Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Bed sore update

It has been over three weeks since we first saw the signs of my pressure sore. In those weeks I have had  various visits from the district nurse's and a couple of Telephone chats with my GP. I had not realised that bed sores could potentially be so dangerous. The numerous visits by the nurse's were to ensure  that the sore stayed intact because if it had popped I could potentially ended up with surgery had the site become infected.
Now offer three weeks the nurse has said I can keep the dressing off and let the air get to it. The sore has turned from red through blue to now a very dark almost black colour. Evidently it will now behave like a scab and dry up and drop off with new growth on my heal under it. Had it become infected it could have just become a mass of dead and decaying flesh! Not a thought I wish to dwell on. I made the mistake of going on Google images and some of the pictures are horrific, not a thing to do if you have a weak stomach.
It could be several more weeks before the black scab finally disappears if anything changes I will keep you posted.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Fatigue with MS wears me out

I have had people say "you can do it when you want to" or things like " you should try harder you will feel better if you do" if only they knew! I used to be the most active of people. Working six or seven days a week and running between tasks. Now I feel in a mental fug most of the time. My limbs don't just ache they hurt. Lifting my foot is a real effort, if I am on my zimmer I slide my feel because I physically cannot lift the. When sitting I often have to grab a leg to relocate it or lift it back onto my wheelchair foot plate. Trying to get a foot onto my stairlift is hit and miss Heather has o stand behind me and force it on before I can use it and often I collapse trying to negotiate the task. All of this exhausts me even more.
Talking wears me out! Yep even a gobby chattering like me has a limit on conversation now. Evidently I start to loose the thread and start talking rubbish, no change there  then.
Fatigue is not like feeling tired it is exhaustion not only with a capital E but bells and knobs on. I just have to stop and sleep.
So when you see someone struggling to cope spare a thought what they are going through before you judge what you think they should or shouldn't be able to do. 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Depression is depressing

With the BBC doing a session on the mind I am amazed at the figures on depression. One in four people suffer  from some sort of problem according to the BBC and the health service have no idea of how to treat people. That in its self is the depressing part of it. Tonight it has been reported that in Ireland they still administer electronic brain treatment or electric shocks. That is depressing that we have not managed to move on from treatment that was commonplace one hundred years ago.
I suffer with depression and am pleased that just a couple of tablets can keep me on an even keel. Many people don't know that they are depressed and can you imagine how they go through life not enjoying daily life. I am suffering from an incurable illness and am I depressed about it ? Yes but I am not suffering from depression. Confusing? Yep but it is the truth.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Pressure sore

Well it is still there I have had several visits from various nurses and they are all worried about the skin breaking. At the moment the skin has stayed ok and the area is turning a purple almost black colour. I am keeping it covered and changing the plaster every other day. One thing I dont advise is looking at pictures of pressure sores on Google, YUK. Hopefully this will reabsorb into my body but this is two weeks and no real change so I am set for a long job.

Waiting for GP telephone consultation

I am sitting here waiting for my GP to phone. I had booked a telephone consultation for yesterday but guess who sat waiting for the call for ages but had left the phone engaged. My GP called twice but got answerphone OOPS.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Quarter pounder with cheese my McDonald's of choice

It has been a hectic couple of weeks and today was no exception. Our middle Grandson wanted to take his Grandma to the pictures for her birthday treat. When you are eight years old your ideal treat is for your grandma to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. I was waiting in for the GP to call and kept the telephone on my lap tray all morning. When Heather gets back from the cinema she rushed in to see if I was OK only she couldn't get hold of me by telephone. I had not turned the phone off after a call and yes my GP had phoned twice but I would now need to make another appointment. Am I useless or just unlucky?
The builder has been here for three weeks and the house is turned upside down. So after he went home it was fish and chips or McDonald's. Mackie Dee won and I plumped for my usual a Quarter pounder with cheese and then I decided because it was a cold evening I would have a hot chocolate instead of my normal Strawberry Milkshake. I made a mistake the hot chocolate was crap. I should have known not to change from my normal choice . I am never having a McDonald's hot chocolate ever again. They do a fantastic strawberry milkshake and I now feel robbed of my favourite drink just because it was cold outside.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

KFC in car at Tankerton Whitstable

I went out last night, dinner at our daughters. I watched MOTD when we got back and was finally in bed about twelve thirty. I was awake at four fifteen with indigestion. After two hours sipping Peptac and playing freecell I managed to get back to sleep. All the exertion of my escapades meant I didn't get up until one o'clock. Well we ended up deciding on a ride to Whitstable and settled on Kentucky fried chicken and the obligatory KFC hot chocolate. This was eaten at Tankerton looking out over the Isle of Sheppy and in the distance we could see Essex and Southend.
Two pieces and chips eaten on the bone washed down by hot chocolate resulted in me covered in bits of chicken coating salt and a few chips but it all cleaned up and even my greasy fingers were soon licked clean and dried on KFC tissues.
Well after all that excitement I am in bed exhausted. Was it wort it? You bet it was.

Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

My MS has played havoc with my body. From the pins and needles twenty five years ago to the present day it has tried to own my body. Way back when and even before then I was once a fit young man. I was chosen to run for my school and in later years as a roof tiler I thought nothing of humping a ton of tiles up a ladder before breakfast. So I was no slouch. I may not have been Mister Universe but I was fit.
I first started getting back pains which my GP was unable to treat. After several trips to see various specialists I was finally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I have fought the beast at every turn. And finally had to give up work because I was to unsteady to continue. Along my journey I have tried to embrace every possible aid and adaption. Walking sticks, crutches zimmer frame etc. I have always tried to let adaptations and apparatus make my life easier. My body has enough to cope with and if I can make a difference by using a wheelchair so be it.

It has now got to the stage I cannot do a lot for myself. My wife dresses me and assists me in the bathroom. She has to do more and more for me but we face each new obstacle with a smile on our faces. Laughter as they say is the best medicine, if that were true I would be cured of MS. My journey thus far has taken over twenty-five years. Multiple Sclerosis is different for every single sufferer, there are many different strains of the beast and the reason I blog about my journey is to give hope to others. I suffer from MS but for me it is a problem but it is not the end of the world. It means on a good day I can sit in the car with a bacon sandwich and a big sloppy smile on my face. But on a bad day I am in bed unable to move.
I love life I wish it was different but I don't wish my life away. I embrace each day and it challenges.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Stress plays havoc with Multiple Sclerosis

So what comes first chicken or the egg? It is a bit like that with Multiple Sclerosis. One of the most debilitating things with MS is fatigue. No no feeling tired fatigue is sheer exhaustion. It is hard to describe, I wake up in the morning having been asleep for eight hours solid and feel worn out. I know I am going to feel worse during the day and the feeling of disappointment that this is the best and I am already knackered is in it's self enough to say sod it forget about today. But today I had a dentist appointment.
Mid day was my allotted time so just hanging around waiting for the time to go was boring. I normally watch a bit of telly but couldn't settle. I turned my computer on  but it didn't help. I was unsettled.
Because it was different I couldn't get on with normality. I knew I was exposing myself to the world. I have hardly been out since New year and I was feeling unsure of my capabilities. I struggled to get out of my wheelchair and into the car. I really struggled getting out of the car and back into the wheelchair my legs were not moving at all well. Much much worse than normal. We had managed to get a space directly outside the dentist but it was still a struggle for Heather negotiating the door and slope to get inside plus it was freezing, I had tears running down my cheeks where it was so cold.
Not long in the waiting room but long enough for me to chat nervously to everyone. Then more nervous chat once inside the surgery. All went well and I escaped. Normal struggle getting out of the building and back in the car. Now I am really exhausted and by the time we get back indoors all I wanted was painkillers and sleep. So after a stressful morning I settled down for a nap. I even slept through people ringing the doorbell and noisy banging about. I didn't think about it until after I awoke that the stress of a simple trip out had exhausted me. Still I have got six months to recuperate before my next dentist appointment.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

My battle with a bed sore

Those of you that read my rambling will know I have been feeling unwell since the New year. That feeling of malaise has resulted in me spending more time in bed, this has resulted in me getting a bed sore. I have never had one before but evidently I don't want nor need this new development in my life. I had to see the MS nurse on Monday just a routine visit and I mentioned this blue mark on my foot. She examined it and by the end of the Day the district nurse had called with some dressings for what was now a full grown blister.
Evidently if it bursts and gets contaminated it will be mucho bad news. First thing Monday morning another nurse arrived. She is jolly good fun and much frivolity ensued. But the it got serious. DON'T GET BEDSORE INFECTED. If it bursts call surgery ASAP  in meantime keep foot up as much as possible. And roll up blanket to go under my leg when I am in bed. She is hopeful it won't burst and hopefully with proper care it will reabsorb the fluid and disappear of its own accord, if it does burst it may develop into an ulcer and evidently I want to avoid this at all costs.
I will keep you posted.