Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Falling over again

Read about my new super power
Only a couple of weeks between super power incidents so I reckon my powers are increasing.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Bacon and brie sandwich at Ramsgate Boating Pool Cafe

Did I mention our son is home for a week from Qatar. He is absolutely overflowing with the place. He loves it out there but obviously it is a different lifestyle to what he had when he lived her in Margate. So this morning we took him out for an English breakfast. I like bacon in all of its shapes and sizes and have said before my favourite bacon sarnies are either the Sea view Cafe at Tankerton or the Boating Pool cafe at Ramsgate. We settled on Ramsgate. I was late up and we were all hungry so the closer that we decided on meant the faster we were going to get food.
The boating pool is on the Ramsgate West cliff esplanade near to Pugins a house The Grange which was his home and is open to the public.
The reason I personally like eating there is the care they put into a simple sandwich. Hand cut proper bread decent bacon although it is only two slices against the three rashers at Tankerton. And a small amount of salad! Wasted on me and my son but Heather ate hers and picked the tomato from ours (she is welcome to it) and they aren't stingy with the brie. The coffee was good and the staff are welcoming. I chatted with the locals as the others ordered and then we all sat staring at the extensive menu, no wonder it is always busy.
The boats were being got ready for the Easter rush and the boating pool itself was being refilled and tidied up after being out of bounds for the winter. They like countless others around the coast are prepared for the summer season lots of places close down during the quieter winter months but I am pleased to say neither of my favourites Tankerton or Ramsgate close during the winter months giving HEATHER and I somewhere to go and now we have the Wheelchair accessible car life is so much easier.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Home alone But not like the movie

Today has been a complete whirlwind. Our son surprised us yesterday  coming home from Qatar for a few days the only person who knew he was coming was his eldest sister and she only knew because he needed picking up from the airport! So nine for breakfast over two sittings and people coming and going it has been like Piccadilly Station. Grandsons to Rugby another to Football etc etc. So as you can imagine I am exhausted. Well this afternoon the grandsons were booked in for cinema at Westgate, the Carlton Cinema has seats from £2.50 fantastic value. I now find myself at home alone as our son has gone to catch up with a couple of mates and I expect they are watching the Liverpool Manchester City match in a pub somewhere. After the mayhem of earlier I am sitting here with the skiing on the telly but the volume is turned down and I have been left a supply of goodies to nibble on (most of which I have already devoured) As of yet no burglars have tried to gain access  so unlike Kevin McCallister
the unfortunate star of the film I am safe and sound.
And I am enjoying the fact I am home alone it has given me time to recover from the madness of the earlier part of the day and build up my strength for when they all get back in a while. Right
where did I put those earplugs.

Urine dip test kits for Urine infection

I suffer from urine infections and my pee often stinks but whenever I get it tested at the doctors surgery it comes back clear! I am sitting here typing this with a pain in my lower back (kidneys) and I actually smell (how does it smell through my urine leg bag) I just looked online for a dip test kit and Boots dont have them on the website and the only one I  can find in a high street chemist is fifteen quid. So much for shopping locally, I would support the local chemist it the price was only a little more expensive but I can buy online at half that price and have free shipping. Simplex Health is where I am going to get them from wish me luck.

Friday, 17 March 2017

I love Multiple Sclerosis

MS the illness that just keeps on giving. I have had Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis for over twenty five years now and I must say in those years I have witnessed my body give up in front of me. Those of you that know me will know I can no longer walk but I do manage the twelve feet or so from my bed across the landing into the bathroom with the help of my zimmer frame. Well I did until a couple of weeks back. I wrote about my fall a couple of weeks back (read about it here) since then I have spent most of the time in bed sleeping! Today was my first day downstairs in a week and I stayed awake which after sleeping both day and night for the previous five days seemed miraculous!
Evidently I look like crap our eldest daughter popped in earlier to see if I needed help getting upstairs and into bed confirmed what others had said even our son who facetimed from Qatar said I looked awfully. So now I am back safely ensconced under the quilt but do I feel tired? No is the answer.
Having slept for days my body is giving payback. I have suffered like this after days of sleeping before. My body feels exhausted but my head won't shut down. I won't take any sleeping tablets they screw with my brain so I am just going to start the last  John Connolly novel in the box set I have been working my way through. Charlie Parker rescued the Day in the last one maybe his luck is going to run out in the eighth book?
At least I managed to get around downstairs in the wheelchair today but going from laying in bed for twenty four hours a day to sitting up the muscles in my neck and shoulders are screaming out to me, even typing this blog post is very difficult so I am signing of and going to read until sleep takes over. Nite world.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Why do I still feel crap

I fell over ten days ago nothing hurt apart from my pride but I still feel crap . I had to be manhandled back into bed by females so should that be renamed womanhandled? Either way I have spent several days in the past week moaping about. Just sitting looking out the window not really caring what was going on if I wasn't starring out of the window I was sleeping. Today and yesterday I haven't even got out of bed, I just slept right through. Today I was going to call the GP but when the phone was engaged I didn't bother. Heather got me some vitamin B12 tablets today I read somewhere on the world wide web that I might be deficient. What should I do see if the tablets work or contact my GP and do bloods etc. I don't know.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Dismal week even though the Sun is shining

Since my fall on Saturday night I have not how shall I say been feeling the full ticket. I mentioned to Heather one day last week that I was feeling like I could burst out crying and that feeling is still close by. Today I have sat at the back window with the computer on my lap and other than for meals I haven't moved! I picked up my journal but couldn't be bothered to write anything, I did the same with my drawing pad. Nothing seems worthwhile. I have listened to music nearly all day long. I could cry now but can't see the point, what is the point? I just can't be bothered. Maybe tomorrow will be better but I ain't going to be betting on it. Nite world.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Not fallen over since November

Nope no floor time for all almost four months and then bang crash wallop I am using the bedside cabinet as a very uncomfortable pillow! Saturday late afternoon I knew I didn't feel well so I got Heather to take me to bed. It is a full scale operation getting my leg braces off and undressed and actually into bed.  But about 8pm. I was feeling a bit better after sleeping for a few hours and when Heather suggested eating I said yes please but I will get out of bed and sit on the chair. It is actually a wheeled commode which is used to transport me when I can't make the crossing of the landing using my zimmer.
I got off the edge of the bed to a standing position using the zimmer, I have a hospital bed so can raise the height to make standing easier.  I stood for a few seconds and the next thing I knew was that bedside cabinets make really uncomfortable pillows. My legs had collapsed under me and the pain was excruciating. Heather got me laying flat but we knew I couldn't get back up. I have no strength what so ever now. So we called international rescue which arrived within minutes. It came in the shape of our two daughters who between themselves and Heather managed to get me from floor to mattress as stress free as possible. They settled me back in bed made tea and departed in about fifteen minutes I thanked them and they told me it's all part of the service. TBC
When I started to write this piece it was Tuesday night as I lay in bed. It is now Wednesday and I am awaiting my brother so this may well get cut short again.
Sunday I took things gentle. Up late at about twelve but at least I was up.  This brought us to Monday, well apart from aching arms and legs from being man handled into bed by the females in my life. I was not suffering any ill effects of my horizontal time in the bedroom. Bruises invariably don't surface until I have forgotten how I got them so at the moment I will keep taking the painkillers and put Saturday night down to experience. Now where are those painkillers?

Friday, 3 March 2017

Multiple Sclerosis sucks

I have had MS for over twenty five years and it has gradually robbed my body from me and my family. I used to be a gregarious individual with a wicked laugh and a sense of humour that was shall we just say an acquired taste. I have fought against my multiple sclerosis at every turn.  Over the years it has gradually ripped my life apart. Now I get about in an electric wheelchair having worked my way through every device which enabled me to keep a sense of independence. My MS is relentless I have the Progressive variety it just keeps on gradually chipping away and won't stop until it has what it wants.  Well it's been a notch since before Christmas and this last few days have been awful. I am writing this in bed. I have been asleep virtually all day. When I did wake earlier  I tried to get out of bed and sit on the chair to eat something.
Great idea but I ended up in a crumpled heap half under the bed using the bedside cabinet as a very uncomfortable cushion. There was no way Heather could rescue me from my new and very uncomfortable situation so she called our eldest daughter who wasn't at home but at our other daughters house. So that is how I came to be manhandled back into bed earlier tonight. I started writing this post yesterday when I was feeling depressed about not being able to get over the constant feeling below par. I know I am never going to feel fantastic but the seemingly endless battle to feel human is taking its toll mentally.
I am always a glass half full type of guy but the last few months I have had my optimism knocked out of me. Endlessly feeling unwell and yet when I get checked I am told nothing there your tests have come back clear. I will phone my GP on Monday but if she suggests urine and bloods again I don't know if I can bear being told I have nothing wrong. That just means more of this and even though I think my antidepressant tablets are the best things since sliced bread I may be needing some stronger ones. I am on the verge of crying as I write this because the realisation is dawning on me this is my future. I have always fought my MS but now I think it is beating me, I don't want to keep fighting I just want to curl up and cry. I said to Heather earlier this week that I could just cry  I thought a trouble shared was a trouble halved but now I have admitted it the genie is out of the bottle. Where do I go from here because I don't know if I have any fight left in me. Now I am crying!