Thursday, 31 March 2016

Pressure sore is much better

Last week the District nurse put me from twice weekly visits to once a week, today the nurse said it has improved so much that it looks like next week will be my last visit. YIPEE it's not that I don't like them each of the nurse's have been fantastic, it is just you set aside a whole day. They can't tell you when they are going to arrive so you just know they will be there Thursday and when it was twice a week you knew Monday's and Thursdays. Well if they are stopping the visits and letting Heather do the dressing changes we can go out. Pure selfishness I know but I am all self. No, it's just you can plan ahead. Freedom. Today was OK she came in before lunch and we went out this afternoon, it was a beautiful bright day and we managed a few photos for my other blog Promote Thanet
I have been doing sky pictures for Skywatch Friday for ages and I wanted to get some new shots so we had a ride and grabbed a KFC and ate it in the Turner contemporary car park and waited for the Sun to sink. I stayed in the car and Heather snapped the photos as I finished my hot chocolate in the warmth of the car. The rest as they say is history.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Wind wakes me up

Not that kind of wind, it is blowing a houlie here and a few minutes ago rain was lashing against the Windows. Hence the reason for me being wide awake at three AM. I am tired and I know that I am but I can't get back to sleep so blogging it is then, I tried playing cards but didn't win so I assumed my brain wasn't working to great so if this post makes no sense my apologies I though it was a good idea to blog with half my brain still in sleep mode. I had a long sleep yesterday not getting up unroll after two and then sleeping in the wheelchair. Obviously my brain or the waky up half thinks this is a good idea. I or them let's go back to sleep now half have different ideas so I am outta here see you all when the Sun is shining.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Been out again

It was a family birthday, our youngest Grandson had his birthday this week and had a party at a play park in the week but today it was a small family affair. He is seven now, I am not sure where those years have gone it seems just yesterday I was cuddling him in hospital for the first time. But there again I only think I am sixteen and not sixty. It was a great time and chilly and rice hit the spot but I was pleased it came with sour cream. I know Heather was glad about the cream as spicy dorritos are to hot for her palate. It was great to all be together and celebrate the little man growing up and I love it when he throws his arms around his old grandad, he hates it when we have to leave.
I had prepared for my excursion by sleeping but by the time we got back I was exhausted. Now I am in bed taking my second lot of painkillers and writing this while I wait for them to kick in. I am not sure where I don't hurt so let's say I hurt all over plus I have a headache. NITE folks I am outta here.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Nurse has been to change pressure sore dressing

I was sitting there minding my own business when the doorbell rings. I rush to the door and was greeted by the district nurse. They are all lovely and so friendly it is a delight when they visit. Well in my rush to answer the door I still had my lap tray sitting as its name  describes on my lap and on top of it was my laptop. Clever those people who thought up the names for those two items I very much doubt I could think up names so descriptive (that was me being sarcastic by the way) I am now in our hallway with stuff balanced on my lap and I had to reverse my wheelchair back from whence I came. We eventually got into the dinning room and Heather delivers the dressings etc from upstairs down so the nice nurse can check my foot (its much better) and apply a new sticky plastery thing to keep it clean and dry. All in all it took ten minutes most of the time was taken up by my reversing and taking even more chunks out of the door frames!!
The visits are being reduced to once a week from now on and any subsequent  changes of dressing done in house by my overworked and definitely under paid Heather. So that's it until next Thursday.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Stay at home days and Botany Bay Broadstairs

I have been indoors all day today, no trips out to the Range or counting the ship's off Margate and Cliftonville for me today. The weather has changed today, it's colder and the Sun has forgotten its job today. So I stayed put camera at the ready watching the garden birds and as previously mentioned eating bicycles (dont you love spellchecker insert biccies for bycycles). I played with the pencils trying to write and even tried and failed to draw David Cameron I got the quiff but that was my fist couple of strokes with the pencil, from there it all went drastically wrong. Tomorrow will be another day of staying put as the nurse is due to change the dressing on my ankle. The pressure sore is gradually getting better but it seems to be taking ages. It must be into its sixth week and at this rate it's going to be a few more weeks yet.
Still Easter is upon us and our youngest Grandson is having a birthday party. Jelly and cake all round I love kids parties. He will be seven and is having a party at a venue who's name escapes me and then another on Sunday for us older children. He is lucky two parties I thought only the Queen got jelly and cake twice. I am glad I got out yesterday and managed to sit in the sunshine. I hope the forecast for Margate is correct for the Easter break and the visitor's and day trippers manage to soak up some sunshine. I wrote earlier on my Promote Thanet blog about Botany Bay and its wonderful beaches.
Well I hope to get one of the beach kiosks bacon sarnies sometime over the weekend. I like bacon sandwiches.

Bad Don eating Maryland Cookies

Heather has gone out with her sister and I am home alone left to my own devices, that includes eating cookies. I decided the coffee Heather had left me was to wet and needed a biscuit or two to dry it down. I used to have a serious addiction to cookies of the chocolate chip variety and have had to curb the desire because I used to eat an entire pack at one sitting so today just five biscuits to one cup of coffee seems small fry and the pack is still within reach. NO DON DONT DO IT.
they are sitting there staring at me calling my name and saying eat me

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I went out to The Range

Not high on my list of places to visit but today it was the destination of choice. I wanted some art stuff and whilst searching online for a journal I discovered that The Range have a huge range of artist requisite. We got way laid by friends heading in for coffee and a cake but didn't join them, I was on a mission. I ended up with a couple of sketch pads, one I will use as a journal stroke jotter and one which has heavier quality paper as a sketch pad. I also invested in some pencils of various grades and colours plus a colouring book for Heather. The art stuff they have was mind boggling every thing you could imagine and the prices seemed very reasonable.
My first real shopping since before Christmas! Not that I have missed going out shopping but today the whole experience was an adventure. I never do any writting the computer satisfies all of my literary needs and it checks my spelling to boot. So I never pick up a pencil or pen and as a result I feel that my fine motor skills are suffering so I am going to write a journal do a bit of poetry and hopefully some sketching. I am really excited about it. I have a new hobby/interest and I am on a new adventure, who knows where it will lead I always wanted to paint so that's a possibility for sometime in the future. Wish me luck.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Feeling extra tired

The last six weeks have been stressful, the through floor lift has made life interesting, I don't like strangers in the house it messes with our routine. We have had three funerals in recent times and that took its toll on both of us. And seeing Heather having to cope with all of these strains is hard for me so how hard it is for her is hard to describe. She has lost her best friend and her brother yet she has to remain strong, I love her so much but I can't help her in a physical way, I can't even make her a cup of tea. She is exhausted and I am totally knackered. Let's hope Easter is warm and dry and we can get out for a few hours. 

Through Floor Lift Broken 2 days stuck upstairs

Yep two days coupled up in my bedroom. Breakfast dinner and supper stuck upstairs. They finally got back again having been unable to fix it yesterday at seven thirty tonight and finished it at nine forty five. I did go down for an hour and watched a bit of sport relief but am back in bed now. We has a party in my bedroom earlier Heather our son his partner and our eldest daughter. We know how to rock.
It is two days since I  started this post and I know safely able to get downstairs in the lift. Hopefully that is the last I will see of the lift engineers for a good while as it has taken a month give or take to install and Heather and I are both fed up with the banging and bashing and people in the house. So now we can look forward to me getting up and downstairs safe and sound with no falls getting on and off the stairlift.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Is pain worth the effort

It's there all the time, constant niggling away in the back ground dull but persistent. It worms it's way in to your very being. It is in the background close but unreachable like an itch you cannot scratch. But you live with it day in day out and it is the norm it is your default setting. I cannot remember a day without pain in some form or another. Normal everyday pain is accepted it is your friend your close companion, you spend more time with it than you do with your family, your husband your wife. You probably talk to it more than you do your kids, I say talk I mean moan rather than actually talking to out.
You moan about the discomfort it causes each groan is acknowledging it's existence, you know that it's there so maybe we groan because we want others to understand that we do actually hurt. Most of the time I ignore the pain but sometimes I resort to taking painkillers. I love pain relief. I remember once falling down the last few stairs when my leg was in plaster. It hurt, I mean IT HURT my neighbour was summoned and he chucked me in the back of his van and drove me to hospital. There they shoved a syringe of morphine in me. BLISS I no longer hurt. I couldn't feel a thing. That's why I wonder is pain worth the effort? I remember Michael Jackson was being anesthetized to get some rest it was an overdose of anaesthetic that killed him. I don't want to die but sometimes I do want to escape. Get away from the pain and be normal whatever normal is. Maybe normality is as much of a pain as pain is but I can't remember that far back, it was such a long time ago.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Now I know why they call them Bed Sore's

Yep when your in bed its sore Simples as that Meercat would say. I had a problem with the airflow mattress and it had to be changed so the normal mattress  caused me to wake up with my bed sore hurting me. so my Bed Sore is sore.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

No afternoon nap

I sat in the wheelchair whiling away the Day. I had my camera I had the computer there was television and the radio.. I could use the telephone I watched the garden birds. I read my book I read my bible. I did all of these things and what I wanted most was to sleep. I sat up I slouched left I slouched right I put a blanket over my legs I got to hot then I was to cold. I sat in the front room I sat in the back room. Do you think I could sleep. NO I Couldn't. I eventually managed to doze off and guess what?
Yep the door opened and in poured loads of people making drinks yes I did want a coffee no I didn't want a sandwich. Good bye to one lot talk to another lot. One group go of to change another lot come back from getting changed. The all of a sudden peace. Those that had changed took those who  hadn't changed out for coffee. No I didn't want to join them yes I will be Okay on my own. No I don't want anyone to stay and keep me company. Peace and could I sleep? No I never and now almost seven hours later I am still wide awake.

Life is never just black and white

I am sitting here home alone, everyone has gone out. An hour ago the place was packed, everyone back from a family funeral. I couldnt hear myself think above the hub bub of friendly chat and banter. Its quiet now just the noise of the passing traffic and a bricklayer working away next door. I am all set up I have finished my coffee and everything I should ever need is here beside me.So I thought I would share my needs with you. Here is a couple of photos the first in black and white the other in colour. I have been playing with the camera hence the choice.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Bedsore and Catheter two birds one stone or nurse

Yep I know how to roll. Sitting here minding my own business and there is a noise at the door. Eventually there is someone banging on the door. Heather has gone out with her sister so it is down to me to answer the door. Once open I am greeted by the district nurse. She wants to kill two birds with one stone and check and dress my bedsore and change my catheter. Well I am still here so things must have gone well. My Catheter change went fine and then she checked the pressure sore which is evidently looking good. So now I am sitting here with a new dressing on my foot and a new supra pubic catheter and an empty coffee cup, all in all it has been a good day apart from the shortage of coffee.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Bah humbug bedsore update

Awoke this morning and my foot was different. On inspection Heather discovered the dressing had worked its way off and what had been a dry pink area of unbroken skin was raw and weeping. Where the podiatrist had removed the dead black scabby drug was now an open sore and yes it is sore. I must have rubbed it in my sleep. We called the district nurse and she came around lunch time. By the time she had finished kneeling before me dressing it I was starving so the one bright spot of the Day came after she had left when Heather went and got me a Village Pantry beef and onion roll, they are wonderful a long baguette filled with freshly cut home cooked beef and lots of fresh raw onion. I must say it took my mind off bedspread nurse's and podiatrist's for a while. They are back on Wednesday!!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

botulinum toxin injections in my legs (botox)

botulinum toxin

Yep I have had botox. It's the same stuff that people have injected into themselves to make their lips pout or their abs look hitch. In my case it is to make my legs bend. I am very unsteady at transferring from wheelchair to chair or stairlift and very unsafe in the bathroom and having exhausted all other options I have ended up with boric. The theory behind it is simple, the boric shuts down certain muscles in my case my hamstring and another muscle on the front of my legs. Muscle Tone is the only thing that enables me to stand and make the few steps I do take but at the same time to much tone can be dangerous causing all sorts of problems with transfers etc. So hopefully we can strike a happy balance, if the dose is to much I won't be able to get out of bed let alone transfer to my wheelchair. To little and I am no worse off than I am at the moment so it was a no brainer I had to go with it.
It takes about five days to kick in and about ten weeks to wear off so here is to hoping it's not to much. If it is I will be basically bed bound for the duration. Not ideal but a gamble worth taking. Anything to make my life more bearable. The other option would have been cannabis spray Savitex but it is not available on the NHS and I cannot afford to fund it myself. Cannabis is proven to be of benefit to Multiple Sclerosis sufferers but politically it is a minefield. No one wants to be seen condoning the use of illegal drugs for medical usage. The fact is the use of medicinal cannabis is nothing to do with whacky baccy or dope or pot is overlooked by the establishment and people like me are suffering. 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Bed Sore is getting better

There I was all happy and minding my own business and the phone rings. I never reached it but Heather my wife answered it. On the other end was a happy voice enquiring as to how my feet were and in particular how was my bedsore coming along. The mystery voice turned out to be the podiatrist and she wanted to see my foot which resulted in today me taking my foot along to the clinic in Margate. It is only about half a mile from our house so we set out in plenty of time me in the wheelchair and Heather leading the way. Over the last Month the pressure sore has gone from a red fluid filled blister to a black crusty scab covering what I have now found to be a much smaller red blister.
The lady podiatrist has cut all the black crusty scab off and now she has revealed the last remains of the Bed Sore. That has now been covered with a iodine patch and covered in plasters because I have been told to keep it dry. I got  out of there and came back home in the sunshine. Margate has had its warmest day of the year and I was able to start my 2016 suntan. My brush with nurses never ended there, an hour or so after getting home the district nurse called to change the dressing but that was put off until Monday. While she was here she checked my blood pressure and updated my notes and after about ten years I have actually signed a consent form for the nurses to change my Catheter.

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