Tuesday, 23 May 2017

New pain relief

I suffer a lot of neuropathic pain, I understand that it is quite common in multiple sclerosis. I have tried all sorts of different medication to alleviate the pain but nothing seemed to work. Amitriptyline caused side effects of the bowel and when you only move at snails pace you can imagine the side effects without me being to tragic. Gabapentine gave me hallucinations, I saw aubergines floating in the hallway and they had a red halo around them, I was able to get around with a Zimmer then and evidently I stood at the bottom of the stairs watching them before getting on the stairlift waving to them. Needless to say Gabapentine is off the list of medication I can tolerate.
I have now been on a close relative of Amitriptyline for almost a month and touch wood it offers some relief during the day and in the evenings I take a couple of Zapain to take the edge off before bed. I am lucky that once asleep I don't wake even if we get an earthquake!

Lets June 8th be the end of May

I saw this first on Twitter and now having done a google search you can get a Tee Shirt with it on.
if you want one google it #VoteLabour
Vote on June 8th

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Vote Labour Tories have doubled National Debt under austerity

Yep I know they will say whilst they were running the country they need us to have some austerity so they could spend even more running up the National Debt. WE JOE PUBLIC have suffered hospitals and social care in turmoil Nurses being condemned to use food banks and the break down of the nations infrastructure. Local authorities themselves are cutting services because the Government appears to not to care about little old ladies unable to go into social care or have home help. I am going to be voting labour on June 8th

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Tories plan 24 A & E A&E Closures

Just read this on Twitter 24 A&Es earmarked for closure. If the Tories get their mandate the NHS will be decimated. Save Our NHS. Vote

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Cuts to disability benefits force me to vote Labour

Tonight I read online that Theresa May refused to rule out more cuts to disability benefits. That was the straw that broke the camels back for me. The roll out of PIP is a shambles and she refuses to acknowledge she is actually causing people to die because the scheme is rubbish. But hey ho my one vote won't change anything But if all of those that dont vote actually voted what a difference it would make
Please Vote of June 8th

Sunday, 7 May 2017

My Multiple Sclerosis is getting worse

Since Christmas I have noticed a marked decline in my movements. My legs are getting tighter and standing has become very difficult. I have had a couple of fall's because of my inability to support myself once standing. This has become such a problem that both me and my wife have had to say hands up we are not coping! So at a recent appointment with the MS physio we said we are in difficulties. So earlier this week an OT and a physiotherapist called to see us. He recommended a standing and raising aid, commonly known as a SARA (taken from the initials) and not named after my sister Sarah, see prefers to be called Sally. Well I have a SARA arriving this coming week so I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Disability aids and adaptation to help you.

I remember years ago looking at the New wheelchair sat in the hallway with a mixture of both disgust and terror. The terror was the reality that I really was disabled. And the disgust bit was I couldn't believe that my own body had turned against me and that thing was now how I was going to negotiate the outside world. Until the arrival of a wheelchair in my life I had welcomed every aid and adaption with open arms. Sticks or crutches walkers and even a scooter hadn't had the shocking effect on me as that wheelchair. I made excuses not to go out I refused to join in I stayed indoors, the world outside our front door could and would get on perfectly well with out me cluttering it up sat in a pile of scrap metal.
This went on for months and then I read an article about someone else who withdrew from society because of disability. It was that article about how someone else saying that by not going out this person was depriving others of her wit and company and it was selfish of her not to share her life with her friends. That struck a cord with me. I had always told other to use all of the tools available to let those tools help them to enjoy life to the full. Shortly afterwards we went o Portsmouth, our son was about thirteen and he was so proud pushing his dad round. He also had and still has a wicked sense of humour and took great delight letting me go down a steep slope and on another day pushing me through every puddle as we got soaked returning to the car. I rained so hard I was sitting in my own swimming pool and we laughed until we cried, you couldn't see the tears for the raindrops but it suddenly meant inclusiveness, for all the family.
Around that time I can remember telling a lady I met at Westgate she should embrace all of the equipment that enables her to be with her family, she was disabled and had let her family go for a walk along the prom whilst she stayed in the car park not wanting her son's and grandsons to be burdened with an old lady in a wheelchair.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Depression only exists in the mind

Try telling my body that! When I am depressed my body is depressed to.It knows I am feeling crap and every ache and pain rises up to have a dig. That pain in my shoulder that I normally shrug off as it's only a frozen shoulder suddenly really hurts like mad. A headache that normally goes away with drinking more water is splitting my skull in two.  I have to take more painkillers and then become constipated. Everything makes it's presence fealt and then some! A comment is magnified and develops into a cross word which in turn develops into a war and peace argument. That in turn feeds the depression and the endless spiral goes on. So when I see smart alec quotations on the net l save the on my pinterest account. When I am feeling better they can be a source for raising my spirits but when I am depressed they feed my mind with negativity and my depression grows. So when you read things like Depression only exists in the mind don't believe it it affects your body as well. People over eat are some scar themselves others starve themselves others drink they are physically expressing the emotional state. Others have to live with that expression. People left behind after a suicide or overdose or kids living in a home where parents are abusive toward each other or towards the children, that's not inside the mind it is real and the results of depression upon those around  last a lifetime
Victims of ptsd get counselling kids from a home where mum and dad knocked each other about go to school not knowing how to express their emotions and often slip through the gaps. I don't know what can be done about mental health but I do know doing nothing is not an option.