Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Feeling unwell been asleep virtually all day

Last night I wasn't feeling the full ticket, not ill just a but under the weather. It had been a busy day people in and out the wheelchair repair man came and repaired the wheelchair (with a name like wheelchair repair what else did I think he repaired) or daughter called in after netball late evening so it was a full on day and I thought I was just tired! About two AM. I woke up freezing cold but running a temperature. I took two painkillers and settled back down for a very unsettled night.
This morning Heather came in as normal and I told her I was feeling awful and started the Day off with yet more painkillers as well as my normal medication. I decided to stay in bed (I could hardly move) it seemed the safest place. So after breakfasting on porridge I settled back down. Heather woke me a few times throughout the day but I have managed to sleep pretty much all day. It is now 11:30pm. And I have been awake since 7:30pm. I am about to settle back down and no doubt sleep until the morning. What has caused this blip? Was it my multiple sclerosis or a bug? I don't know why I have slept all day but I do know that I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Watching Match of the Day in bed

It's been one of those days I had a slow start this morning, Heather was busy taking birthday wishes on the phone and I was caught napping when I fell back to sleep. Heather was on her mobile and I jumped out of my skin when another well wisher called the house phone. That's twice this week the phone has disturbed my sleep but I managed to avoid biting my tongue this morning, I am still smarting from the pain that was caused as I was caught napping in the wheelchair earlier in the week.
Heather has been in and out through the day and despite trying I never managed to get to sleep again! Now I am in bed watching MOTD and all I want to do is close my eyes and join the world of nod. So night I am signing off I know the scores of the remaining matches. 

Friday, 10 February 2017

Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Yep I am laying here in bed reliving the food I ate earlier. Tomorrow is Heathers Birthday and this evening we had Chinese for Dinner. Nothing exceptionally spicy but boy am I paying for it now. I suffer with heartburn and reflux but tonight's is painful. I always have suffered as do my brother's and sister. Dad was always sucking Rennies so I think it is safe to say it runs in the family. I have prescription medication every day and also use Peptac which is extremely effective. I used to take Gaviscon on prescription and one day got a telephone call from our GP saying Peptac is the same but much less expensive. Ever since I have used Peptac. Gaviscon is slightly sweeter and better tasting but for that you pay about nine pounds for a 600ml bottle Peptac is around three pound for a 500ml bottle. Which means about six quid more. Now I don't have to many spare six quids to waste, in fact I try not to waste money full stop. So if like me you suffer with indigestion and heartburn save your money by changing brands.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I feel armour plated but not in a nice way

It was last Friday that I had the drama with my catheter and here I am on Tuesday and I feel awful. It's like I have an invisible coating just under my skin. Stopping me from functioning properly. Maybe I am developing an armour plate and will be a real live X Man......if only, I can't do two steps let alone repel uranium bullets and as for Xray vision I doubt my Specsaver glasses can pull off tricks like that.
I actually feel as if this armour plate is keeping me from falling apart. My brain won't function on anything for longer than a few minutes. I tried reading this afternoon it did not go well. I gave up halfway down the page having not understood what I had read and I did try I re-read it a couple of times. Answering the phone is difficult I just can't get any enthusiasm to great the caller and whilst I am desperate for the conversation I just fail a couple of minutes in and they ring off. I eagerly wake each morning thinking I will be back to how I was pre Friday and so far I am disappointed.
It seems like that I am moaning but when a post like this takes half an evening to complete maybe I am past being able to moan. No one cares anyhow so why waste the energy I could just sit here and stare at the wall. Sorted that's what I will do sit here stare at the wall and wait for my X-Men talents to take hold , I just checked and the Xray missions not working. Ah well maybe tomorrow!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Why am I watching come dine with me?

I have been home alone reading the paper and watching TV over the top of the laptop screen. Heather and our daughter have been out shopping and I was home alone, but no longer!! In they come in and over goes the telly no more rugby I am now watching Come Dine with Me. Where do they find these people? I am going to find another TV and see whats happening with the match.
please dont make me

Taking it easy after yesterdays catheter drama

I was exhausted after all the drama of the blocked catheter. Any upset to my balancing act with life with Multiple Sclerosis seems to lead to my whole body going rigid and yesterday was no exception. My legs are the first sign of problems and at times trying to move around in a wheelchair with legs sticking out and as rigid as an ironing board can present one or two problems. I did manage to move after a few hours sleep and actually got into the shower and spend a couple of hours downstairs last night. When I woke this morning my first thoughts were I need painkillers but here we are now at twelve thirty and I have managed without any but I think that may change shortly!! I am sitting here with the laptop and one eye on Football Focus. I have been emailing and on twitter (I love Twitter) and I am now starting to ache so maybe I will sign off and do even less than what I have already. MS is so frustrating people often say GOOD DAYS AND BAD DAYS all I want is some good hours.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Blocked catheter and district nurse

After a fantastic day yesterday I should have known that there would be a price today. I was feeling uncomfortable and like I need a poo. I got to the bathroom and my pants were wet. With a supra pubic catheter I shouldn't be passing water that way. I knew I had a problem. Heather got the wash kit out a container of sterile water to squeeze into the catheter to clear any blockage. Nothing! It was blocked solid. Time to call for assistance, time to call the district nurse's. Heather called the nurses number and within ten minutes she was here. By this time the pain had set my MS off into overdrive and I could hardly move. Getting from the bathroom and into the bedroom was a mission, a real thing of beauty involving wheelchair and lots of pushing and shoving. Eventually I was on the bed and within minutes the catheter change had been done but I couldn't move, nothing for it I needed pain killers and sleep. It's now twelve hours later and I have been in the shower had some dinner and am back in bed after six hours of sleep I did manage to get up and showered my movements are awful but hopefully by tomorrow I wall be better.  Here's to hope and to the NHS  it's blooming marvellous.
Part two.
I was hoping that after a good night's sleep my body would have calmed down. No such luck! This morning I could hardly lift my head. No way Jose! Not a chance of getting out of bed. I slept all day so Heather just left me and did Grandma things teaching bike riding and walks along the prom. Margate is beautiful whatever the weather or time of year. When Heather and I were just together some forty years ago I said I liked Margate better in the winter, no crowds and it seems like you have got all of that seaside charm and beauty all to yourselves. Well there was me in bed and her and our grandson out enjoying Thanets winter wonderland, I was asleep so didn't know what she was up to.
Eventually she returned home and I need to go to the bathroom. I may be ill but bodily functions stop for no one. This presents us with a problem. One large immovable object, me and a landing to cross. Eventually I am in the wheelchair, unless you have ever had legs that refuse point blank to move you will not appreciate just how heavy a single leg is Heather has no need for a gym subscription! And then she has it all to do again on the return journey.
I am still in bed, l have spent the evening watching television and now I am here wide awake and I can hear Heather asleep in her room. Blooming Multiple Sclerosis messes with you in so many ways. It just takes the slightest thing to upset you and you are laid up. I am in a wheelchair all the time but if you can't get out of bed even that little modicum of independence is robbed away by the beast that is MS I don't care anymore, it cannot rob me of anything else. I just go with the flow bobbing about in the stream, sometimes the stream is in full flood and I am bashed about and other times I am in a quiet back water close to the bank but the bank of the stream is so steep I can never get out, I just keep going downstream not knowing what is coming next. 

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Tankerton for bacon sandwiches

It has been cold and miserable since the New Year and I have only had two trips out this year. The first was for a hair cut and shave at the barber's and I was out of the house for about an hour, hardly worth the effort but a very great mate of mine would have described me as looking like an out of work poet, I needed that trip to the barber's! The other trip was to the Boating Pool cafe in Ramsgate. The home of doorstep bacon sarnies, but when I was there a fortnight ago I opted for a delicious Cornish pasty. I doubt it had ever been to Cornwall but it was delicious all the same.
A proper bacon Sandwich
So today the second day of February we went out for a ride in search of the elusive bacon sarnie. The home of what I consider to be the best bacon sarnies is the innocuous looking Sea view cafe on Tankerton slopes. Sat atop the slopes looking out to sea I am sure it harks back to the 1920's and boy do they make a mean bacon sandwich! Doorstep cut brown wholemeal bread full of seeds and stuff three rashers of thick bacon all washed down with coffee. We sat in the car, it's just to much trouble getting the wheelchair out and it was blowing up a storm so I sat tite and Heather headed out and came back armed with sandwiches. Phil who so often rides shotgun with us on our jaunts out carried the teas and coffee and I can say three happy bunnies Sat munching away letting out delightful sighs.
I love living here in Margate so many nice places to eat but in this post I have mentioned what I consider to be the two best purveyors of bacon sandwiches in the area. And anyone else reading this if you are a cafe owner and think it is good enough to sell rubbish bacon in between two slices of cheap supermarket white bread, think again we drove twenty miles today to get a decent, nah an excellent bacon sandwich and probably passed a dozen cafes. It was because we wanted great food not mediocre.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Life on Fair Isles

Anyone see the programme on BBC FOUR tonight about living on the Fair Isles? What a wonderful place one only about sixty people living on the island. They need more people and young people who are going to leave kids. I don't fit into those categories Heather and I have had our children and they are producing their own families. It looked fantastic being there with just sheep and puffins for company but each person who is there holds down numerous jobs. And stuck a four hour ferry tide away from anywhere remotely (no pun intended) built up you are on your own.
Now in my early sixties it seems idyllic but as a twenty or thirty year old would I have been able to cope with all that isolation? I can say yes now because I won't even be able to get there let alone quality for the criteria. But rose coloured glasses are great to look through when you are at my age. I hope people take up the challenge and relocate there, I know that it won't be me.