Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hottest Day of the Year

I have had a few days in bed, not an unusual occurrence for me but I am pleased to say I am out of bed today the day the temperature has sored to around 30%C in places. I am lucky to live near the sea here at Margate. Years ago before I got Multiple Sclerosis I would have ended a day such as this with a BBQ on the beach and a swim  with the kids at our beach hut. How times have changed! I have spent today in  a  room with the curtains drawn and two fans running trying to  keep cool. MS seems to seep the strength out of me, even writing these few words is taking my full concentration and my typing is awful spell checker is going into hyperdrive so I am signing off. Hope you have kept cool today.
Keep yourself hydrated

Friday, 15 July 2016

Sitting watching the Open Golf

Here's me sitting in my wheelchair watching the Open and reminiscing when I was a lad. I must have been about thirteen or fourteen years old and to top up my income (I worked at the local Market and at the butchers shop) I decided to give caddying a go. One of my school mates earned a few bob doing it so off I go early on a Sunday morning. I rode my bike to the local golf club and offered my services to a group of chaps and I went off carrying these golf clubs for some bank clerk.  His mates all had trolleys I was carrying his bag and giving him his clubs. All morning I trudged around with these clubs and come the 19th hole time we all went to load clubs into the cars and get paid. The Banker put his hand in his pocket and came out with fifty pence  which he gave me and walked off to his two mates as they entered the club house. As they met up I walked over and tapped him on the shoulder and he turns and is greeted by me offering his fifty pence back back. He looked puzzled and I said to him by way of explanation "You best have this fifty pence back you obviously need it more than me" His mates creased up laughing and he dug out his wallet and gave me a pound note which was the going rate and told me to keep the fifty pence as a tip. After that I used to stand in the car park offering my services by going up to prospective employers as the got their clubs out of  cars  say "Caddy Sir A Pound a Round" never saw the banker again but his two mates always laughed whenever I saw them.
Royal Troon a million miles from our local club
How to win friends and influence people
American Caddy Girls
whilst looking for a picture of a golf caddy I found the last picture of caddy girls on the DH Caddy Club all I can say is caddys were not like that in my day, maybe I will take up golf again

Click here fore website http://theedhcaddyclub.com/myrtle-beach-caddy-girls/

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Asda for food and counting the Ships

Big Blue Ship being attacked by tiny sailing boat
I didn't manage to get out at all yesterday, I never got out of bed until almost lunch time and then I had to watch the Grand Prix and then it was time to see Andie Murray win at Wimbledon. Then the evening involved curry and beer as I waited for France to beat Portugal. Well was I in for a disappointing evening wasn't I?  Today I woke up at 06:30am. Heather was still in the land of nod in her room so I  read for a bit and when Heather woke up we had tea and  got the day on the road. After breakfast we headed off to Asda for a bit of food stuff and I chose myself  a camera magazine then we was off for a ride to see the sea. Those of you who read my blogs will know I am always counting the Ships off Margate and this morning I managed to achieve a tally of twelve, the default number is ten so I was pleased. We rode round through Broadstairs Margate and on to Westbrook where we would normally park if we were going to the beach hut but today was windy and if anyone was on the beach they would have needed goggles to stop the sandstorm blinding them. We sat in the car for ten minutes before heading home to have late lunch. I managed to grab forty winks after and then it was time to tune in to see the new Charlie Dimmock gardening show. If people ask me how I fill my day I will tell them that time just evaporates and it does, I don't do anything and I cant do anything  and more importantly I don't care. My days of caring are way past, once I wanted to fight against the MS and carry on working but I had to accept that MS was making my life change and I found it impossible to do what I then regarded as the norm. Now looking back I don't know how I came to terms with the changes multiple sclerosis threw at me in those early day.
Enough doom and gloom, I started out writing this post last night and today has been a stay at home day. Nothing to report for today other than I have spent the day reading and our grandson came for tea and our son and his wife called in this evening.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Saturday Blues

After yesterdays sleep fest today I was awake nice and early and read and checked a few blog plus won several games of cards before Heather woke up this morning. Heather got me up showered and dressed I have had my breakfast. I have read the paper I have read the magazine and I have looked at all of the associated junk mail that comes with the paper. I have drawn a picture in my sketch book and I am now on the laptop. I am fed up. Everything I touch goes wrong I dropped the pencils and broke the lead I snaked a crayon in half and when I was trying to free the lead for the laptop from its prison all the books and papers that I was so desperately  trying not to tip onto the floor ended up there anyhow. Why didn't I ask Heather just to get the laptop? It would have been easier and nothing would have ended up on the floor and she wouldn't have had to clear up after me AGAIN. She had to pick up the pencils and crayons bu at least I hadn't dropped the whole case of 72 again (it was a nightmare getting them all back ito their little recesses). I try and do stuff so she isn't doing everything but as you can see the more I do to 'help' the more work she gets. I now feel sad, not for me but for her, she never moans well not a lot she just does everything. I want to be the one who does stuff for my wife to love and protect her not the other way round but what can you do when your shoes let in water (I have no idea why I use that saying or where I picked it up from) Back to the grindstone whinge over HAVE  A GOOD WEEKEND.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Today was payback for going out and enjoying myself

The alarm goes off at seven thirty virtually every day and today was no exception. Heather makes the tea, all of our married life I always made her tea in bed up until I became to disabled to do it. At the end we used to bring a tray consisting of teapot milk etc to bed and have a kettle beside the bed but eventually I had to admit defeat and now Heather makes me tea in bed! This morning we were expecting the man to service the boiler so Heather took her tea into the bathroom and then onto getting dressed. When she returned with her empty cup evidently I was fast asleep my tea untouched and I do remember  jumping out of my skin when she spoke to me. I drank my tea and said wake me in half an hour, yeah like half an hour was going to make a difference. I eventually rose at three pm. Courtesy of having the audacity to go out yesterday and eat bacon and brie sandwiches and try and be a grown-up. It's just after eleven o'clock now so night folks speak tomorrow that is if I can stay awake tong enough.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Bacon Sandwiches at Ramsgate

Well I tried the Diet, it lasted for us matter of hours. If you cannot eat bacon sandwiches I will not stick with a diet. Today's bacon sandwiches were at Ramsgate' s Boating pool cafe. And what fantastic sandwiches they were. Doorstep cut bread crusty and about an inch thick, slathered in butter then slices of brie and then back bacon. A bacon and brie sandwich washed down with  a good cup of coffee sitting in the sunshine overlooking the boating pool listening to the ducks quack and kids play. It was delightful, I decided I hadn't eaten there in about twenty years but after today's offering we will be back pretty darn quick and they are open all year round so a winter cafe for us to put on the list. Phil was with us today so after having a second coffee all round we walked along the cliff top. I had read online that phantom knitters had been decorating places and Western Cliffs have been made brighter for their efforts. I had never seen the statue thing called Hands and molecules that Pfizer donated.
The sun by now was getting the better of me so Heather and Phil took it in turns pushing me in the wheelchair and we headed back to the car and judging by the red glow on my face  we made it back before I got sunburned. So Ramsgate' s West Cliff has two good providers of quality bacon sandwiches, the Outlook Cafe  by Putin Abbey and home and the Boating Pool Cafe. We will be returning to visit both again soon but I must remember the Sun cream next time.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis with Diet

I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis  and have had it for over twenty years. I had heard about the Swank Diet  but here it is in a simple to follow video. Check the website as well
#MultipleSclerosis #MS #Diet

Monday, 4 July 2016

Catheter problem

I have had my Supra Pubic Catheter just short of three years and it has been marvellous. I have gone from constant UTI' s and being rushed into hospital if I bled when the nurse came to change my ureatheral catheter to virtually no infections and no problems until yesterday. I hadn't passed much urine array and decided to do a catheter wash thing, basically squirt water down the catheter. I used to get the washes on prescription but not having needed them  for over three years we  called into our chemists on our way home from a trip out. SIX QUID FOR A SINGLE BOTTLE.  That's the price of fifty mil of sterile water and when we got home we had a bottle anyhow! Still better safe than sorry.
By the time we were back home I was in a fair amount of discomfort and squeezing water down the tube never changed anything. Time to call 111 non emergency healthcare and arrange for a district nurse to come see what was going on. I put the phone down from calling 111 and  a few minutes later the out of hours nurses phoned and arranged to call asap.
She came out about eight forty five and changed the catheter. No urine passing just about a cup full?
She phoned another nurse who was replacing her as she was off duty at nine (9:30 by now) and arranged for her to call later and check how I was doing. 11:00 pm. And still not much urine new nurses, the ride in two's during the night  arrived. Takes out catheter and reinserts it and bingo. Then overnight a full night bag full of liquid gold. I was knackered but happy.