Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Ramsgate walk in the January Sunshine

You know how sometimes your plans just go out of the window? Today was one of those days! We had got up I had breakfast coffee etc and we planned to head out to Westwood to Primark for some slippers for Heather. As they say the best laid plans etc well we were just putting my coat on and the phone rang. It was Heather's sister she needed a bit of help. She has only just got home from a stay in hospital so off we went and collected our friend Phil on the way because he is good with televisions, her BT Television box wouldn't work so I sat in the car (the wheelchair wont go up her steps) they got on with the relevant chores and guess what? after they were finished we headed out in search of bacon sandwiches. Ramsgate Boating Lake Cafe was the agreed destination. We always start such trips with who wants to go for coffee (silly question but you have to start somewhere) we knew coffee was code for bacon sandwiches and the best ones are either Ramsgate or Tankerton. Ramsgate won.
Summer time photo

I actually ended up with a pasty most unusual choice for me but I had eaten breakfast only an hour before and the bacon sandwiches come with salad and crisps and are doorstep slices of nice bread. Hmm most unlike me but I settled for a pasty and milky coffee. The others decided to abstain and only had coffee making me the piggie but I had to share with Heather she has always said no I don't want anything and then looks at me with those puppy dog eyes until I give in. When I used to do cooked breakfast on a Sunday for the family she would always say no I don't want anything and then eat half of mine so I would always cook her a breakfast but it would be on my plate and she thinks I am the silly one. Well pasty eaten coffees drunk we went for walk. There are some slopes down the cliffs onto the Western Undercliffe stupid name if you ask me. I used to go fishing along there years ago and had varied success but that is another story. We walked back towards the harbour and then in the opposite direction towards Pegwell. We came up the Chine and went through the gardens towards Pegwell Village. All in all it was a very nice walk of about three miles (they both have fitbits  and are in constant competition) I came up against some missing drop curbs so probably travel further than the two of them but I  don't have a Fitbit
This is the path we went down but the picture is about 100 years old

It was a cold but enjoyable walk and I had wrapped up hat gloves and scarf  and the warm January sunshine had made all the difference. Yesterday it was below zero most of the day but today in the sunshine I recon it reached eight degrees in the sheltered spots and with virtually no wind I has a fantastic walk, the first one of the year.
I used to drive down there!!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Snooker finished what can I do now

Anybody else been watching the Snooker Masters? as I am typing this Ronnie O'Sullivan is about to win beating Joe Perry unless the snooker gods have other plans. Well over the last week I have managed to stay indoors hiding from the cold January weather. For years I worked outside roofing and general building works and the cold never bothered me but now stuck in a wheelchair and hardly able to move I feel the cold weather and plead insanity if Heather wants me to go out. No not me insane but her she must be mad if she thinks I am swapping my nice warm living room for the cold outside. My radiator may get lonely and nobody would like to see that would they?? ALL SAY NO.
I am home alone tonight, our daughters have kidnapped their mum and are torturing her in the local cinema. LaLa Land in case your interested! I am not interested but happen to have overheard telephone calls. I try and avoid the cinema the last time I went involved a BFG and lots of children including our Grandsons. Its not that I don't like kids but two hundred kids in an enclosed space for any length of time is never going to end well on that occasion if my memory serves me correctly on two threw up, what do they feed kids to make them smell that bad?? Maybe it is just a special half term  diet. So I digress I wanted to know if you have any plans to mean I can avoid the cold weather, maybe I can paint spots on like kids do to avoid school.
Don't think this little girl will fool anyone 

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Awful few weeks MS or Medication?

We all know how notoriously difficult it is with Multiple Sclerosis to diagnose any changes in your condition. Is it the weather or have you over done things. Is the new medication you are taking working against you rather than for you? when do you give up and say I am out of my depth I need help from a professional? For me that time came yesterday. Over the last few weeks I have been slowly getting less active and when I use the word active I only manage about twenty to thirty steps per day so any form of less is massively significant . I had started driving the wheelchair up to my bed where as normally I park on the landing and use the zimmer frame for the last few steps. In the mornings I have been unablen to use the zimmer to cross the landing to the bathroom. Heather has been taking me across in the wheelchair. Not a significant change but to me it has been enormous.
The only thing in my life that had changed was pain management I had started a new course of drugs to cut the relentless pain I get. It is not what I call real pain which is the pain you get when you take a lump out of your hand with a hammer. The pain I am talking about is like background noise and what is more it is relentless. Two days ago I was unable to move after  getting out of the shower it took about half an hour to get back into the wheelchair.
Much to my wifes annoyance I stopped taking the new tablets (I wont name them because everyone reacts differently to medication) Well here we are two days later and things are almost as before background noise pain and able to move with the zimmer. Oh the only difference is I have shaved my beard off.

I used a razor

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Miracle cures for all disabilities

We have all seen the headline MIRACLE MAN WALKS AGAIN AFTER FIFTEEN YEARS! Fantastic but when you drill down on the facts he is wired up to an array of equipment and isn't really walking  etc etc. All these cures are a bit like the medicine men that had a wagon going from town to town in the wild west movies I watched as a boy peddling hope. Each bit of hope contains a modicum of truth and eventually get enough modicum' s you may get a break through.
I have had multiple sclerosis for over twenty five years and I can remember one specialist saying to me “we can't cure it yet but one day we will, maybe not in our lifetimes but eventually" not much good for me but great for those that fit into the eventually category. There are all manor of illnesses that are now incurable cancer being the biggest and each of those modicum' s of truth or knowledge science gains is heading towards that day when we can say we have beaten that which disables us.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Seems anything for disabled people is more expensive

I know there is a smaller market and I understand the supply chain demand etc.etc. but believe me the arse gets liked out of it by some people. I ain't mentioning no names I ain't naming and shaming. I am just saying buyer beware. I always say this no matter what it is. I buy a lot of stuff on eBay. You have to watch out on there don't just click on the first thing you find today I saved myself over eighteen quid by shopping around, I know that had nought to do with disability but it took fifteen minutes clicking the keys on the keyboard! So when you want to buy an item don't just take the first price, remember the Yellow Pages Advert "let your fingers do the walking" I still use my local disability shop but I say can you price match? 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New year New disabled shoes

 My feet are turning in, if I could walk I would walk on the outside edges of my feet. And to top it all my toes are screwing themselves up for good measure just not to feel left out. My physio refered me to some orthotics chap and I have now got splints down the backs of my calfs and round my ankle and under my foot all in a fetching shade of black and held in place with colour coordinated black Velcro. Did I ever tell you my joke about Velcro "what a rip off" get what a rip off good joke heh?
Today after months of no let's get Christmas over with I had to finally admit defeat and give in to Heathers "let's get you a pair of shoes"
I reluctantly drove the wheelchair up the ramp and was strapped in for the trip to the disability shop. At least we had the good sense to call the shoe shop in Canterbury she had planned to drag me round. They thankfully had said they had nothing to fit a cyber footed wheelchair warrior and could offer no recommendation other than a disability shop. Hence me be|ing loaded into into car this morning. Off we went to Birchington and despite all the promises the shoes don't fit cyber men from Margate be they wheelchair warriors or not. So despite all the promises all I came away with was a very expensive pair of slippers in a colour coordinated black and yes you guessed it matching black Velcro.
Some things in life never change. Oh I forgot to say we went to where the mobility shop was only to find it wasn't there any more it had moved some five years ago. Thank goodness for Google. Evidently when we got there they moved seven years ago next month so other than black and Velcro so maybe some things do change.
Splint similar to mine but mine is black and has black Velcro and is black so its not like mine at all