for each individual. Someone once said what dont kill you makes you stronger, well I ain't dead so I must be stronger.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Fish n Chips at Tankerton

Well it was our wedding anniversary and what better way to celebrate than with fish and chips sat in the car at Tankerton. You can't say I'm nothing if not an old romantic! It was actually Heathers call. We had stuff to do which involved me sitting in the car whilst she Sid stuff and then it was early afternoon, given the choice of KFC or fish and chips the fish won. We love Tankerton slopes but today's weather kept us in the car to dine. I had been out earlier when we had visited the garden centre and it was freezing so no chance of me suggesting we eat alfresco.
We have had a super day celebrating our 38th year anniversary and looking forward to lots more.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Oh what a wonderful morning oh what a wonderful day

The title I have just learned is a misquote of the opening song from Oklahoma (learned from searching Google). I have never to the best of my knowledge seen the film so the lyrics have been absorbed by osmosis and the only thing I know about osmosis is that you don't want it in the hull of a fibreglass boat evidently if you do get it you no longer have a floaty boaty but a sinkie shipie not a very good trait in a floaty boaty. It makes it a sinkie Mcboaty Face.
That is a rather long introduction to today's post which basically is about the weather. This morning I had another slow start, Heather works on the assumption that if I am in bed I ain't going to get into to much trouble. So seeing as she had a school run and then a trip to work run for school runs mum it meant that I stayed in bed until after ten. By the time I was showered and dressed it was just before twelve and despite the Sun shining bright and the blue sky you could tell it was blooming freezing cold outside and to top the cold off it was blowing a gale. The back end of some storm who's name escapes me. Why do storms get names now? Does it make them more user friendly when filling in the insurance company forms. My Volvo was crushed by the oak tree blown over by storm Simon! Or Simon sucked the roof off of our house as he proceeded toward Acacia Ave where he blew the vicars chimney onto the number nine bus.
All rather odd if you ask me, but as per usual no one ever asked m for my opinion. If you had asked me about today I would have looked out of the window and burst into song. Yes the afore mentioned Rodgers and Hammerstein movie number. But I would have been safely ensconced inside behind double glazed windows and being kept warm and toastie sat beside the radiator. Heather having actually been outside reliably informed me if was flipping freezing cold and that the wind was so lazy it didn't bother going round people it just went straight through them.  So according to Heather my view on the world was as all of my other views on things was wrong! Somethings never change then.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Two weeks since I fell over

You wouldn't believe that it was almost two weeks ago that I had my fall in the bathroom. That floor is so hard! yesterday was the first time I managed to cross the landing admittedly it was slow  but my days of walking at a brisk pass are long gone. Tonight getting from the landing to my bed was awful. I gripped that zimmer frame so hard I was convinced that it said ouch. the distance travelled through the door and to the edge of my bed is less than six feet and it took me around five minutes.  NOT a marathon pace but compared to being in bed unable to move it is  faire whizzing along.  Yep I know that it was the end of the Day and all that but I thought I was getting better. Still with the weather forecast set to rain as a default this coming week it don't look as if I will be getting much chance at outdoor activities this week. I will have to get the paints out and see if I am capable of doing a masterpiece!
Friends of ours are due to move to Scotland shortly so I don't think me complaining about the weather will cut the mustard with them I saw pictures of snow up North on the tellie tonight.  I have been told last night saw the first storm of the Winter but I slept through it and it's 88mph. winds. Night folks from a calm and tranquil Margate.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Unable to bear weight after my fall

I know that it has only been a week since my fall in the bathroom but my legs still refuse to walk. Yes I told you I only do a few dozen steps but now after my tumble I am unable to do even one step. Which makes transfers to and from my wheelchair very interesting! I normally park the wheelchair on the landing and come into bed with my zimmer frame but where my hurt so much I am unable to do even that. If things don't improve I will phone the GP next week, I said yesterday that I thought I had an infection but I decided to wait and see how things pan out but now I am regretting that decision. Still what's a few more days of feeling rough between friends?
Been an odd sort of day weather wise here in Margate and things are not looking much better for the next few days still if I am feeling grott I would hate for the weather to be nice. Night folks I hope you are all doing better than I am.

How multiple sclerosis has messed with me this week

I wrote previously about my fall last week. It is still messing with my body. Last week I could walk in a fashion with my zimmer frame the approx twelve feet across the landing to the bathroom. After the fall I spent a couple of days in bed and when I did manage to finally get out of bed my legs wouldn't move. I mean no way they won't budge. So for the last four days or so Heather has been getting me into the wheelchair and wheeling me across. Tonight I feel as if I have been run over by a bus. My arms ache my joints ache and my fingers feel like they have been replaced with some sausages! My urine stinks so first thing tomorrow I am onto the doctor for a urine test. This has come as a bit of a surprise as for the last two years I have been infection free. Ever since I had the supa pubic catheter fitted as a replacement for the ureatheral one I have stopped having infections.
The supa pubic catheter has been a dream, I went from urine infection virtually every month and often being hospitalised to no infections well maybe three in two years! So having had this awful feeling almost constant it is a real shock. In the past it has been so bad I was unable to lift my head off the bed and was rigid from head to toe, that was really scary the first couple of times but like everything you cope with it. But after two years it has snuck up on me and sort of jumped out from behind wardrobe. MS is the disease that keeps on giving, never a dull moment. To be continued.......

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Multiple Sclerosis fatigue flattens me

My day started the same as any other day. My wife Heather made tea and we listened to the Chris Evans breakfast show. She got into the shower but here is where today was different, I turned the radio off and went back to sleep. Evidently Heather came in and found me snoring and left me sleeping while she sorted the washing and did stuff like that. She came up to wake me and get me showered about ten. I declined and she left to do some shopping. She tried to get me up on her return but my body was having none of it. I actually slept all day, waking only for the odd glass of water.
Fatigue and multiple sclerosis seem to be great bed fellows. Ask most sufferers what is the hardest thing about the disease and the will tell you fatigue! It is way beyond exhaustion it is off the scale. I slept all night and all day. Yes I am awake now at 12:20am  but will soon be asleep again. I have been awake approximately four hours, and am now struggling to keep my eyes open. So night night. I am feeling sleepy, tomorrow as they say is another day.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

I am out of bed

Well not managed to get far I am sitting beside the bed. But the knee is hurting less after a bit of kerfuffle getting from bed to chair. I tried to get up earlier in the Day and no way was I going to make it. So that's me outta bed but not managed to get dressed yet. Got to leave something to try tomorrow. I am signing off now. Nite folks

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Oops had a fall again

It's been a few months since my last one but this one has hurt. I slipped in the bathroom and had to be rescued by our neighbour. He and Heather got me up and onto a chair and from the chair on to a wheelchair and then into bed. I must have pulled some muscles as my knees are not only bruised but swollen. I have been asleep for around fourteen hours and am just fighting going again. The shock messes with my body and exhausts me. So signing off for now.
Early evening and just woken. Not hurting as much as earlier so may try and sit in the chair. All this from something that took a split second to happen. Take care folks.
Well it is now Thursday morning and tried to stand earlier and my right leg won't take my weight so am back in bed. So much for it getting better. I have just called the doctor. I know that I tore some muscles or ligaments but do I strap the knee or what would be best I would like some advice. And there is me going to see Doctor Hook at the Marlowe at Canterbury tomorrow.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Slow day Saturday

It's been one of those days. Early start because Heather was going out to  a talk about Love in a box the Christmas gift of a box of gifts for a child or person somewhere who wouldn't have anything for Christmas. I stayed at home and did a good job of surfing the net. Heather came home for lunch before heading off to visit someone in Canterbury hospital. Before leaving she sorted my painting stuff and yes I set about creating a masterpiece. Well not so much a masterpiece as a sentence. I painted the words from a TV programme that was on. It is not easy trying to write with a paint brush. I practiced individual letters x is not as easy as you might think and if you try capital letters complete with embellishments it can be tricky but I thought I got some great practice and brush skills. Heather returned complete with a grandson who was soon joined by his mum who was armed with McDonald's. I had my usual quarter pounder and fries and a strawberry milkshake. The evening came with the sounds of fireworks and I stayed at home in the warm when they went for a ride to see the fireworks.
All in all I am exhausted doing nothing and now in bed watching match of the Day and about to get some shut eye. Not a busy day but an enjoyable one. Reminds me of the song Busy doing nothing working the whole day through! 

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Disabled? Try painting my new remedy for multiple sclerosis,

I asked for some paints for my birthday, the ideal present for the man who has everything including primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis! I haven't painted a picture since I was in art class back in the late 60s. Well I got the paints, my sister in law bought me a set of Winsor Newton water colours but not having a brush in the house narrower than a three inch brush for glossing doors and skirting I was stumped. I couldn't get out anywhere for some time after my birthday so it was last week before I was able to get to The Range stock up on brushes and watercolour paper. Today I managed to get some time to myself and devoted it to playing with the paints. When shopping last week I also treated myself to some acrylics. I have never encountered acrylics before and spent a pleasant couple of hours this afternoon messing about with them. I am an awful artist. No honest I kid yeah not truly awful, but art is in the eye of the beholder and this beholder created some truly impressive art work today. So good in fact I won't burn it before I put it in the bin. It really was truly awful but I enjoyed doing it and it exhausted me. I was absolutely knackered by the time I had finished, the mental strain really tired me out.
I had to concentrate so much just painting a straight line and painting the alphabet well that was so strenuous I had to rest before going on to numbers. They reason behind this sudden interest in painting follows on from taking up drawing earlier in the year, I need to improve my fine motor skills. Multiple Sclerosis is the illness that keeps giving and as well as taking away my ability to walk get dressed and undressed pee and poo it is restricting movement in my hands. Why using my hand to paint is going to delay loosing  the use of my hands I don't know swimming walking and exercise has not delayed the loss of the use in my legs so why will painting and drawing delay the losses in my hands I don't know but I am enjoying myself so I don't care. Well if exposing my lack of artistic talent is enjoyment then enjoyment it is. Anything that fills my days and occupies my days is fine by me and now other than the occasional purchase of consumables my new found hobby is low cost. Yes it would be great to have hand made paper and sable hair brushes but at the lower levels of rubbish talent I feel no need for such niceties better brushes won't improve my artwork the only thing capable of that is a better body and all the while MS is incurable I am going to be a crap artist.
So that has been my foray into watercolour painting even if I did use acrylics I watered them down with H2o. Maybe one day I will paint something that I feel good enough to share with the world, but after today's attempt don't hold your breath in anticipation.
One last question before you go What Is Art ??  I had to google it and I am pretty sure what I am doing isnt.


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wheelchair adapted vehicle WAV is good

We have only had the new car (it is second hand but new to us) for two weeks but I have been out loads. We have had two picnics a couple of shopping trips and today we have been out twice. Heathers sister has been transferred to Canterbury last and today she needed some bits which entailed a trip to Marks and Spencer's then we came home for lunch before heading off to Canterbury. I was asleep before we  had got to Margate seafront! As usual the hospital car park was full and after driving round for fifteen minutes we opted for yellow lines outside and put the blue badge up. Heather sister was fine and we had a nice time with her and some of her friends, we actually went to the coffee shop rather than disturb the other patients on the ward. Once again I slept on the way home. Canterbury was a gridlock and we came home via Faversham. Evidently I was still asleep when we arrived home and Heather left me in the car for ten minutes before retrieving me.
Not having to struggle getting in and out of the care with the constant fear of falling is great. Just staying in the electronic wheelchair makes it so easy I don't mind going out and joining the normal people even in supermarkets (isn't it cold in the chilled food isles?) Tomorrow we are picking the youngest Grandson up from school. Something I don't get to do very often, he will be surprised to see me there. This WAV is making my life so much better I came recommend it Wheelchair adapted vehicles are fantastic. The are another adaptation to make disability and being disabled better and I am so grateful we have ours.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Check out your home insurance for disabled adaptations

I was laying in bed one morning last week thinking about stuff, the meaning of life etc. and then the great revelation came. It was like a thunder bolt kerzam it just hit me right between the eyes. IS MY THROUH FLOOR LIFT INSURED ON MY HOME INSURANCE?  Not my normal early morning thought they usually consist of plans of the days food or plans for expedition in hunt of bacon sandwiches! No home insurance is not my normal through process but it scared me. If for any reason it was damaged in a household misadventure I would be stuck. I can no longer negotiate the stairs and a stairlift is not a safe option I need the lift, I was worried enough to call my insurance company and inquire. And all is well the lift is covered under my existing policy but I would advise you to check. Insurance is a funny thing, very rarely do we think about it and after the event it is far to late. So check it out!

Monday, 31 October 2016

Catheter change

My catheter has made my life so different. We worked it out today it must have been over eight years ago that I was first using an intermittent catheter. Self administered catheter to ensure my bladder was fully emptied, then I had an indwelling catheter, a ureatheral one. I had lots of problems with that. I had regular infections and every time the nurse came to change it I was hospitalized due to bleeding. The nurses must have detested me. Well about four years ago I had a supa pubic catheter put in, it was done under General anesthetic. Fantastic, over night I went from countless urine infections to maybe one a year. So if you suffer like I did with bladder problems do not despair, ask your GP to refer you to a continence nurse and hopefully you will be as lucky as me and you will get your life back. Multiple Sclerosis messes with your body and has taken away my functions I can't pee and I can't poo but the continence nurse has given me the ability to overcome those problem.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Disability and wheelchair accessible car makes walk easier

What a beautiful day here in Margate. A bit of sea mist, well actually more than a bit I couldn't see the wind turbines nor many ships . But when the Sun did manage to burn it's way through the clouds it was very warm for the last weekend in October. Now that we have a wheelchair accessible car or WAV as it is described on car websites it makes getting out so much easier. I even joined Heather on a trip round Sainsbury last week, previously I might have gone with he but sat in the car park whilst she got to visit the wonderful delights of the chosen supermarket. See not having to transfer into the wheelchair has made my life not only much safer but opened whole new horizons to me.
Today's horizons were not shopping based but brisk sea walks. We headed over to Deal and parked at Walmer near to the castle and headed back towards Deal. I had my camera with me and was able to snap away to my hearts content. Beach huts, benches (I love a photo of a bench) the lifeboat station and the fishermen shacks maybe they were to posh to be shacks but I am using poetic licence here. We got almost to the Martello tower before heading back to the car and a picnic lunch. Nothing exciting nor expensive but to Heather and I being able to do such a thing was priceless. My MS has got to the stage where I am unsafe transferring from car to wheelchair and had all but given up going out so the wav has transformed our lives, even if that transformation means the occasional trip to Sainsbury. (I actually quite like it but don't tell Heather)I wonder where we will go tomorrow.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Weddings wheelchairs and WAV`s

Been out to a wonderful wedding today, full on  fun. Great time great friend's and marvellous food. It was made so much easier by being able to stay in my electric power wheelchair. We now have a wav. Wheelchair adapted vehicle. Just drive in and out! So  much easier for not only me but Heather as well. No fear of me falling trying to get out of the car or Heather having to push me everywhere. I was able to move about and seek out who I wanted to talk to and chat to people without needing Heathers help. Independence, you can't beet it

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Learning to paint with water colours

I wrote earlier in the year that I had got myself a journal and was trying to write and draw well I have now gone one step further, I received a set of water colour paints for my birthday. I had asked for them so it wasn't that much of a surprise but when I got them but I didn't have a brush. Oh I have house paining brushes in the basement from my life before MS yes I used to be capable of climbing ladders and painting windows and gutters but there is no ladders out there designed for wheelchair based house painters. The brushes I wanted didn't measure in inches and they had fewer hairs. Due to circumstances I have not managed to get to the shops and ordered a set of brushes from ebay. Well it was actually three packs of WH Smiths brushes sold for one pound fifty. It may sound like I am a cheapskate but I intend going out and doing an art shop for all the stuff I need.

My Pint set

My first attempt at art since school 45 years ago

I wanted to paint a get well card ( I had to send it coloured by pencils) because the brushes arrived to late. You can see my first attempt in the second picture, it is a discarded practice of the card I drew. So what I need to do is get out and purchase some supplies for my new hobby.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Exhausted after birthday celebration

Yesterday started off with a birthday breakfast at Taddys tea rooms. I had full English. I like it there nice food nice staff  and nice surroundings. I came home from there and had a couple of hours in bed in preparation for the main event a double celebration in the evening. Not only were we giving praise for the fact I had reached my sixty first year our eldest grandson had passed his Kent test and was off to Grammar school. Chinese food all round much fun and laughter and a  glasses of red. Well it's not every day your grandson gets to celebrate with his grandad.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Another day another hospital appointment

It's Wednesday that must mean Canterbury hospital! It has been a bit like that lately, today was an appointment with the specialists at Canterbury. I got to see the MS nurse and also the specialist physio nurse. They are both fantastic and have sorted so many different things for me over the years. My first MS NURSE retired about ten years ago and her replacement swopped with my current one because it made logistical sense they were literally passing each other going in opposite directions each morning, by swooping they are both now working their home patches. Well we caught up on what has been happening. How the boric has worked out did the new painkillers work etc. The answer by the way was no, I have a very sensitive bowel and tablet changes often result in unwanted side effects.
The result of all this was I am going to get a call from the pain clinic. I am maxing out on painkillers most days and pain is in itself debilitating. Fatigue levels of late have been awful and it has made quality of life pretty boring. Still it sound as if I am moaning, I am not its just putting the facts down, moaning about it won't change anything. We left Canterbury and then headed to Whitstable to check out a venue where we are visiting in a fortnight time. We drove past the turning twice so just as well we did a reccee we will find it on the Day now. After that we headed homewards having skipped lunch we decided on fish and chips in Sandwich but Heather needed to nip home first. I stayed in the car whilst she went in and retrieved the washing she was worried about, by as she was leaving the house she answered the phone. I saw her again about thirty minutes later. Thank goodness for car radio's I sat in the car being tortured by the newspaper just out of reach in the back of the car. I was delighted to see Heather when she got back in the car.
Fish and chips were delicious we sat in the car catching up on today's happenings eating and drinking Aloe water, our vicar New my liking for it and had bought me two bottles yesterday, he can't stand the stuff and bells me aloe pulp in water is disgusting but I don't care what he thinks I love the stuff. Well that's my news, I doubt I will post anything tomorrow as it is my Birthday and I will be otherwise occupied eating cake and bacon sandwiches etc.  etc. Night folks.

Check out your home insurance

I was coming up to bed in the through floor lift tonight and got to thinking house insurance! That lift is worth almost as much money as we paid for the house a lot of years ago. Tomorrow when I get up I am checking the house insurance, it's no good thinking oh I must be covered because insurers find ways not to cover you. So I will be on the phone asking them not trying to read the small print and second guess them, I want to know.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Oh Botox

Yep it was botox injection time again. Last Friday! The whole day spent traveling and half an hour being checked and injected. The two complete days in bed sleeping unroll late in the afternoons just getting up in time to eat catch a bit of TV and sleep again. Two days of virtually continuous sleep approximately twenty hours each day. Multiple Sclerosis messes with my body big time. Today I was awake at 05:30 and have been awake all day. It is now 23:00  and not really tired hence blogging now in bed using my kindle.
The injections are supposed to reduce the tone in my hamstring muscle and enable better movement in my legs. It does work but not terribly well. I am hoping this round will be more successful,  I will keep you posted, watch this space.

Big Boys Toys at new addition to Benridge Care Group, Asmall Hall care home

I opened up my inbox and was greeted by the sight of Bill playing on a mini-digger sorting out the new fences at Asmall Hall, the latest care home in the Southport Area of Lacashire to join the Benridge Care Group. Asmall Hall  Asmall Lane Sarisbrick Ormskirk L40 8JL ofers EMI care both as residential and also respite care. Visit the Benridge Care Group website Here
Or look at the Benridge Care Group Facebook Page
if you or your family are considering EMI care contact
Good Companions 113 Roe Lane Southport PR9 7PG Tel  01704 220450

Asmall Hall  Asmall Lane Sarisbrick Ormskirk L40 8JL Tel 01695579548
Bill at Asmall Hall photo courtesy of ON THE SPOT NEWS Southport


Read about the Makeover at Asmall Hall here on the OTS News Website

Big Boys Toys at new addition to Benridge Care Group, Asmall Hall care home

I opened up my inbox and was greeted by the sight of Bill playing on a mini-digger sorting out the new fences at Asmall Hall, the latest care home in the Southport Area of Lacashire to join the Benridge Care Group. Asmall Hall  Asmall Lane Sarisbrick Ormskirk L40 8JL ofers EMI care both as residential and as respite. Visit the Benridge Care Group website Here
Or look at the Benridge Care Group Facebook Page
if you or your family are considering EMI care contact
Good Companions 113 Roe Lane Southport PR9 7PG Tel  01704 220450

Asmall Hall  Asmall Lane Sarisbrick Ormskirk L40 8JL Tel 01695579548


Read about the Makeover at Asmall Hall here on the OTS News Website

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Oh Botheration

Not a good day today, I don't know whats up but I just cant seem to get going. Everything is to much trouble I just ate an apple because it was nearer than going to the kitchen to get something else. As I say I don't know why but I am peed off! I have sat here listening to music but now the speaker has gone flat I can't be bothered to plug it in to recharge it. Yep thats about the length of it I CAN NOT BE BOTHERED

Monday, 3 October 2016

Walk to Cliftonville, haircut and count ships

Yep the title pretty well sums up my day. I have needed my hair cutting for a week or more and today was fine dry and warm so we decided to walk to Cliftonville and visit the hairdressers. We went to our normal one but no joy they had no slots for over an hour and a half and we were a bit pushed on time. Having put in the effort, well Heather did the physical effort mine is more mental effort, keeping myself in the wheelchair and not crossing in front of any cars or lorries! We decided to try another barber's and trundled along to the on me near Saint Paul's Church I think it is called Hasains or Nazers or something. The lad who cut my hair said he was going back home to Turkey so I imagine they are Turkish, powers of deduction I should have been a detective. Well I had a haircut and a beard trim and he shaves with an open or cut throat razor and it was fantastic, I have a mate who is a barber himself who travels from Whitstable to have a shave and hot towel facial so maybe they have gained another customer.
We left the barber's and headed towards the sea so I could count the number of ships, twelve if you are interested. We then headed back home as Heather was needed on Grandson duty. Half way towards home the grandson duty was cancelled. Still it introduced me to the delights of a Turkish shave and taught me never to have a nostril wax, the screams of the lad foolhardy enough to think it a good idea will live with me for a long time. I may have changed barber's but call me old fashioned if you like but I am not into waxing. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Asmall Hall Care Home Ormskirk

I have just got off the phone to our friend Carole McLaughlin co-owner of The Benridge Care Group and she was shopping for new light fittings for Asmall Hall Care Home Ormskirk. I posted last week about their need for new nursing staff as Asmall Hall is now in the ownership of the Benridge Care Group and the whole place is being overhauled and the light fittings were for a room being transformed for a new resident due to move in shortly. Benridge Care Group already own two other care homes in the area Benridge their original and first Home and also Good Companions which is a sister home to Benridge. 
The existing homes already specialise in  EMI Care  which the CQC describe as Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care, Dementia, Eating disorders, Mental health conditions, Physical disabilities, Sensory impairments, Substance misuse problems, Caring for adults over 65 yrs
So taking on Asmall Hall is a natural choice and continuation of the services provided at Benridge and Good Companions
Carole had to cut me short as the electricians were waiting for the fittings and carpet fitters and a new lift were also due along with curtains being fitted and new equipment arriving!  Asmall hall will  be a fitting addition to the Benridge Care Group and if you have need of residential care in the Southport Lancashire area ring them on:-
Benridge   53 Queens Road Southport PR9 9HB Tel  01704 530378

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Asmall Hall Care Home Ormskirk Southport NURSE MANAGER & NURSE VACANCIES

 Our friends have just taken over Asmall Hall Care Home
Benridge Care Group - Nursing and Residential Care
Asmall Hall Care Home is now under the new ownership of Benridge Care Group.
There are exciting changes to come to Asmall Hall Care Home.
So if you would like the opportunity to be a part of this from the start, please apply.
RGN/RMN's required.
£15 per hour dependant on experience.
NURSE MANAGER, rate of pay is negotiable
Please contact Joyce Craney on the following email:
Tel: 01704 530378/01695 579548

Maybe one of my readers can benefit from this information.

Benridge Care Group WEBSITE 

Benridge Care Group Facebook

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hot weather makes me weak

I have not had the best of days, the heat just makes me feel so weak. I have sat in the wheelchair all day avoiding doing anything. Then tonight I came up had a shower and a quick shave went to stand and when I was on my feet eventually I had to call Heather to get me the wheelchair to cross the landing . I couldn't walk! My legs wouldn't move, I was in bed just before nine. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

A big juicy marrow bone for a poorly Frazer

No words needed
Give him a big hug from me and all of us on the board XXX thinking of you and Him

Trials and Tribulations of Multiple Sclerosis

I was diagnosed over twenty years ago and over those years I have riled against each new symptom with all of my available energy. I have over come weakness by using tools, first walking sticks, one at first and the two, the same with crutches. At each turn i had to find some way to accommodate and then overcome best as possible. I have had walkers and zimmers wheelchairs and scooters and each has fulfilled a need at a stage in the progression    of my MS. I  have never had a relapse my MS is called Primary Progressive MS which means I have been in a gradual decline for over twenty years. I am now in a power wheelchair full time because I can only do a few steps with my zimmer frame, on a good day I might manage a dozen steps on a bad day zero and even getting out of bed proves a fruitless task. But we all need to get out of bed at some stage to visit the bathroom and on bad days my wife will struggle to get me into the push wheelchair to negotiate the few feet across our landing.
This brings me to the real reason of this blog post MEDICATION.

Yep I need my medication to try and enjoy and if not enjoy, to endure my day to day life. I take antidepressants to keep me from sinking into depression and they are the two most important tablets I take each day. Depression is a bitch! it will rob you of the joy of life and leave you under that black cloud unable to understand why you feel so sh*te. Depression is like a fog that never clears and everything looks murky and distant. But I found that owning up to the fact you are feeling dismal or even suicidal and seeking help is like a weight has been lifted and then a sliver of sunshine entered my gray world and eventually my days went from mono tone to full on colour. Don't get me wrong I still get bad days but they are the exception not the norm. Other tablets I take are painkillers, and one bad side effect to any pain relief is it can cause tummy problems. Constipation or diarrhea are two extremes and all manner of aspects in between. I recently changed pain relief and the first thing it did was yes stop the pain but it upset my tummy. Now as I mentioned I can barely walk and have a wheelchair and a trough floor lift, the lift was a result of falling whilst trying to get on the stairlift.
Speed is of the essence when you get the desire that you really need the toilet and I just aint speedy anymore, so after five days of trying the new tablets I had to admit defeat  and go back to my old painkillers. So the moral of this story is this, if for any reason you change or start new tablets BEWARE you could end up with unintended consequences, if you become constipated take some form of laxative and if it is the opposite stay close to the loo. 
How will they affect me
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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hottest Day of the Year

I have had a few days in bed, not an unusual occurrence for me but I am pleased to say I am out of bed today the day the temperature has sored to around 30%C in places. I am lucky to live near the sea here at Margate. Years ago before I got Multiple Sclerosis I would have ended a day such as this with a BBQ on the beach and a swim  with the kids at our beach hut. How times have changed! I have spent today in  a  room with the curtains drawn and two fans running trying to  keep cool. MS seems to seep the strength out of me, even writing these few words is taking my full concentration and my typing is awful spell checker is going into hyperdrive so I am signing off. Hope you have kept cool today.
Keep yourself hydrated

Friday, 15 July 2016

Sitting watching the Open Golf

Here's me sitting in my wheelchair watching the Open and reminiscing when I was a lad. I must have been about thirteen or fourteen years old and to top up my income (I worked at the local Market and at the butchers shop) I decided to give caddying a go. One of my school mates earned a few bob doing it so off I go early on a Sunday morning. I rode my bike to the local golf club and offered my services to a group of chaps and I went off carrying these golf clubs for some bank clerk.  His mates all had trolleys I was carrying his bag and giving him his clubs. All morning I trudged around with these clubs and come the 19th hole time we all went to load clubs into the cars and get paid. The Banker put his hand in his pocket and came out with fifty pence  which he gave me and walked off to his two mates as they entered the club house. As they met up I walked over and tapped him on the shoulder and he turns and is greeted by me offering his fifty pence back back. He looked puzzled and I said to him by way of explanation "You best have this fifty pence back you obviously need it more than me" His mates creased up laughing and he dug out his wallet and gave me a pound note which was the going rate and told me to keep the fifty pence as a tip. After that I used to stand in the car park offering my services by going up to prospective employers as the got their clubs out of  cars  say "Caddy Sir A Pound a Round" never saw the banker again but his two mates always laughed whenever I saw them.
Royal Troon a million miles from our local club
How to win friends and influence people
American Caddy Girls
whilst looking for a picture of a golf caddy I found the last picture of caddy girls on the DH Caddy Club all I can say is caddys were not like that in my day, maybe I will take up golf again

Click here fore website

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Asda for food and counting the Ships

Big Blue Ship being attacked by tiny sailing boat
I didn't manage to get out at all yesterday, I never got out of bed until almost lunch time and then I had to watch the Grand Prix and then it was time to see Andie Murray win at Wimbledon. Then the evening involved curry and beer as I waited for France to beat Portugal. Well was I in for a disappointing evening wasn't I?  Today I woke up at 06:30am. Heather was still in the land of nod in her room so I  read for a bit and when Heather woke up we had tea and  got the day on the road. After breakfast we headed off to Asda for a bit of food stuff and I chose myself  a camera magazine then we was off for a ride to see the sea. Those of you who read my blogs will know I am always counting the Ships off Margate and this morning I managed to achieve a tally of twelve, the default number is ten so I was pleased. We rode round through Broadstairs Margate and on to Westbrook where we would normally park if we were going to the beach hut but today was windy and if anyone was on the beach they would have needed goggles to stop the sandstorm blinding them. We sat in the car for ten minutes before heading home to have late lunch. I managed to grab forty winks after and then it was time to tune in to see the new Charlie Dimmock gardening show. If people ask me how I fill my day I will tell them that time just evaporates and it does, I don't do anything and I cant do anything  and more importantly I don't care. My days of caring are way past, once I wanted to fight against the MS and carry on working but I had to accept that MS was making my life change and I found it impossible to do what I then regarded as the norm. Now looking back I don't know how I came to terms with the changes multiple sclerosis threw at me in those early day.
Enough doom and gloom, I started out writing this post last night and today has been a stay at home day. Nothing to report for today other than I have spent the day reading and our grandson came for tea and our son and his wife called in this evening.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Saturday Blues

After yesterdays sleep fest today I was awake nice and early and read and checked a few blog plus won several games of cards before Heather woke up this morning. Heather got me up showered and dressed I have had my breakfast. I have read the paper I have read the magazine and I have looked at all of the associated junk mail that comes with the paper. I have drawn a picture in my sketch book and I am now on the laptop. I am fed up. Everything I touch goes wrong I dropped the pencils and broke the lead I snaked a crayon in half and when I was trying to free the lead for the laptop from its prison all the books and papers that I was so desperately  trying not to tip onto the floor ended up there anyhow. Why didn't I ask Heather just to get the laptop? It would have been easier and nothing would have ended up on the floor and she wouldn't have had to clear up after me AGAIN. She had to pick up the pencils and crayons bu at least I hadn't dropped the whole case of 72 again (it was a nightmare getting them all back ito their little recesses). I try and do stuff so she isn't doing everything but as you can see the more I do to 'help' the more work she gets. I now feel sad, not for me but for her, she never moans well not a lot she just does everything. I want to be the one who does stuff for my wife to love and protect her not the other way round but what can you do when your shoes let in water (I have no idea why I use that saying or where I picked it up from) Back to the grindstone whinge over HAVE  A GOOD WEEKEND.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Today was payback for going out and enjoying myself

The alarm goes off at seven thirty virtually every day and today was no exception. Heather makes the tea, all of our married life I always made her tea in bed up until I became to disabled to do it. At the end we used to bring a tray consisting of teapot milk etc to bed and have a kettle beside the bed but eventually I had to admit defeat and now Heather makes me tea in bed! This morning we were expecting the man to service the boiler so Heather took her tea into the bathroom and then onto getting dressed. When she returned with her empty cup evidently I was fast asleep my tea untouched and I do remember  jumping out of my skin when she spoke to me. I drank my tea and said wake me in half an hour, yeah like half an hour was going to make a difference. I eventually rose at three pm. Courtesy of having the audacity to go out yesterday and eat bacon and brie sandwiches and try and be a grown-up. It's just after eleven o'clock now so night folks speak tomorrow that is if I can stay awake tong enough.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Bacon Sandwiches at Ramsgate

Well I tried the Diet, it lasted for us matter of hours. If you cannot eat bacon sandwiches I will not stick with a diet. Today's bacon sandwiches were at Ramsgate' s Boating pool cafe. And what fantastic sandwiches they were. Doorstep cut bread crusty and about an inch thick, slathered in butter then slices of brie and then back bacon. A bacon and brie sandwich washed down with  a good cup of coffee sitting in the sunshine overlooking the boating pool listening to the ducks quack and kids play. It was delightful, I decided I hadn't eaten there in about twenty years but after today's offering we will be back pretty darn quick and they are open all year round so a winter cafe for us to put on the list. Phil was with us today so after having a second coffee all round we walked along the cliff top. I had read online that phantom knitters had been decorating places and Western Cliffs have been made brighter for their efforts. I had never seen the statue thing called Hands and molecules that Pfizer donated.
The sun by now was getting the better of me so Heather and Phil took it in turns pushing me in the wheelchair and we headed back to the car and judging by the red glow on my face  we made it back before I got sunburned. So Ramsgate' s West Cliff has two good providers of quality bacon sandwiches, the Outlook Cafe  by Putin Abbey and home and the Boating Pool Cafe. We will be returning to visit both again soon but I must remember the Sun cream next time.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis with Diet

I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis  and have had it for over twenty years. I had heard about the Swank Diet  but here it is in a simple to follow video. Check the website as well
#MultipleSclerosis #MS #Diet

Monday, 4 July 2016

Catheter problem

I have had my Supra Pubic Catheter just short of three years and it has been marvellous. I have gone from constant UTI' s and being rushed into hospital if I bled when the nurse came to change my ureatheral catheter to virtually no infections and no problems until yesterday. I hadn't passed much urine array and decided to do a catheter wash thing, basically squirt water down the catheter. I used to get the washes on prescription but not having needed them  for over three years we  called into our chemists on our way home from a trip out. SIX QUID FOR A SINGLE BOTTLE.  That's the price of fifty mil of sterile water and when we got home we had a bottle anyhow! Still better safe than sorry.
By the time we were back home I was in a fair amount of discomfort and squeezing water down the tube never changed anything. Time to call 111 non emergency healthcare and arrange for a district nurse to come see what was going on. I put the phone down from calling 111 and  a few minutes later the out of hours nurses phoned and arranged to call asap.
She came out about eight forty five and changed the catheter. No urine passing just about a cup full?
She phoned another nurse who was replacing her as she was off duty at nine (9:30 by now) and arranged for her to call later and check how I was doing. 11:00 pm. And still not much urine new nurses, the ride in two's during the night  arrived. Takes out catheter and reinserts it and bingo. Then overnight a full night bag full of liquid gold. I was knackered but happy. 

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Had a hard day

Yep how hard can it be, just laying in bed sleeping all day? Believe me it is hard, hard mentally, I don't want to be in bed I want to be up and doing stuff but today that wasn't going to happen even after a good eight hours of sleep I woke up and was exhausted. MS really messes with my body I get fatigue were I cannot even lift a leg off the bed, my muscles just refuse to work. In the past I have had to sleep downstairs because I was physically unable to get onto the stairlift. That problem has been resolved with a through floor lift but it still needs me to be able to get out of the wheelchair and undress for bed.
I am due a catheter change next week maybe I have an infection brewing. UTI' s are a major cause of problems with any form of illness but multiple sclerosis loves to mess people with any type of infection. Let's hope I don't have an infection as I am due for more treatment at Kings Hospital on Friday.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hospital trip exhausts me

I had an appointment at The Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital at ten fifty yesterday and seeing it was such a nice day Heather and I decided to walk. It's not far as the crow flies so we set out in plenty of time. Crossing roads in the wheelchair is a whole new experience to me and one I found pleasant. Each time a driver stopped to allow me to cross, even when there was a traffic island for safe haven by the time I had reached it the traffic on the other side had stopped to allow me safe passage. We got to the QEQM in time and I had just opened the copy of Homes and Gardens when my name was called out. Twenty minutes after we were heading back retracing our steps but I chose one different crossing point and discovered no dropped curb! Annoying as it was i made a short detour to find a drive way made no real difference but reminded me that the world for wheelchair user's is far from perfect.
By the time I got home I was exhausted and turned Heathers offer of a trip round Tesco down. But when she got home again I had recovered enough to want to go out so we went to Sandwich and ate Fish n Chips sitting in the car watching the world go bye. I must tell you about the lady and here dog. Car pulls up in front of us lady gets out followed by a border Collie. Off THEY walk dog on lead and we eat our fish n chips. We are just finishing up, Heather has taken rubbish to the bin  as I notice afore mentioned lady and dog heading back towards the car. The dog is no longer on its lead and it bounds up to the rubbish bin and starts to bark and growl at the bin as it dances and circles it. And it's owner walks up after it has been round the bin two or three times barking and growling away. She walks past the dog as it tell the bin off, she opens the car door the dog stops chastising the bin jumps in the car and off they drive. All I can say is it wasn't the midday Sun that was affecting the dog. Odd very odd.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

First Day up

I have resurfaced. Up this morning to do the S S & S and now downstairs,I watched a film with our son and then  watched Football. I am now sitting listening to Down by the River Neil Young and Crazy Horse all fourteen minutes forty seven seconds of it. I never rated Crazy Horse forty years ago and I am more mellow now but I can take or leave it. I must dig out After The Gold rush
Well, I dreamed I saw the knights
In armor coming,
Saying something about a queen.
There were peasants singing and
Drummers drumming
And the archer split the tree.
There was a fanfare blowing
To the sun
That was floating on the breeze.
Look at Mother Nature on the run
In the nineteen seventies.
Look at Mother Nature on the run
In the nineteen seventies. 

Monday, 13 June 2016

Back to bed

I have bee n in bed for over two  days with what in all honesty is  nothing but a common cold. Multiple Sclerosis likes to be in charge of my body and something as simple as a cold has really wrecked my body. I was determined to get up this afternoon after all two days of almost constant sleep is enough for any man. I eventually managed to get onto the edge of the bed and with Heather holding the zimmer I was standing. Yah success oops too soon I fell back on the bed.  This called for plan B the wheelchair. I call it wheelchair because you can sit in it and it has wheels. It is really a commode but it is called a wheelchair in polite society it is the only chair in the bedroom and when the vicar comes to visit me in my sick bed I tell him to sit on the wheelchair, he knows as well as I do that it's a commode but he sits in it and I expect if I asked him he would give me Communion deleted on a commode.
I did eventually manage to get downstairs and watch some of the Spain versus Czechoslovakia match. But now  I am back in bed listening to Patti Smith sing After the Gold rush. I must say I think I prefer Patti dining it. The trouble is the Neil Young is an icon and his rendition is what we all know and have grown up with.and I was fifteen in 1970 when it was released so after forty five years maybe me ears welcomed the new rendition.
I am signing off because I can hardly keep my eyes open. Nite folks

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Common cold wreaks havoc with Multiple Sclerosis

Something as simple as a common cold can steel havoc with what is left of my immune system. A urine infection virtually wipes me out for days, I will go rigid and a trip to the bathroom with legs sticking out unable to bend at the knee is problematic. My legs are thankfully bending but this cold has closed me down both mentally and physically. It is just as if I am on  tick over just managing vital stuff but don't push it. I have been asleep all day, Heather has had to wake me to have a drink or eat

 It has been like I had shut down. I know some smart arse out there will have a name for it but here is mine. It's . White. noo no no its shhhh ite

It really is a common cold

No manners at all, there I was five days after Heather had started coughing and spluttering and feeling smug with myself in cor I ain't arf lucky kind of smugness and bang. Yep to late Ethel I hand already been incensed. Yesterday runny nose oops no Friday night  I sat in my wheelchair with a box of tissues and a carrier bag over the handle ready to receive the dirty tissues, and boy did did it fill up fast. Today I will again spend it in bed. MS hates anything messing with its status quo and even if I could manage to get out of bed I know I would end up in an undignified pile on the floor. So better safe than sorry another day in bed. I can feel a nap coming on. Writing this has exhausted me. Bye folks.

Friday, 10 June 2016

How come I get a cold in the middle of June?

I ask you how does that work?
I have avoided coughs and colds all winter and bang this morning I have the sniffles and tonight I was sat in the wheelchair with a box of tissues and a carrier bag looped over the hand control full of used snotty tissues. I am now in bed doubtful that I will very much sleep feeling crap!
Still I watched Love Nina and Mum  two brilliant TV shows. Saw some of the football  and ate a Chinese chicken curry. That really made the old nose run.
Let's hope I feel better tomorrow.

Anyone else waiting for the Euros?

Here I am up showered and breakfasted wondering what to do with myself until this afternoon when the football starts. I know England is not pls until tomorrow but France play a good game.
So footie is not floating your boat? You can't escape Europe at the moment can you, football politics  and immigration. I don't care now, I posted my vote of yesterday and I imagine that it is sitting in a mail sack with loads of it's mate's waiting for its moment of glory.
The football is not on to hours yet so maybe time for a bacon sandwich. TTFN

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

No cure for Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

I had a hospital appointment at Canterbury out patients department today. Good trip through to the hospital the roads were very quiet. Parking took a bit of hanging around. I need a disabled space so I can transfer into the wheelchair. It took us about twenty minutes to get a space only to see someone pull up and reverse into a newly vacated space with no hassle, I told him with luck like that he best do the lottery this week. We walked toward the outpatient department and he was met with a torrent of abuse from his dad whom he was collecting. His dad had been seen before time and finished earlier than planned. You can't win sometimes can you?
I had an appointment with Nikki the specialist physiotherapy nurse. Basically there is nothing they can do because all the new disease modifying drugs that people keep telling me are a cure for MS are in fact able to halt it's progression but I  to far gone for them to help me. That folks is the story of my life. I Eamomn Holmes jumped out with his book  I am sure it would read Don you are one unlucky man if it wasn't for bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all.
Still I have been lucky in love and that is what counts. Maybe one day there will be a cure be it stem cell therapy or something else I may not live to see it but MS will one day be a curable disease. I can remember once reading a book about Irish Navvies in the Victorian era digging railway tunnels and cuttings and the main characters favourite saying was There's a good time coming but we may not live to see it.
I must say having Multiple Sclerosis is a bit like that I am getting older and my condition is getting worse but the Day of the cure is getting closer.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Been a funny old week

I am laying in bed writing this thing to recall what has been a funny old week. With Monday being bank holiday it always messes with my brain, it's like when the clocks move either back or forward my brain goes to mush. The Bank Holiday messes me up big time, is today Sunday was a question I asked Heather several times. Then we get that gone and our son George got married on Wednesday. It was just the legal bit day we are celebrating in July so no fuss. A quiet registry office ceremony no rings no photos to mark the occasion. And that was followed by coffee at his now wife's parents and then a meal at the hotel that the ceremony and the blessing  of the rings will take place in.
The sheer fact of getting in and out of the car so many times exhausted me and I spent  Thursday in bed. Friday was a day at home and then early evening we went to Sandwich for fish and chips. Today is Sunday (the real one) and we had one of our daughter's for dinner because their oven decided to break down.
It's now just after eleven and I am knackered. I am not sure where the week went but it has gone and I am looking forward to a bit of peace but Oh no we have a hospital appointment on Wednesday, so much for a peaceful week.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Bank Holiday at Home

When I was younger a lot younger I can remember making  plans for the Bank Holiday weekend. Meeting with my mates and going somewhere by train at first then by car as I progressed from shank's pony to having wheels. Wheels in those days enabled me to go places. I can remember a trip down to Hastings and stopping in a pub with a piano in it and about four car loads of us piled in and livened up the place and took a collection for our off key renditions of music hall classics by taking the lifeboat collection box round. The lifeboat was filled in no time most probably in the vain hope we would all leave and let the other punters get back to some peace and quiet. We did go and carried on to have lots of fun at Hastings.
As I got older and more responsible (married) I would take the family out for day trips or even holidays over a bank holiday weekend. The extra day made a weekend seem endless the world became explorable or as spellchecker wants me to spell exploitable. An extra day to go somewhere new to go and investigate somewhere for free. The time taken was not as precious as a normal weekend, at that stage in my life the gap between Friday night and Monday morning was special I can remember working away from home and rushing home to spend some time with the family and having not been around all week those 48 hours were indeed precious. Heather had been looking after the kids and I tried to give her a break as well as spend quality time with the girls.
Now I am disabled things are a little different. I have not been able to work for several years. I cannot stand I can't walk and I am disabled from doing much of what I once classed as normal. I could be a lot worse than I am but I am housebound stuck either in a wheelchair or in bed. A walk means going round the block in  the wheelchair. Going out in the car is a full scale mission, I do go out but Heather is knackered by the time I am in and out of the car and  that is just getting there she then has to push me in the wheelchair, and is all the time looking forward to doing it all again on the homeward journey.
So forgive me if I never went out today and visited the sights and events going on for the Bank Holiday, I spent this one at home

Friday, 27 May 2016

Twitter is Bonkers but it works for Promoting your business

I am a serial twitter user I have done almost fifty thousand tweets in about seven years. That is seven thousand tweets per year or about six hundred tweets per month which equates to twenty tweets a day everyday. I don't tweet every day so some days I must do more. EEEK how did I become a Twitter addict?  The honest answer is I don't know. But from my expe
rience of Twitter I can say it is for me a relational experience. I tweet about mainly local businesses. I am known by the local social media communities even though I have never met them in person.
I tweet about local stuff and try and promote and support local stuff events or shop openings special offers or events. When I have met locals or maybe member's of my family have mentioned me being the promote Thanet guy I have been warmly regarded. I hope what I do helps the local businesses because I want them to thrive and prosper. I am not a Vulcan I don't actually like Star Trek, but I love Thanet and wish all the people I tweet to as the Star Trek blessing says "live long and prosper" – "dif-tor heh smusma" in the Vulcan language .

When I first discovered Twitter I thought it was bonkers. Who in their right mind can say stuff in one hundred and forty characters and more to the point who is going to read this stuff if you type it. But then seven years ago I wasn't into nor understood Social Media. I still don't understand why it works but what I do know that it does work. I know people who sell lots of stuff via Facebook. And when I say a lot of stuff I mean many hundreds of pound's if not thousands of pounds worth of stock every week via placing photo of their stock in Facebook. And to support Facebook they use Twitter and vice versa.
I used to be a disbelieving cynic. Now I am a fully paid up card carrying believer of the power of Social media.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Walpole Bay and Thanet Blue Flag Beaches

Due to the way data is collected some beaches lost the coveted Blue Badges, the data is at least twelve months out of date and certain beaches lost the Blue Flag Status because of data collected anything up to four years old. Well here is an article from twitter

You can find up to date information about Thanets Beautiful beaches on the Enviroment Agency website HERE<

All of the beaches around Thanet are sun and sand beauty spots so this bank holiday come and have a wonderful time at  the seaside. Margate Broadstairs Ramsgate Birchington and Westgate Beaches are all covered in sand waiting for you to come and build sand castles and eat ice cream. I can recommend Botany Bay Broadstairs as a safe Blue Flag Bathing beach because my Son in Law runs the beach Kiosk and the bacon sarnies are great. Have a great Bank Holiday and dont forget Margate Dreamland is open for fun fill days