Saturday, 30 April 2016


found these via twitter


Tilly Laura Laura and Charlotte

Laura, Charlotte, Laura & Tilly

Over the August Bank Holiday Weekend we will be walking over 100 miles from Brighton Pier to Broadstairs Pier in aid of some really great causes! 
Each day we will walk (and maybe even run) over 30 miles.
On Day 1 we will begin at Brighton Pier and follow the coast as much as we can stopping for the night at Bexhill On Sea. 
On Day 2 we will make our way from East Sussex back to our home county of Kent resting for the night at Dymchurch. 
The final day will be our longest stretch at over 33 miles. Walking through much more familiar surroundings we will finish on Monday evening at Broadstairs Pier!!!
We are so excited to work together to raise as much money as we can for our chosen charities as well as putting ourselves to the test.
We really appreciate your support and know that any donations received will make a difference to each of the charities!  
Thanks... and wish us luck! :-/ xxx

Kent MS Therapy Centre 
The aim of the Kent MS Therapy Centre is to improve the quality of life for people with Multiple Sclerosis, their families and those who care for them. Being diagnosed with MS can be a very demoralising experience and many people turn to the Centre for support.  The Centre provides advice, information and practical therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, counselling, body massage and reflexology to name a few. Specialist clinics and symptom management workshops are also held on a regular basis.  Opened in 1985 the Centre offers a warm and caring environment for people of all ages and their relatives and friends. It is funded almost entirely by voluntary contributions, with MS patients themselves making a small contribution towards their therapies. The Centre is completely self suporting and receives no support from the Government or NHS whatsoever despite its obvious key role in the community. 
Welcome to Pilgrims Hospices
Pilgrims Hospices is a charity providing specialist palliative care free of charge to people in east Kent. We care for people with illnesses that can not be cured including cancer, heart failure, respiratory conditions and neurological diseases.
Care is provided from the three sites in Canterbury, Ashford and Thanet, in patients homes and via community programmes. Support is also extended to families and carers. To keep delivering care to those that need it the most. Pilgrims has to raise £11 million each year from our local community, so fundraising is very important.
 Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust
Nearly 3 women a day will die from cervical cancer whilst each year around 2,800 women are newly diagnosed, facing an uncertain future.  In addition, some 300,000 women a year are told they may have a cervical abnormality that might require treatment.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is the UK’s only charity dedicated to women, their families and friends affected by cervical abnormalities and cervical cancer. It was established by James Maxwell following the death of his wife, Jo (aged 40) from cervical cancer in 1999.
We exist to ensure women never feel alone at all stages of their journey by providing a range online and face to face support 24 hours a day including:
1. Enabling women to meet online, to share experiences and support others facing similar challenges
2. Proving opportunities for women, friends and families to meet face to face for shared support
3. Providing information about cervical cancer and abnormalities written and reviewed by experts
4. Enabling individuals to send a medical question to our online panel of medical experts
5. Campaigning to influence UK Governments to implement new and improved preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
6. Running a range of programmes to educate the public and health professionals on key areas relating to cervical cancer and how it can be prevented. 

Friday, 29 April 2016

Bank Holiday Weekend at Margate ??

Lots of stuff going on in Thanet this weekend including this in Margate

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Build a Hoop Glider

I have got my Grandsons for a while this afternoon and I saw this on Twitter so guess whats happening here this afternoon.

Faversham Market Doggie Day this Saturday

I dont have a dog, I had one fifty years ago his name was sweep he was a Border Collie he set me up to be a life long dog lover so because I originate from Faversham and saw this I thought I would share it with the world. This Saturday is Faversham Markets Doggie Day so head on to Faversham with your pooch and pick up some bargains for yourself and your four legged friend.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

saw this about ESMESES UMBRELLA and thought deserved a mention

My Brother has terrible vision and when I saw this I thought of him. He hasn't got Charles Bonnet Syndrome  but someone out there has and it deserves a mention.
Find out more about CBS here at the RNIB website whilst I hope no one ever needs to know anything about this rare condition but the RNIB Has information on all eyesight problems visit the website for more details 


Esme’s Umbrella offers a safe shelter for anyone suffering from the Charles Bonnet Syndrome, their families and friends.

Sitting in wheelchair watching snooker

Yep I am here with laptop browsing the web (twitter mainly) watching snooker. Just had a Beef and onion roll from the Village Pantry courtesy of Jenny coffee courtesy of Heather and now getting up to date with the snooker. Selby has just gone through now watching Higgins v McManus as Heather clears out the kitchen cupboards and spring cleans the kitchen. I am feeling much better today, yesterday was odd, I really was feeling awful. Planning out the rest of the days television viewing and looking forward to Scott and Bailey tonight. The sun has just started pouring through the window and I might (no I will) take a nap my eyes are feeling heavy.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

I am feeling awful

Yep I feel crap, I hurt all over and I ache. I didn't feel good when I woke up this morning but I had to get up as I had a hospital appointment. We got there early and I was reading a magazine when I was called in. Obviously this guy wasn't on strike. He took casts of my legs  and in about a month I will be fitted with splints to stop my feet turning under. My hamstrings are very tight and pulling my feet in and turning them so if left untreated I will eventually be standing on the sides of my feet. When we eventually got home I slept in the chair dosed up with my strongest painkillers. I have lived on painkillers all day and am now in bed feeling rubbish but hey ho nobody said MS would be a picnic did they. I have just written my journal and drew a little sketch of me in my wheelchair having my casts taken. My drawing is terrible but it is possibilities you would recognise the wheelchair because a person is sitting in a chair with wheels on it. See it does pretty much what it says on the tin. A chair with wheels gets called a wheelchair, they didn't stretch their imagination when they came up with that name did they?
I am now in bed writing this on my kindle waiting to take some peptac because feeling white evidently isn't bad enough I also need chronic heartburn to top it all off. And I need an hour between taking my painkillers and taking the peptac because if you don't leave an hour gap your heartburn gets even worse, believe me I know and I have got not only the tee shirt but the medal to prove it. Serves me right really I never believed the warnings on both the peptac or the painkillers. That's me done for tonight I am now about to mainline on heartburn and indigestion liquid and hopefully get some sleep. Night world.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Talking about mental health issues

I was reading a blog post earlier today about mental health and some of the secrecy surrounding talking about mental health issues. I have never shied away from tackling any subject. When I discovered a lump on my testicle I blogged about it, not for my vanity but because testicular cancer is a killer and men never have liked discussion about "private places" yep it's the twenty first century but you can't tell your doctor you have a lump on your bollock. Do me a favour grow a pair and man up. I write about my catheter and I tell people about my constipation, not  because I want to but because I feel I have to. People reguard these subjects as being off limits. Maybe in Victorian Times but really everyone reading this has bodily functions and if I can encourage someone who is suffering problems to seek help my job is done.
It is just the same with mental health problems. I tell everyone the two most important tablets I take everyday are my antidepressants. Yes I have multiple sclerosis and it makes me depressed it's not a secret I will discuss my depression with anyone it's out there in the open for everyone to see. I didn't know what was wrong with me and not knowing I just carried on and because I didn't seek any help I was making not only my life a misery but Heather my wife and our kids. I had suddenly gone from being Don the life and soul of the party to this dark festering beast, I say suddenly it was a couple of years. I was no longer the life and soul I was a party pooper.
I didn't know I was depressed and no one around me knew. The just though I had become a miserable bugger. I sat around not wanting to do anything. My life had been ripped away from me Multiple Sclerosis took over my life and it was getting worse. I have never had a remission my MS is the Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis it is a continuous decline. There are other versions of the disease where you get remission periods and the another period of attack that's where people say good days and bad days. At that time my life and everyone around me were getting bad days. If I was miserable so couldn't everybody else be, after all fairs fair.
I was at my doctors for something else and I must have said something to him that he recognised because he got me to go and talk with another doctor in the practice there and then. She got talking to me, just asking questions and then she got me to do like a quiz type thing and the she told me I was suffering from depression. It was news to me but I got a prescription for some little tablets and it was like the Sun returned to my life. And the knock on effect was everyone around me could breathe again they could laugh and joke because I no longer bit there head off for the slightest thing.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Getting to grips with new wheelchair

On Monday I got a new electric wheelchair. It's the bee's knees it tilts back and forwards and tips back plus has a lead rest. Six wheels and is a bugger to get around the house. After a week of knocking lumps out of the door frames and furniture I am finally getting the hang of negotiating from one room to the other I didn't bash into much at all today. After the other one this is very easy but it's the extra two wheels that stump me. When I remember that the other two wheels are behind me I do OK but it is the remembering bit I am not so hot on. I also have a special cushion to help eliminate pressure sores. All I want now is some decent weather so I can take it down to the park it is way to cold for me at the moment I was freezing cold indoors today so I dare not go outside.

Photo from web mine is similar

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Home alone

I enjoy my own company but its the little things now when I am here alone. Heather normally empties my catheter bag but when here by myself I have a four pint milk bottle. You know what I mean its a plastic container and it hangs on the back of the dinning room door mocking me. I cannot get the wheelchair close enough to the toilet to empty the bag successfully so bottle it is and its still mocking me. First getting it off the door handle the plastic bag wont release its loops and I almost drop it. Then getting my trouser bottom high enough to find the tap. Sitting in the wheelchair my leg traps my trouser against the footplate side and then fumble to get hold of the tap. Great position everything to turn on the tap and this time I get everything just right no leaks now blow back AHHH relief. I always forget to do it sooner and end up with pain on my prostate. The angle wont allow  the flow to be fast and it takes what seems an age to empty. I am now feeling good and rather pleased with myself. I can now settle back and all I have to do is choose Saturday Kitchen or snooker. I flick between the two and write this blog post. Who says men cant multi task

Make sure it is milk

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Exhaustion kicks in constipation strikes

I didn't feel to good this morning I suffer from constipation and expended a lot of effort for little reward. We had hoped to go out for the Day but I just didn't feel like doing much so our trip out and the fish and chips I had promised myself were off the cards for today. Heather went to do a bit of shopping and almost as soon as she left the stomach cramps started. Yep another trip to the loo. Much straining and I was eventually exhausted but comfortable. Back downstairs and Heather gets back from her trip to Argos and as soon as she clapped eyes on me she knew I was cream crackerd. I spent the rest of the afternoon asleep in the wheelchair, she pottered about and when I eventually woke up I was presented with lamb chops New potatoes and greens. I was really exhausted just having a pooh I love my MS it's the disease that just keeps on giving!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A Multiple Slerosis video I found on YouTube

I have had Multiple Sclerosis for over twenty years but I wont let MS have me I fight it at every turn and I hope most of the time that I have a smile on my face.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Feeling crap, I hate multiple sclerosis

Had a fantastic morning, breakfasted with our son on his day off, poached eggs on toast, blooming great. Then as the Day wore on I went down hill. Slept in the wheelchair most of the afternoon waking up often and each time feeling worse than the last. This evening I succumb to painkillers and whisky. Now it's time for more sleep.Nite world

GWCT Woodcock Watch Blog: 2015 Woodcock Ringing Round-Up

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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Trouble moving

I am wheelchair based totally now but even the few steps I could manage are almost gone now. I used to cross the landing from my room to the bathroom but the last few days I haven't been able to do even that short distance. Is this just a blip or a sign of things to come? Heather phoned the physio today trying to get some help And seeing about an appointment on Tuesday.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Pressure sore almost gone

The nurse won't be coming to check my bed sore anymore, I could probably set those words to music if I was a country and western singer. I am not sure how long it has been but finally after what seems a life time it has cleared up enough for the district nurse's not to meet to visit anymore. It has finally healed up! No more dressings or putting my leg up. It has healed up just fine I won't even  a scar.

Friday, 8 April 2016

A much better day, birthday and Dreamland

After a really awful few days  today has been OK. I had a lazy start this morning, I finally got downstairs about eleven and had some porridge. Heather went out to meet a friend and left me with the remote my camera and the computer. I tweeted I Facebooked and I did some drawing. I watched bargain hunt and the news I had a nap. The Heather got back and we had to get ready for our daughter's birthday party. I stayed put while Heather got cake and bits then we went off to our other daughters who was hosting the party, it was for the grandsons really. Our daughter's had spent the day at Dreamland riding the scenic railways and bashing each other on the bumper cars. They signed up for a year pass such great value just the price of three days admission and we live in MARGATE so they can take full advantage. Last year they went loads and this year there is so much more to do and see. Anyway I am now in bed with a thumping headache and indigestion but we had a great family rendition of Happy Birthday and lots of cake hence the indigestion. Good day all round me thinks.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Really awful day

I have been feeling awful all day. Pain that wasn't bad enough for many painkillers but painful enough to make me want to keep out of everyone's way. I just wanted to hide away. My legs started throbbing  about lunchtime and having to talk to idiots on the phone never helped. BT have terrible customer service I was waiting twenty minutes to speak to someone only to be told they couldn't help And transferred me which ensued in another twenty minute wait. All in all over one whole hour when feeling like concealed soup was not how I really wanted to spend my time. I then had to contact them again to cancel the engineer who couldn't get here until after one on Thursday by the way, because my internet miraculously started working. So my day has been AWFUL. Now I feel worse I am in bed  coz I can't sleep and I have a headache. More painkillers please!

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Busy doing nothing

It has been one of those days the entire day taken up doing nothing. I am living on painkillers at the moment which is something new. I am always in pain but tolerate it but it has been painful enough to seek solace in some tablet comfort. I am now in bed watching Match of the Day  and about to swallow some more. Our eldest grandson is here tomorrow so if the Sun is shining maybe an ice cream in the park.
Nite folks.